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  1. check your PHP error log, I suspect you're out of memory, or it's taking so long to process it you hit a timeout.
  2. set a boolean in your update process and flip it if something has actually changed/updated in your feeds. if it has, then call the clear cache process via the scheduled job. you need to integrate with the CubeCart classes and admin classes to do this.
  3. You will need your own support services for your own products. We use HESK for our ticket system, works well,
  4. Deny from all will not be removed for security reasons. The cron job is designed to run as being called directly, not via wget. The module is not designed to expose the start of the job to the internet. There should be no requirement, or need to ever call a cron job via wget.
  5. there was a bug in an earlier foundation theme for this issue. if you're using a modified version of Foundation it probably didn't get the fix. thinking of this, might be related: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2184
  6. rework global configuration file found in /includes/ with your new database details. setup/restore database to new location. upload all files. adjust permissions of uploaded files. as a basic test, you can validate those permissions by uploading the latest setup directory from the installer and validate they all report OK. test...
  7. Use the Print Order form gateway, adapt it as required. this will bypass the payment step and capture the order as needed.
  8. Which version of CubeCart are you using? If 6.4.1 there is a massive bug in CubeCart that can cause this issue, the only real fix is to upgrade to 6.4.2 Also, which version of the Ebay Orders module is in use? We had several customers report this issue with CubeCart 6.4.1, all resolved in 6.4.2. relates to this defect: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2670 feel free to raise a support ticket with us if needed
  9. I actually just solved a variant of this very problem for another customer 2 days ago via a custom solution. We can look to do the same for you if you like. Essentially if the order contains one or more "must collect" items, then everything must be collected. for your example it would come as two parts. a custom module to allow products to be flagged as "collection only", then a modification to the shipping module to respect the settings. we can put this together for you in under an hour if it's of interest. Note, we are a third party developer so the time spent would be a billable activity. feel free to get in contact if this is of interest.
  10. Morning, Going through my inbox today, and I think you raised a case for this which I just replied to. however, I'll add a reply here as well. We offer various versions of the same release of each module, specifically to target each PHP version. If changing PHP version you may need to swap out the module for an alternate build specific for the new PHP version. We have most downloads available via our downloads page here: https://www.noodleman.co.uk/downloads.html If a specific release is missing, then let us know and we will send it to you.
  11. You can do this with the Product Addons module, although it does do it a little clunky... https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-addons-easily-purchase-related-products You can override the prices if buying the items together.
  12. CTRL + F5, I've seen this before when doing updates.
  13. Afternoon David, Assuming Semperfi is no longer trading... If you get to a point where you are stuck with something and need some help feel free to reach out. we can probably help you get past any roadblocks you are at. We're also pretty busy at the moment so our responses are not always as prompt as we would like them to be.. however we have a phone number on our support portal so you can get hold of us directly for anything critical or urgent. Hopefully, he will return and be able to help you out.
  14. seems a bit crazy, considering support would be done by the develoepr.
  15. if your tech savvy you may want to think about a module or code snippit to sync the tax rules between groups, unless the intention is different tax per group. It's something I setup for most customers of the EU VAT module because everybody always remembers to change the retail price/tax, but never the other groups.
  16. check if your test customer is a member of any groups, if so you probably need to assign the right tax class to that customer group at the product level. Each customer group has it's own pricing/tax class definition at the product level. it's usually the issue.
  17. it should work just fine, are you using customer groups and have you configured those products with the zero rate tax class?
  18. I've used that strategy a number of times as the earlier versions of foundation don't have many JS features
  19. if you no code, you can embed some hidden div's with unique ID's and assign the foundation "show-for" classes. then access it by ID in JS to see if it's active.. if it is you can trigger an event.
  20. you have debug mode enabled in your store settings. you can turn it off "Store Settings -> Advanced"
  21. send a link so we can see. it's probably just a script issue
  22. You can use the related products module or product add-ons module. Related Products: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/related-products-manual-automated-recommendations Product Addons: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-addons-easily-purchase-related-products
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