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  1. Thanks for the responses.  Typical non-technie here, huh?  I had hoped that it would be as easy as taking the Paypal Pro extension and swapping the Square API for the Paypal API.  My budget for this is in the hundreds, but not thousands.  If anyone ever comes up with an Square gateway, I would definitely be a buyer.  Square is SOOOOOO superior to Paypal.

  2. I see that Square now has an e-commerce API that allow you to use them to process payments on your own ecommerce site.  Is anyone working on an extension for Square?  They are less expensive to use than Paypal Pro.  Their website address is:  squareup.com/ecommerce . 

    If there are any developers out there that would like to give me a quote on integrating Square I'd appreciate it.  I'm looking for something very similar to the Paypal Pro extension on the credit card would be processed by Square instead of Paypal Pro.  (I would like it to still include Paypal Express Checkout for customers that have Paypal accounts.)



  3. I'd prefer a "fix" that does not modify the data base by adding extra fields. I have no problem with modifications to the "Froogle Feed" or Google Base file, but I think adding extra fields to my store database is overkill. Does anyone have a solution that doesn't modify the database?

  4. In addition, if you put 2 spaces in a row, it gets turned into &nbsp. Seems like this is an old bug that was fixed or someone had a work-around but I can't find it. Anyone have any ideas?

  5. My store CC3 (version 3.0.10) was up and running great last Friday. This morning I went out to the store and instead of seeing my store, all I get is the following:

    assign("SEARCHSTR",treatGet($_GET['searchStr'])); } else { $body->assign("SEARCHSTR",""); } $body->assign("CURRENCY_VER",$currencyVer); $body->assign("VAL_ISO",$charsetIso); $body->assign("VAL_SKIN",$config['skinDir']); // START MAIN CONTENT if(isset($_GET['act'])){ switch (treatGet($_GET['act'])) { case "viewDoc": include("includes/content/viewDoc.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "viewCat": include("includes/content/viewCat.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "viewProd": include("includes/content/viewProd.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "unsubscribe": include("includes/content/unsubscribe.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "taf": include("includes/content/tellafriend.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "login": include("includes/content/login.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "logout": include("includes/content/logout.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "forgotPass": include("includes/content/forgotPass.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "account": include("includes/content/account.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "profile": include("includes/content/profile.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "changePass": include("includes/content/changePass.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "newsletter": include("includes/content/newsletter.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; case "dnExpire": include("includes/content/dnExpire.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; default: include("includes/content/index.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); break; } } else { include("includes/content/index.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); } // END MAIN CONTENT // START META DATA if(isset($meta)){ $body->assign("META_TITLE",htmlspecialchars($meta['siteTitle']).c()); $body->assign("META_DESC",$meta['metaDescription']); $body->assign("META_KEYWORDS",$config['metaKeyWords']); } else { $body->assign("META_TITLE",htmlspecialchars($config['siteTitle']).c()); $body->assign("META_DESC",$config['metaDescription']); $body->assign("META_KEYWORDS",$config['metaKeyWords']); } // START CONTENT BOXES include("includes/boxes/searchForm.inc.php"); $body->assign("SEARCH_FORM",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/session.inc.php"); $body->assign("SESSION",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/categories.inc.php"); $body->assign("CATEGORIES",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/randomProd.inc.php"); $body->assign("RANDOM_PROD",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/info.inc.php"); $body->assign("INFORMATION",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/language.inc.php"); $body->assign("LANGUAGE",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/currency.inc.php"); $body->assign("CURRENCY",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/shoppingCart.inc.php"); $body->assign("SHOPPING_CART",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/popularProducts.inc.php"); $body->assign("POPULAR_PRODUCTS",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/saleItems.inc.php"); $body->assign("SALE_ITEMS",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/mailList.inc.php"); $body->assign("MAIL_LIST",$box_content); include("includes/boxes/siteDocs.inc.php"); $body->assign("SITE_DOCS",$box_content); // END CONTENT BOXES // parse and spit out final document $body->parse("body"); $body->out("body"); ?>

    When I try to go in to Admin, I get this:

    select($query); // no Categories $query = "SELECT count(cart_order_id) as noOrders FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_order_sum"; $noOrders = $db->select($query); // no Ccustomers $query = "SELECT count(customer_id) as noCustomers FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_customer WHERE type = 1"; $noCustomers = $db->select($query); // no Ccustomers $query = "SELECT * FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_admin_sessions ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 1, 1"; $lastSession = $db->select($query); ?>





    And a bunch more garbage that won't copy. I have no idea what happened or where to even start trying to fix the problem. Anyone got any ideas?

  6. I found the image for the blue file folder. I use the Killer skin and that image is:


    If we can find a way to get rid of it, perhaps we can turn it into a 1 pixel gif to make the subcats list look better.

  7. I haven't stumbled across a way to see what categories each product is assigned to--but I haven't needed it either. I'll let you know if I see a way. I have thousands of products for my store--it is a pain to click on "manage categories" for each one.

  8. Mysty, thanks for being so willing to share your modifications! I really appreciate it, as I'm sure many others do too.

    I think you have the right idea about saving minor mods/hacks so they don't get lost among all the messages in the forums. There is already a place to store Minor Mods/Hacks. It is in the CC3:Downloads -> CubeCart 3 Hacks & Modifications area. Can't you save your message as a txt file and upload it to the Downloads are for CubeCart Version 3?

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  9. I tried searching for a solution to this and haven't been able to find it. Can someone point a newbie in the right direction. My products are displaying in the order I entered them--I need to to display is ascending order by product name. Thanks!

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