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  1. I suspect that your questions are more basic than wanting to know into which directory to install. So let's first make sure we are starting from the same page. 1) do you have a domain name registered in your name? 2) have you established a hosting account on a server that operates under the Linux system? 3) do you have an FTP program and know how to use it?
  2. Does anyone have a fix for this? TIA
  3. Running latest version of CC3, no mods. Attempts to upload a product image return the following error: But that line is blank. Here are lines 101 through 107 Suggestions for fix, please?
  4. I'm using PHP4 in CC3. Disabled USPS. UPS enabled. Checkout returns different error: "No shipping method setup for your country. Please contact us to see if we can make an alternative arrangement." Fix?
  5. A skin is an overall design and coding for a site which produces it's 'look and feel', the complete site design. A skin is independent of the content, and can be changed easily without affecting the content. A skin is made up of many templates, each template relating to an aspect of site (search box, product details, checkout etc). Not completely the same, but close Correct. I may as well add there are many free and paid skins available beyond the default set. Some of the free skins, and especially the paid skins, are quite good. If you decide to tinker with an existing skin to make it exactly what you want, the forums here are a superb resource of advice and error fixing.
  6. The subject error (Failed to add the package) is being returned at step 4 in checkout. What's causing that? How to fix? TIA
  7. In CC3 I have enabled the PayPal Standard - IPN. At checkout, a test order returns the following error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/DOMAIN_REDACTED/public_html/modules/gateway/PayPal/transfer.inc.php on line 119 Here's that line. <input type='hidden' name='bn' value='CubeCart_Cart_ST' /> Where the unexpected < ? This error returns with both IPN and Standard. Suggestions. please?
  8. As I said, you will have to be creative in your search. Try the word 'catalog" and read ALL the posts. There are at least two mods. both have already editied the files. Here's an example that uses it www.allironworks.com Joe
  9. Forum rules proscribe posting of anything promotional but I think am permitted to say that if you visit the source for third-party CC support (www.cubecartforums.org) you will find what you are looking for. Look for such things as: catalog mod catalog only no prices etc. You'll have to be inventive in your search because oddly enough for a web site devoted to CC3 and CC4 mods, the words CC3 and CC4 and mod are not searchable because they have fewer than four characters.
  10. Not unless you have an SSL Certificate. Most hosting companies offer one for an annual fee or you can get one directly from the supplier. Google "SSL" and you'll find many. But before you do that, consider if you need one. If you intend to use Payment Gateways such as PayPal - and many others in the list - the secure transaction pages are provided by them.
  11. sigh . . . I have a restaurant client. I edited the index.php file in both "Shipping by Price" and "Free Shipping" modules. I went through both files and changed all instances of the word "shipping" to "delivery" This is what checkout now looks like this Before I did that, the label that now says "shipping" to the left of the box used to read, "Choose Pickup or Shipping" So, my first problem is, what did I edit that replaced the "Choose" label text? And the text in the selection box also is slightly changed, although I never knowingly changed it. Here's a photoshopped sample of what I wanted: Summing, I've messed up and I'm lost as to where and how. I'm tempted to simply upload a fresh copy of each of those folders from a fresh unzip of the CC download and start again, but given how much I've screwed up already, I do not need to make it worse. If someone can give me guidance I'd appreciate it. If access to the server would help, PM me. TIA
  12. I'll leave the responses to your questions to those who have more knowledge than I have. But there is an issue that needs attention. You have not said where you are located. If you are in the USA there are Federal laws that limit how long you may hold the funds covering a back-order and what notice you must give a customer. Since I've never dealt in back orders, I've not been interested in the rules. I suspect you might Google up something on that or perhaps find advice on the FTC web site.
  13. EASY TO DO. Go to store > admin (log into ACP) > view products - under the column Master Categories > select Manage Categories for the product you wish to add to more than one category > in the window that opens, choose a category > click Add > scroll down, click on Close Window - DONE!
  14. The db for 3.0.10 contains 27 tables. The db for 3.0.17 contains 29. Which are the two new tables?
  15. I suspect no one has (or can) respond the issue is not with CC but obviously is coming from Authorize.net. Have you asked them?
  16. Take look at my photo to the left. I'm overweight, have sleep problems, a bad shoulder being treated due to a fall, cry at chick-flicks, am campaigning for a presidential candidate who has an uphill struggle, never took a course in any computer code, am addicted to dark chocolate and wish that Frank Sinatra were still alive. In other words, I'm pathetic. But I make decent money building and hosting web sites for clients in 7 countries - and CC stores are the most profitable client category. I've found that developing a few skills in Photoshop and taking the time to understand site usability concepts, are important. If I can do it, you can too, if you put in the effort. To add to what Degsey says, the support community here is one of the most generous I've found anywhere. Stick around and you'll find out.
