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  1. Only if you stay with that host. What's stopping you from moving?
  2. nice clean design. clever use of page background. Something I might consider, were it mine, would be to move one of the long boxes in the right side column over to the left column and move all the boxes from the left column, except "shop by category," over to the right column. More balanced that way. Also I'd reduce your banner (the height of space between the top of the store and the the top line of the boxes) to something like 60 / 80 pixels high. If the structure of CC allowed you to have a big banner on the home page and then a much smaller banner on all other pages, I don't think my suggestion would be needed. But to put a huge banner on *every* page literally shouts a level of insecurity and inexperience as a merchant. The products are more important than your name. Even a major retailer like Amazon.com or Overstock.com, JR.com, etc. - who have every right to boast of their success and fame - knows that customers are more impressed by products and prices than by the store name. Visit them and see how shyly they display their name and instead use the space to engage the visitor. Good luck!
  3. Have you contacted your hosting supplier's Tech Support and asked that they install Zend? Most hosting companies of any worth have it available. If not, that raises the question of how else are they cutting corners to reach a low price?
  4. I doubt that trying it would blow up your computer. Why not try it and let us know if it works?
  5. wasn't the first time; won't be the last. ;)
  6. I know you understand I was speaking for those many people who don't have anything faster than a 56k connection. Here's why others think a page download time (especially the first page) of under 10 seconds over a 56k dialup is important. Upfront - I do not agree with everything each of these sites say, but as regards the importance of download time, I agree without qualification. I'm being cute in the choice of that word for reasons explained in another Show Off thread - it does not mean I am not qualified - it means I agree without any mental reservation - and no offense should be taken by anyone of native origins in the Western Hemisphere over my use of "reservation" but I will admit that a recent fiasco with a certain airline still has me POed - these are just more examples showing that words take meaning from context. And if you read the entire above paragraph, you experienced the same impatience with my irrelevant discursions as a visitor to a web site that causes delay in downloading while a clever graphic designs shows off his own special skills. I started out promising access to specific information but in order to show off how clever I am in manipulating code (in this case the code called "English") you were forced to wait more than 10 seconds for me to get to the promised references, which now follow. http://webword.com/weblog/002184.html http://www.nacse.org/home/usability/usabil...age_design.html http://www.paulgraham.com/mistakes.html http://www.webmasterworld.com/accessibilit...ity/3472772.htm There are many more, but let's face it, who has the time to download them? ;)
  7. I gave up after 15 seconds (DSL) of waiting for a flash load - and after seeing the requirement for left to right scroll. More than half the world is on a slow connection and a significant percentage of non-tech users have CRTs set for 800 by 600 pixels. Then there are those who don't have the Flash plugin. It adds up to a rejected customer base of some value. "Kew-el" does not always translate to "cool cash." Usually I just ignore these things but this is the second time today I've taken the bait. I know it's a losing fight. Why should I care when no one else seems to? I'm not saying that I am wrong because I'm a lone voice on these issues? I know that what I'm saying is true. From now on, I'm just gonna shut up and just watch the consequences (meaning will those sites be there a year from now?)
  8. I have found an even better solution! First of all, I installed CubeCheck. Nice looking program, but with two fatal problemos. 1) I could not get it to work. I installed it, followed the minimal configuration advice and I started CC using the CubeCheck tool. But new test orders never triggered the popup. 2) the developer never responded to (or even acknowledged) two emails, maybe a week ago, regarding the first item. But, while hanging around waiting for the response that never came, a much simpler and even more useful solution presented itself. The explanation below may be wordy but implementation it is so simple it's amazing that no one has mentioned it here in these forums until now. (I am not amazed that *I* did not mention it before now because it is simple and elegant, characteristics of a level of intelligence I lack.) I installed the open source version of Eudora7 (www.eudora.com), an excellent email program. One of Eudora's most appealing features is that when a new email arrives it filters the mail into mailbox and pops up a full screen display of Eudora even if it has been minimized. It also pops open a full sized window for the previously closed mail box that has just received an email, displaying a list of that mailbox's unread messages in chronological order in the upper half of the screen And (important step) the full text of the most recent unread message in the lower part of the screen. Also, unread messages are flagged with a bright dot until the operator clicks on the flag to mark them as read. in simple terms, a new order replaces whatever is on the computer screen with an unmistakeable, un-avoidable copy of the new order and keeps in in your face until it is acknowledged. Eudora also can be configured to force a separate popup notice on the screen and the option to a make a sound that you can define from a wave file of other. In this case, I configured Eudora to check for new email at a frequency appropriate to the need. Given that these are lunch and dinner delivery orders, we are checking every 2 minutes. (Some servers will balk at 1 minute mail checks). When a new order comes in, the screen pops up showing it. The operator punches the information into the Point of Sale touch screen and the order is automatically entered and sent to the printer in the kitchen. Then the operator marks the email as "read", closes the message window and minimizes Eudora to the system tray. It is now ready to report the next incoming order. Of course you will need to configure CubeCart to send email notices of new orders to a dedicated email address such as "[email protected]" I am now trying to figure out how to make Eudora send any incoming order to a printer in the kitchen. Doing that would solve the problem I have raised elsewhere in these forums of the need to bridge the gap between CC and the great variety of POS systems out there. This is a solution not to be underestimated in its potential. There are MILLIONS of restaurants that could use this.
