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  1. The solution to this was to add this line to the ini.inc.php file ini_set('mysqli.default_socket', '/tmp/mysql5.sock'); // Needed for 1&1 managed servers I can't thank Bsmither enough for all his help! edit to add: I'm using a managed dedicated server. I'm sure this fix will work with shared servers as well. unmanaged dedicated servers at 1and1 - admins should be able to change the settings on the servers without needing this edit. When I ran the CC v6 setup. I entered localhost in the field where it asked for hostname.
  2. I've done it several times and keep getting the same error message I even changed the password to the database to make sure I was typing it correct
  3. Hello! I been trying to install a clean copy of the newest ver6 on a 1and1 server. I keep getting this error message Incorrect database host, username, and/or password. here's the info provided from my server when I setup the database. I copy & pasted the info into the install screen. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  4. I'm not going to try upgrade to ver6 till at least tmwr. I'll report back either way to update on how it works or doesnt work now I see this message in the top of the admin panel. not sure if I can correct that? or hoping a successful upgrade will fix. Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /homepages/2/d107205780/htdocs/geekhostess/badass-supplements/classes/db/mysql.class.php on line 24
  5. I just replaced the admin & index in the root folder from the newest ver5. then hid the ioncube folder & the site is still working. next I changed the php setting in my server control panel to php 5.5 & the site is still working. I guess I can try to upgrade to ver 6 now? I'll follow up - thank you for your help!
  6. I have ioncube - but not sure if I have third party mods active anymore. It doesn't look like there's any 3rd party mods anymore. However, I just renamed the ioncube folder /disabled it - then tried opening the site and got this message. So the site needs ioncube. Site error: the file /homepages/2/d107205780/htdocs/geekhostess/badass-supplements/index_enc_ion.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator. should I upgrade to the newest ver 5 first? if that works then try to go to 6? If not - are you referring to the admin & index files that reside in the root folder? Thank you for the reply!
  7. Hello - I'm hoping someone might have a possible solution. I have a site that I'm attempting to upgrade to the newest CC v6 The site has been upgraded in the past -- it started out as ver3 I believe all the way up to where it is now at ver 5.1.5 I followed instructions by uploading the files from the ver6 package over the existing files/folders. It gets about 75% thru the setup and then throws this message. Warning: mysqli::mysqli() [mysqli.mysqli]: (HY000/2005): Unknown MySQL server host 'localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock' (1) in /homepages/2/d107205780/htdocs/geekhostess/badass-supplements/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 30 Warning: mysqli_options() [function.mysqli-options]: Couldn't fetch mysqli in /homepages/2/d107205780/htdocs/geekhostess/badass-supplements/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 32 Fatal error: Unknown MySQL server host 'localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock' (1) in /homepages/2/d107205780/htdocs/geekhostess/badass-supplements/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 35 I looked in this file & 2 out of 3 of these lines are blanks. After these error - I delete the site files & upload my backup & restore the database and the site works fine. The database tables are named "cc5-name-of-table" in case that matters for this upgrade Question #2.. after a successful upgrade I need to switch the php setting to use php ver 5.5. Hope this CC6 ver works with php 5.5? If I try to switch to php ver 5.5 now (with CC ver 5) the site goes blank. Instead of upgrade is there a way to force this CC ver to work with php 5.5? Lots of questions - any suggestions as to what is the best direction to attack this is appreciated. Thanks in advance - Claire
  8. curious if anyone found a fix for this? perhaps newest version of CC fixes this?
  9. I need to make a call for price field does anyone know if this works? or anyone have a good example? thank you!
  10. i'm using % of order for shipping total for now. It has it pros & cons but better than the USPS which is not working.
  11. I just had the same problem! Anyone have any advice?
  12. No - issue date or issue # is needed. besides the actual CC #, the expire date & and the CSV code is needed Anyone know what page(s) I need to edit to remove these fields? thank you
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