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  1. Indeed you can... set the pre-order date sometime way into the future but the date on which the product is available for purcahse in the past. I am adding the ability to define leadtimes on products in the next update, so you can configure somehting like "20 days from date of purcahase", the dates would then get calculated and displayed to the customer.
  2. the latest release added manual association. release notes: https://www.noodleman.co.uk/related-products-1-0-4-release-notes.html The selector allows quick and easy association of manual products, however not sure what your definition of "bulk" is.
  3. This will do what you want. you've essentially described pre-order. The skin files can be modified from the sample code within the module to change it from pre-order to backorder, or made on demand etc. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/pre-order-goods-plugin
  4. delivery country will not be the required ISO value
  5. ionCube is pretty simple to install. drop the file in the library and enable in php config... or you can also use the ioncube setup wizard which tells you where to put files and changes to make for your system.
  6. I know @havenswift-hosting has a module that will do this due to be released very soon. It does everything you need.
  7. I'm working on one.. wont be around for a while
  8. by definition, it is the same product.. .with variations. so they are buying two of the same product, with a variation. customer simply selects the options they want on the product page. You may want to use the option matrix for more control
  9. Check all of the module configuration, ensure it's correct, if it is check your PHP error logs on your server, error 500 should have recorded something..
  10. that makes sense. BUT, CDN's typically only need to cache the larger static objects, such as images/scripts etc, you woudn't want it to cache the HTML in the page for the very reason your saying. so what you really need is to update your store theme, change the URL's to include the CDN prefix/configuration for things like scripts and images and sync with your CDN provider. At least, that's how it's worked for CDN's I've looked to impliment for other customers earlier this year. You don't want to cache dynamic content
  11. Here is the end result: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-filters-filter-categories-and-build-menus-dynamically-using-product-metadata
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    you want to use mysqli... mysql was depreciated and removed.. it's olddddddddddddddd.. Make sure your server has this enabled also, ioncube doesn't support php 7.1 yet, so if you have encoded modules they won't work
  13. This will do what you want: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-addons-easily-purchase-related-products Since you already have it setup as 1 product = 1 item, most of the work is done. it's just a case of building the relationships between the inventory,
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    That would make sense. The module makes a call to UPS to request the shipping costs based on weight/dimensions and destination. The "box builder" goes through a bunch of steps before it can request the price from UPS. Depending on the quantity of items in the cart it may take a little longer. The main delay will be the time it takes to send the request to UPS, wait for them to calculate the price and download the reply. Make sure you are using the most recent version of the module as there were some performance improvements to combine the number of required API calls and thus speed it up. "Link products to specific shipping services" essentially includes each of the configured modules, I am not sure why it would be throwing a 302 as it doesn't make any direct requests itself. It includes the other modules, then has those do the requesting, so I suspect the root cause may be from another module which is called by the linking module. I would need to walk through it and debug to confirm
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    use firefox or chrome debugger and evaluate the network tab so you ccan review object load times, it shoudl help narrow the issue down if it's something obvious. otherwise, it's typically either the hosting provider have a moment of crap performance, or the underlying database server isn't performing well.
  16. unless you are constrained by file size upload limits
  17. using PhpMyAdmin, although you might have to do it from the MySQL command line if your file is too large for PHP to process.
  18. I think you need to do a manual upgrade as you've got a mix of file versions on your server. I've seen this happen before recently. I've sent you some instructions in the ticket you opened with me
  19. white screen is almost always a PHP error, so that will be in your web server PHP error log. you need to review the log file for errors and warnings as that will give you a clue as to the root cause of the problem.
  20. those URL issues won't be the root cause. check the logs and see if you are getting them all the time. They do crop up from time to time, but the DB is doing it's job in preventing duplicates. Check your PHP error log on your web server for errors.
  21. If using SSL, and the temporary site isn't turn it off before taking a backup and back on when done. 1) Backup the site files 2) Backup the site database 3) migrate to the new hosting area, upload files. create DB and restore your backup to it. 4) delete .htaccess file in the store root from the uploaded files 5) update the /includes/global.inc.php file with new DB connection details 6) login to site admin area, update store URL in store settings. 7) andddddddddddd your done, . when you run setup, it will probably ask you to reset some permissions depending on how your hosting is setup.
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