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  1. Deny from all will not be removed for security reasons. The cron job is designed to run as being called directly, not via wget.  The module is not designed to expose the start of the job to the internet. 

    There should be no requirement, or need to ever call a cron job via wget.



  2. if your tech savvy you may want to think about a module or code snippit to sync the tax rules between groups, unless the intention is different tax per group.  It's something I setup for most customers of the EU VAT module because everybody always remembers to change the retail price/tax, but never the other groups. 

  3. API integrations are my specialist area, I've even developed an API for CubeCart 5 and 6.

    I'm pretty rammed with other projects at the moment, but can certainly add something in my queue depending on what you need?

  4. try a clean install to a new DB, then query both DB's listing all tables/columns.. left join the results, match on table name / column name.. and look for anything non matching (where something = NULL). you can use the same strategy for index comparisons as well. Takes a bit of time to setup, but works. there's probably an easier way. Could be useful to have a DB health check tool for CubeCart.. I may write one at some point, along with the other billions of things on the pending list.


    What's the behaviour?

  5. probably large images which can't be cached/processed due to your server running out of memory. upload web optimised images. typically you'll find an "out of memory" error in the log.

    The other reason, you uploaded thousands of images and it can't process them all before hitting a server timeout. just keep refreshing the screen, it'll get them all over a few minutes. if it doesn't your looking at the memory error described above. 

  6. if you are using CubeCart 6.2 and foundation theme, put the new min feature into debug mode.


    {combine input=$css_input output='cache/css.{$SKIN_FOLDER}.css' age='604800' debug=false}


    {combine input=$css_input output='cache/css.{$SKIN_FOLDER}.css' age='604800' debug=true}

  7. The filters module is very powerful, you could even use it to dynamically build your store menu based on your inventory. you could also do category by category filtering if you wish.  It fully supports SEO URL's for filter combinations as well.

    for example, have a category "DVD", and then within that category the customer can filter on only those movie types of interest. 

    You can see an example of it here:

    Using Dynamic Menu, SEO URLs and dynamic filtering content. The example site uses the needle in the haystack model, where by all inventory is in a single common category and the filters help drive the customer to the content they want. 


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