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  1. I know you can add extra pages into CC, and edit the content of these pages, however I want to create a link that directs to a URL of my choice, not to show the content of a page. Is this possible?
  2. Just reading up about this modules, and what they can possibly do for your store etc, but i have a question for those people who use them Do they really work? did you notice a benafit, or just a dip in your profits? Cheers.
  3. Thanks for the information, I will delete the other locations for now, that will solve a lot of problems for me Thanks for the info, lots there to consider Noodle.
  4. I need to make sure all of my customers, are only from the UK. I currently sort out my shipping by using "Free Shipping". I recently had an order from ireland, which cost me £13 to send, instead of the usual £2.50 so I REALLY need to make sure all my customres are uk mainland only. how can i do this? Thanks.
  5. currently when a customer is viewing their basket, it says "N/A" in the shipping section. It doesnt calculate their postage until they are at the next stage, which i believe is causing me to lose customers. Is itpossible to show the shipping rates when viewing the basket? Thanks,
  6. spot on Was doing a search for the code to modify myself, but for some reason my search wasnt working... DOH! thanks for the info, all sorted now
  7. Hi, Is it possible to pass the same information via IPN from paypal, for ebay auctions? I currentl sell my items on ebay, as well as my store, and it would be a GREAT help if each time i sold an item via ebay, it would adjust my stock levels acordingly.. anybody know of a method to do this etc? thanks
  8. Surley to make the category order sort via name isnt too hard? I presume its just adding a an ORDER BY to the query... anybody know where i can add this? Or if there is a better way to change the sort order of the categorys? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Is it currently possible to set variable percentages for postage costs depending on the total cost of the order? For example, at the moment my post system works out values as follows: Orders UP TO and including 6.98 = 29% of cost P&P Orders UP TO and including 20 = 24% of cost P&P Orders UP TO and including 57.98 = 18% of cost P&P etc. Is it possible to do a similar thing? or is it a flat rate percentage for all items? Thanks :)
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