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  1. Change shipping settings at your Pay Pal profile
  2. Change the permissions in home.inc to 777 then after editing change back to 644
  3. can you select the text then right click and choose 'view selection source'
  4. whoa I see what you mean. nasty. I have no idea what's going on there so send me the index.tpl and I'll take a look. BTW your text when registering is too light against the yellow background.
  5. if you use ' Your order from such and such a store' or some title like that chances are you'll be fine.
  6. Unfortunately the passwords are encrypted so it would be very difficult to do.
  7. Looks OK except $glob['storeURL' ] = 'http://thewistfulrepublic.com/shop' ; might be $glob['storeURL' ] = 'http://www.thewistfulrepublic.com/shop' ;
  8. Pay Pal and Cube cart both add shipping if you don't configure Pay Pal to add shipping from the cart. It's an easy fix at the Pay Pal site. Just 1 little checkbox.
  9. You will change the path information in includes/global.inc. Otherwise you should be fine.
  10. roban


    You can put your search in a side box using the following code and place it into index.tpl anywhere you want it to go. <div class="boxTitleRight">Search</div> <div class="boxContentLeft"> {SEARCH_FORM} <border="0" > </div> <div class="boxFootRight"> </div> You might have to change the size values to make it fit.
  11. have you tried deleting 1169132334
  12. No and I wouldn't. There is no substitute for the hard work of collecting links to relevant sites. If you're looking for the 'easy way' you won't find it.
  13. FROM storeCubeCart_admin_users Is this the name of the table? Or is it CubeCart_admin_users
  14. All the information you require can be gotten from your host. $glob['rootDir'] this is the true path to your files $glob['rootRel']In your case this will be "/" $glob['storeURL'] this is the url of your store http://www.whatever.com Database Hostname:in most cases is localhost but not all cases Database Name: this is the name of your database Database Username: this is the username used to access your database Database Password: this is the password used to access your database
  15. There is no mod. Put the Urchin code in those 2 pages. As for e-commerce tracking you have to set up goals and funnel pages.
  16. Check your database username, password and the name of the database. make sure all are correct. This information should be found in your includes/global.inc file.
  17. I need to know what directory your filers have been uploaded to. If you want further help you'll need to get me your ftp log in info. You can PM me the info for assistance.
  18. What can we do? We don't know what has happened to your file system so the best you can try to do is to upload the admin directory again. Check to see if the index.php exists in the directory. If she uploaded an .htaccess file...but who knows what was done.
  19. roban

    www. problems

    I get no errors in Fire Fox or IE. A bit of cache and cookie clearing perhaps.
  20. roban

    www. problems

    Have you tried changing $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://clanshout.co.uk/store'; to $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.clanshout.co.uk/store';
  21. Have you tried <div align="center"><div id="topHeader"></div> in index.tpl
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