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  1. I think it's malformed the content when saving, I replicated the same problem here as well. Assuming the forum doesn't malform it, try this: <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below:</p> {foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download} <p><strong>{$download.name}:</strong> (Link expires on {$download.expire}<strong>)</strong><br> <a href="{$download.url}">{$download.url}</a></p> {/foreach} <p>If the links above don't work, please try copy and pasting them it into your browser address bar. You can also find access to these files from your the customer area of our website.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> It's 100% an issue with this template, can reproduce it on demand in a test store. the code above is the code directly from the database before being malformed.
  2. did you revise any other templates? What's the full error in your error log.
  3. put the editor into source mode, and past this into the HTML section: <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below:</p> <!--{foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download}--> <p><strong>{$download.name}:</strong> (Link expires on {$download.expire}<strong>)</strong></strong></p> and in the plain tab, add the following: Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize}, Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below: {foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download} {$download.name}: (Link expires on {$download.expire}) {$download.url} {/foreach} If the links above don't work, please try copy and pasting them it into your browser address bar. You can also find access to these files from your the customer area of our website.
  4. Which template was it you edited? is it only the digital download one?
  5. If your template is pretty much stock with minor adjustments then I would delete it and start over. I can grab the default code for you if you want? Alternatively, if your template is heavily modified then you will likely need to copy the source code to an editor and review it line by line to correct. it can take a while. I probably see this with other customers about once every couple of weeks.
  6. I see this happen all the time. in short, just dont' edit the templates using the editor. Copy the source code to an external editor, then use that to modify and save back. It malforms the smarty code in some cases. Check your store error log, you'll probably see a related smarty error
  7. Use the smarty engine. https://www.smarty.net
  8. the other, make sure you are using a domain name, not IP address to access the site URL. I've seen this cause issues with the cookie domain and cause similar behaviour.
  9. this might sound silly, but try it. try the installer in another browser. I've been caught in this loop when using multiple sites in the same browser before. it might be the same thing.
  10. seems valid. One thing that can cause oddities is the session data not being stored correctly. check your web server error log and see if you have warnings about sessions in there. it may offer some clues.
  11. snap aww, smilies are still broken
  12. weird. seems to have worked OK for me. it's a bit slow, you've got a bad reference to a CSS file, and also an image file. I'm testing in Chrome. FireFox also working correctly. Check your cookie domain is set correctly in store settings, review the error log and check if you have anything being reported.
  13. unsure without seeing the error first hand. can you share a link?
  14. probably a javascript issue. open your dev console (F12) and check for messages/errors when reproducing the issue.
  15. there may be some other considerations. Why pay for SSL? you can (in most cases) use Lets Encrypt at no cost, however some hosting providers don't allow you to use this. If you are using any tracking codes / conversion codes they may need to be updated to reflect the domain change (google analytics etc) If you use any live chat software, chances are the domain needs to be updated in config Some commercial modules are domain locked by license, you may need to have these migrated in store settings, under SSL tab change the domain to reflect the new domain As Brian said, clear cache after the move, but also check your store permissions are correct after the migration as they typically get reset review your mail configuration, it may need to be changed (although, in your case probably not) Review MySQL configuration (although, in your case I doubt it will change) re-setup any cron jobs (If you have any)
  16. Sounds expected. the upgrade from v4 will rename images to make them more URL friendly, so spaces are replaced with underscores etc. If you have any direct linked images in descriptions they will need to be revised. You may find that after the upgrade, going to the "File Manager" in the admin area shows a 500 error. if it does, keep refreshing until it goes away. it will take a while to build the image cache, and the error means it timed our doing a "batch" of images. should be a one time thing after upgrade unless you clear the image cache manually. CubeCart_image_index should be populated, if it is not, within file managed use the tab to re-scan the files after upgrade. Images should be moved to the /images/source/ directory by the upgrade, you may also still have an "uploads" directory.
  17. status off will remove the item from the store front available for purchase off and status on, will keep the item visible on the store front, but not allow it to be purchased.
  18. Before you make ANY change using a bulk utility, take a database backup. this is in case it goes wrong and you need to rollback the changes. I've seen it happen countless times.. please backup! You may not need the module I offer, it's there for a very specific purpose. I've not checked into this feature for you as I am pushed for time at the moment, just wanted to share a warning about the backup to potentially save you a headache later.
  19. Do you have English UK installed? if not, try installing that. there is a dependency on it, even if your using other languages. if not, cross reference your store default language in store settings, and validate that actually exists. another possible glitch from an earlier version.
  20. Noodleman


    did you generate one yet? Store Admin -> Maintenance it will then be here: https://testvalleymodels.co.uk/sitemap.xml.gz
  21. Perhaps this may be a problem that can be addressed with product filters? you can setup filters for colours/brands/shades etc, whatever you require and let customers filter to those items of interest, then have each single paint tin/product you keep on shelf as a product in the store, easier for inventory control. Not a cheap solution, but its a really powerful, mature filter system https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-filters-filter-categories-and-build-menus-dynamically-using-product-metadata
  22. There isn't a limit, however consider the usability from a customer perspective, at some point it becomes painful to select the colours you want. if it were I, I would consider 1 item per colour, with the shades as options.
  23. copy/paste into new directory (or, download via FTP, and upload to new location) set permissions update global file with new database details backup/restore database into new DB set new store URL in store settings done..
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