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  1. rowdyplace

    Lost CC6 login details

    Thanks to all who came to my rescue!! Using the Softaculous import function, I was able to capture the site to a new server. But never able to get the lost password feature to work. Upon learning that the customer had reduced the number of products (significantly), it became easier to just cut-n-paste into a new CC6 installation on a new server and change the nameservers. Again, Thanks a million...
  2. rowdyplace

    Lost CC6 login details

    Ok gang, that worked!! It took a while to import but using phpMyAdmin shows me the data structure as well as the contents of the CubeCart_admin_users file. But, now for round 2. I see the Admin login name (admin) but the password is encrypted... In this form, I so not see how this is usable info. Suggestions requested, please...
  3. rowdyplace

    Lost CC6 login details

    As I employ Softaculous to install CC6 on a new server, I see their CC6 "import" feature. I know the FTP address and FTP password for the original installation. Can I import this old CC6 version to this new hosting server where I will have access to the PHPMyadmin? I am sure i will still have the original (lost) CC6 admin password, but will this allow me to follow the earlier advice in this thread for recovery?
  4. rowdyplace

    Lost CC6 login details

    Thanks for all the good advice. It looks like I am my own "worst enemy". I can see this site but I cannot locate the hosting account I used. I have decided to just create a new CC6 site on a different hosting account and change the nameservers. Again, thanks to all!!
  5. rowdyplace

    Lost CC6 login details

    Thanks for the input: 1. Is this a single file (admin_users table) inside CC? Where, please. Is that the real file name? (I have installed a parallel store on a separate server and cannot locate it.) 2. Will any PHP editor do the job? It appears that all I need to do is view the file contents in ASCII format.
  6. rowdyplace

    Lost CC6 login details

    I have not touched this site since 2015. Now the customer wants to "finish" it and neither of us remember the user name/password. I have downloaded (FTP) the complete site to my local computer. What CC file contains this info? Is it encrypted?