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  1. Thanks Brian, I guess it have nothing to do with CC update at all, I know that they put me on another server when the DB crashed , that why all the problems with the CC updates and miss match before, I wrote to them this morning ( already yesterday on my time) but no answer yet. The server is shared so they may put some limits to it as you said, but that don't works for me, I will see if I get any decent reply from them on this subject . Thanks for the hint, as usual you may be right with the server's 'Controller - Worker' at last some light in the tunnel Thanks Cath
  2. Hi Brian, I have one issue, since the update of CC to 6.2.9 when I am making backups or customer downloads 1 files , the store don't load for anybody else until the download or backup is downloaded , I never come across this issue, I even updated my PHP to 7 but this did not fixed anything the problem is still present , and I am out of option already. if you have any hint that put me in the right direction I would really appreciate it Thanks in advance Cath
  3. Finally I made it working , I had to reverse it manually to 6.1.8 and then upgrade to 6.2.9 and after that the newsletter subscription templates showing finally on , btw it fixed other minor issues as well. So for now case closed , thanks Brian for everything , crossing my fingers it was the last major issue, but at last everything running better then ever before. Cath
  4. I found out that the DB crashed on July 10 and my ISP restored my store from early backup , I am afraid that the backup was from before my last update to 6.2.9 and maybe that why things got messed up, the DB backup restore was from 2 days early before I noticed my issues and posted the new thread can I run the Cubecart 6.2.9 installation again and try to repair the store ? as that may fix things I guess please let me know Cath
  5. Also on the page https://www.mec4d.net/store/index.php?_a=unsubscribe when I try to unsubscribe my random e-mail, I get message , my e-mail was successfully added to the mailing list, no way to unsubscribe , no matter how many time I submit , the only message is about adding it to the list. I never had issue with that before . --------------------------------------------- Also under customer account, when you try to unsubscribe , there is message : The following errors were detected: That email address is not subscribed to our mailing list. however when I subscribe, the message is fine Your email address has been added to our mailing list. I need to figure it out before people scream at me again for sending them newsletters, and they can be serious rude Thanks Brian for your time and help
  6. sadly nothing came to the mail box , only confirmation on the store front to confirm my subscription
  7. There is no language flag not even for the default
  8. Thanks Brian, The HTML and Plain Text are empty , there are no macros , can''t save it after adding language , where can I find the newsletter verification e-mail macros? or standard store template for it ? P.S I mean the macro for the verification only, I believe something is missing
  9. Hi Brian , I am back again lol sorry to bother you my store was reset back to 2019 , all changes I made was gone beside the latest adjustments but mostly the DB info was reset , I contacted my ISP if they did restore anything from the main backup but not reply yet . Funny thing is that the Cubecart version still showing the latest. I had to edit everything and put all currently information since it was outdated , including old templates for e-mail etc.. 2 question if I dare to ask, I am getting too many fake e-mails subscriptions , I wanted to use the 2 authentication , but the e-mail for verification are not sent , I checked the email Log, nothing there , however all emails working fine in the store , also will it works also with account registration ? or it is only for subscription ? and the last question you heard probably 1000 times , how to stop people checking out orders without setting up account , they constantly make e-mail errors and don't get the proper download links or proper order ID because of that . I know somehow you can edit it in the skin template but forgot , before there was an option I believe for that in the store setting to allow orders as guest , but not more and the last unusual question, when I was created backup today , the front store was so slow it want loading until the backup was created , same thing when I tried to download the backup, everything else was not accessible , question, what causes that behavior ? and why I experience it for the first time after update to the last CC version . I try to find a hint so I can talk to my ISP if that is their server issue or sort of limitation , still weird . They moved me to another server in June , just before the CC updates. Thank you for your time in advance , Cath
  10. Amazing , thank you, just edited and added separate lines for each section , so it is all back the way it was before , I just put it here in case someone need . staring section at line 630 /* Wide ================================================== */ @media only screen and (min-width: 1200px) { #logo a{ padding:0px; } #header{ padding:0px 0; } #page{ padding:20px 0; } #footer1{ padding:60px 0; } #footer2{ padding:0px 0; } You are my guru! l Thank you Brian so much! Cath
  11. <div id="header"> <div class="container"> <a href="{$STORE_URL}" id="logo"><img src="{$STORE_LOGO}" alt="{$META_TITLE}" /></a> That what I found only before in the CSS I found only setting for the Gallery images resolution and Thumbs but still looking , if I can only edit the header padding to 0px I found in common.css the parameters for the section above the header where is log in button , and the padding edition was possible, sadly under #header there is nothing , I added the padding code but nothing changed for now I am giving up on it, thanks! Cath
  12. Thank you, I did ----------------------- I hope you don't mind to ask you , what is the file name in the e_trend skin template I am using where you can edit the header and the position of the main top logo of the store. I did not messed up with that for over 3 years and totally forgot , after the new skin updates my logo shift down from the top , forgot it was custom set up. I searched today in the right place and nowhere to find . Thanks in advance Cath
  13. I did not put it there it is probably left over from 2010 , should I remove it ? I don't think any of my plugin did it
  14. Hi Brian, something happen and I can't get access to my store or admin, nobody touched it since my last edit with the template ? the store was fine couple hours ago. Never have this issue before In the browser: Fatal error: No such file or directory in store/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 42 and in the folder on my server are 2 the same files for some reason one bigger than the other Can you please take a second to tell me what happening ? Thanks a lot Cath Never mind it just show up back again , no issues I just wondering why Thanks Cath
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