  17. Thanks for the help. Meanwhile I've found a simpler method - but still have a mystery. The simpler method is to go into CC/ACP, create a new Administrator with an invented name. Then open PMA and see in which of the three DBs the new Admin appears. That will be the DB that the store is using. But the mystery is the remaining unused DB. In looking at PMA, I see Account database(27) _database01(27) Of course 27 is the number of tables. I've already determined that _database01(27) is the active DB. I want to delete database(27) but the active one _database01(27) is listed in PMA in way that implies that _database01(27) is a sub of the the first one. I am concerned that if I drop that one it will also drop _database01(27). Comment?
  18. I have a strange situation. My client, for reasons I don't know, went into cPanel and creted two additional MySql databases. The store has been online for quite while so each is populated. In browsing each of them in PHPmyadmin I can't find any tables or cells with dates so there are no clues there as to which is being used most recently. How can I determine which is the one that is currently functioning?
  19. Thanks. That is genuinely a relief. They are a very useful tool in support my CC clients. I recognize the amount of work that is going into CC - which is, in itself, yet one more of the many reasons it is my first (and only) recommendation to prospective cart owners. II also trust that my whinge will be seen as constructive critique.
  20. I was embarrassed in the midst of a presentation yesterday to discover two significant CC web site changes that have not gotten adequate pro-active notice. In each case, an email to registered members would have avoided the problem. I was touting the value of buying a license as a means of getting startup tech support - but when the prospect asked to see what that looked like, my own account login was rejected. It would been helpful, as having registered a number of CCs, to have known, before I went there, that my password has changed. I appeared to be inept - which I was. Poking around in announcements to discover why I could not log into my own account is not something a professional can do in front of a prospective client and retain credibility. Then I decide to show the tutorials as tools that would make it unnecessary for me to provide hands on support for basic tasks - but they are gone - and I still haven't found an explanation for that. Aside from my own embarrassment, those two incidents also did not reflect well on CC. As one of the business owners asked, "Does that happen often? I mean, does that company usually change things like that without telling their own developers before they do it?" Sorry to sound so sour. Y'all know I love CC and this is a complaint of a dedicated supporter who expects CC to live up to its deserved reputation as the best choice in its field. I got the order anyway. But more care needs to be taken in keeping us informed.
  21. I support the answer but there is an alternative. Your image is 390 pixels wide. The original version of the image (topHeader.jpg) was something like (from my memory, so check the fact) 754 pixels. So, if you rework your image to the original width, it will fit. BTW, your image is 147 pixels high. This is a common design error of those using a high resolution large format monitor. There are still many CRT monitors out there running standard resolution screens (800 wide by 600 high). By the time you account for a typical user's cluttered browser, complete with both Yahoo and Google Tool bars and various other bars, top and bottom, that 147 px may be 1/3 or more of the screen. When you realize that it takes up that space on EVERY page of your web site, you can see how tiresome it will be for a user to be forced to scroll down to see much. At least half of that space - and maybe even 2/3rds of it - could be more effective as real content. Aside from that issue, what is the point of a huge billboard? To let your visitors know they are on your page? You will not see a 147 px high banner across the top of any major web site. They know that all that is required is a modest logo in the upper left corner of every page. For example, see: www.amazon.com (logo - 47 px high, the rest of the banner put to active use) www.nbc.com - looks about the same size, too www.ebay.com - 45 px high they know something worth emulating. It's known in some circles as "less is more." Hope that helps.
  22. That one I know. I wrote a paper on it. I have a copy of it right . . . uhm . . . well, it's here somewhere, in one of these piles.
  23. If you go look at the original graphic that you uploaded, I'm guessing it was somewhere near or even below 100 pixels wide. Compare that with the properties of the graphic as it is displayed in your site, 466px wide. That's because the space defined in the code is that wide. So what's happening is, your original graphic is spreading out to the width that the code says it should be. The fix is to find the place in the code where the size of the graphic is configured and change it to the original graphic's dimenesions. I don't have time or energy at this hour to look that up. But I think it's in the skin file "layout.tpl." The alternative, is to upload a graphic that is already 446 pixels wide. BTW - As was thinking of an example to make the above point, current memory of my high school physics class 60 years ago says that a similar phenomenon is Pascals Law. But checking with Wikipedia says I'm wrong. Maybe someone can tell me, whose "law" says something like "a gas fills the space available?"
  24. First of all, you have a very good design sense. I like what you've started and hope to see you active here, sharing those ideas. You will find this is a very friendly and supportive community. It is one of the many good features of CubeCart. But since all the work is free and volunteer, there are a few things that are asked of you before that support flows uninhibited. The first, and most important, is that you start with self-help. Look above this thread to where it says: CubeCart > CubeCart Version 3 > Skins & Templates Support (Version 3) > Click on and read the 3 messages at the top of the list. Follow the links. You will see that the questions you asked - and many others - are covered there. Also, take a look at the free Flash Tutorials that walk you through the most common store management tasks. You find those by clicking on the word Support at the top of this screen and a bit to the right on almost every page of these forums. Finally, do a keyword Search (also above, in the blue row almost directly below the word Support on almost every page). You will find that your questions have been asked and answered every few days for the past couple of years. If those links don't provide the help you need, or if your encounter a problem implementing any of those instructions, ask in the appropriate forum and you will find an amazing amount of free and generous help.
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