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    you need to update your feed using FTP, not the upload button on the web page.
  2. Google have now launched the updates to froogle, which changes how it works mainly at the back end, froogle now supports more attributes than it did before, there are still the standard "must have" fields which are: * title * description * link * image link * id * expiration date * label The new fields are (For products): apparel_type, actor, artist, author, brand, colour, condition, currency, delivery_notes, delivery_radius, format, isbn, location, manufacturer, manufacturer_id, megapixels, memory, model_number, payment_accepted, payment_notes, pickup, price, price_type, processor_speed, product_type, quantity, size, upc, weight Will the froogle button from within CubeCart include these extra fields in the future? If yes, how long until these extra fields are supported? Many Thanks Noodle
  3. might have helped if i had posted this in the right places, DOH soz..
  4. Hello, I was pondering about postage options yesterday, and had an idea. With there being so many different methods of working out postage for a huge variety of items and locations, im sure you all agree it can get very confusing, and the developer is probably banging his head on the desk with the coffee pot overflowing The thought i had, was about a utility, that would allow us (the end user) to create our own postal rules. I presume it wouldnt be too difficult to put together a utility that created IF and WHERE statements to be checked in postal options. For example, if you had items that were over a certain weight, create a rule that says, If item(s) weight is over VALUE then ADD £2 to postage. IF if number of items in basket is equal to, or more than X then charge £1000 Or if its less than X charge 10p, etc Its just a rough thought, probably tried to explain it completly wrong too, but worth a shot I think a utility like this would add a lot of flexability to CC and help create the systems exactly how some of us may want them Any thoughts?
  5. Im quite happy with my hosting, but I am aware that I am limited to 8mb of memory, which i cant get around even with a .htaccess file. Because of the way CC works at the moment, its not causing me any problems at all,however if in the new version the GD functions (or other image processor) are used more, it will use more memory, and thus cause a problem. I will move host if i need to, However it would be good to get a heads up if i need to start looking now :)
  6. That looks like a very good way to do it, where did you get your stationary?
  7. I was just looking at the screenshots for 3.1.0, and it appears that there is a complete overhaul to the way that images are handled within CC. I presume this is now using more of the features offered within GD, and other such image packages commonly found on web-servers. Can somebody confirm this? This could possibly cause me a problem in the future with my web-host, as they are restrictive about the amount of memory available, which has stopped me offering things such as gallerys before as image functions chew a lot of memory. Are the thumbnails going to be produced on the fly, IE, using more server resources, or as I believe they are currenly done, produced at the time of upload, and then linked to? If I need to move hosts to upgrade to 3.1.0 when it is available, i would like to start planning sooner, rather than later Thanks,
  8. as my store is growing, I am finding that my old method of actualy writing out address labels by hand, is becoming very tedious and boring, and also very time consuming. I want to start batch printing address labels for orders. Is there a simple method to do this? How do other people sort out their labels at the moment? Im just looking for the solution, any help/sugestions greatly accepted:)
  9. I know you can add extra pages into CC, and edit the content of these pages, however I want to create a link that directs to a URL of my choice, not to show the content of a page. Is this possible?
  10. Just reading up about this modules, and what they can possibly do for your store etc, but i have a question for those people who use them Do they really work? did you notice a benafit, or just a dip in your profits? Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the information, I will delete the other locations for now, that will solve a lot of problems for me Thanks for the info, lots there to consider Noodle.
  12. I need to make sure all of my customers, are only from the UK. I currently sort out my shipping by using "Free Shipping". I recently had an order from ireland, which cost me £13 to send, instead of the usual £2.50 so I REALLY need to make sure all my customres are uk mainland only. how can i do this? Thanks.
  13. currently when a customer is viewing their basket, it says "N/A" in the shipping section. It doesnt calculate their postage until they are at the next stage, which i believe is causing me to lose customers. Is itpossible to show the shipping rates when viewing the basket? Thanks,
  14. spot on Was doing a search for the code to modify myself, but for some reason my search wasnt working... DOH! thanks for the info, all sorted now
  15. Hi, Is it possible to pass the same information via IPN from paypal, for ebay auctions? I currentl sell my items on ebay, as well as my store, and it would be a GREAT help if each time i sold an item via ebay, it would adjust my stock levels acordingly.. anybody know of a method to do this etc? thanks
  16. Surley to make the category order sort via name isnt too hard? I presume its just adding a an ORDER BY to the query... anybody know where i can add this? Or if there is a better way to change the sort order of the categorys? Thanks.
  17. Hi, Is it currently possible to set variable percentages for postage costs depending on the total cost of the order? For example, at the moment my post system works out values as follows: Orders UP TO and including 6.98 = 29% of cost P&P Orders UP TO and including 20 = 24% of cost P&P Orders UP TO and including 57.98 = 18% of cost P&P etc. Is it possible to do a similar thing? or is it a flat rate percentage for all items? Thanks :)
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