  9. I had a similar problem maybe two years ago. Couldn't save Site Doc edits in FF. As I recall, upgrading both FF and CC to the current versions fixed it. Have you tried that?
  10. I have a restaurant web site. Their customers place delivery and take out orders online, paid by PayPal. The orders arrive om a laptop at the cashier's station via email that sets off a small ding-dong, audible only right there. It's a busy place with staff and managers back and forth all the time. At times the cashier has to leave the station to greet arrivals, etc. So it's possible to miss an incoming order. Now that the site has been active and advertised in local venues for the past few months, volume is picking up. Therefore, last week, two incoming pickup orders were un-noticed until the hungry customer showed up. Yes, I know CC4 has a FireFox alert that may mitigate the problem. But even then, I need something more positive. The ideal situation would be if the order would be fed to the Point Of Sale system that automatically prints out the order on the printer in the kitchen. But no one has offered to write such a mod, even though evryone I spoken to (including Brooky) agree that this would open a huge market for CC. So, until that happens, I need an alternative. Maybe a way to turn on a small light at the cashier station. Or a more audible alarm. Something that will not be overlooked. Ideas, please?
  11. As I said, I have about many hours invested in the skin. I suspect that the language of those upgrade instructions has brought grief on many an un-suspecting skinner. Yes, I know the file starts with a strong warning to back up everything. The instructions should at least make the point clear that overwriting the skins folder is to be avoided. But thanks for helping me understand that my relentlessly literally-minded approach is not at fault.
  12. What obvious thing am I not getting here? I wish to upgrade from3.0.16 to 3.0.17. At one point, the upgrade instructions say: So I am going to overwrite the entire set of skin folders in which I have invested 20 or more hours customizing the style sheets and templates? Hello? Why would I do that to myself? But the fact that the above quoted text so plainly implies that this apparently suicidal move is not what it appears to be, suggests that I am missing some oh-so-very-simple thing. What is that thing?
  13. See what my son Peter Harkins, a programmer for The Washington Post posted in his blog the other day . . . The Moby Quotient
  14. The Planet is one of the largest server farms anywhere. They host and manage the servers for major marketers such as Hostgator and the like. The servers on which I sell shared space are there too. They are a reputable company and I am sure they would want to know about the activity you are reporting.
  15. You've gone into the ACP and made the appropriate entries on the General Settings page for "Latest Products" and "Number of Popular Items" and so forth? And you have turned off "Show Stock"?
  16. Do not be embarrassed to ask. No one here will make you feel bad for asking sincere questions. The only time you will sense impatience is if the issue has been dealt with repeatedly. But you can prevent any problem like that by doing a search of the forums. Also, many common problems are beautifully explianed in the free videos that you will find on the Support page above. Now, back ups. As I said, there are two, both important. Both are accessible though cPanel, a set of web site managment tools that most good hosting companies provide. These comments assume you have cPanel and further assume that the package includes the mentioned tools. You should get a confirmation IN WRITING from your tech support that the downloaded backups include BOTH the site files AND the database. Open cPanel. Look for the icon "backups" Choose weekly, daily or monthly (hint - you probably just need a monthly at this point. Only a highly active site with many changes, would need more frequent backups.) If you choose one of those three, a window will pop up telling you that a download of that is about to start. Don't be intimidated by the file extension tar.gz. You will only need to deal with that if your CC upgrade screws up and the backup must be used. Also, you may choose, from the backup page, to make s A single one-time Full Backup Directory backup MySql backup (that's your database) etc. Hope that helps.
  17. You definitely should upgrade to the most recent version. I understand your fear of screwing up. Before you attempt an upgrade, make two essential backups: (1) the database (which is where your products, prices, etc. are stored) - you should be able to do this easily if your host provides cPanel or phpmyadmin. (2) all the files from the store. Download both backups to a safe place on your computer. When you are doing an upgrade, there are two files and and one folder that you should either avoid overwriting, or at least be ready to restore from the above download. config.php global.php (I'm too over-scheduled today to look up the correct names and path. Maybe someone will confirm or correct me, please?) and the folder for whichever skin you are using. With those backups availabl;e, there is little to go wrong that cannot be corrected.
  18. While you are there, and if you are as picky as I about punctuation, grammar, syntax and style in manuals and instructions, you may want to correct the dozens of errors and poor choices. Here are a few examples: MISSING COMMAS There is a general lack of commas after phrases, often causing the need to re-read a sentence until its intent is clear. For example: WRONG: On saving changes take place immediately CORRECT: On saving, changes take place immediately That kind of error is common because not enough people have read the hilarious book, "Eats Shoots and Leaves" or were playing Pong under the desk when commas were taught that day back in grade school. INVERTED WORD ORDER WRONG: 'categories_desc' => "Below is a list of all the Categories in the database.", CORRECT: 'categories_desc' => "A list of all the Categories in the database is below.", MISPLACED MODIFIERS: WRONG: 'pass_warn' => "(Only enter a password if you want to change the current one.)", CORRECT: 'pass_warn' => "(Enter a password only if you want to change the current one.)", TERMINOLOGY WRONG: 'county' => "County/State:", CORRECT: 'county' => "State:", US carriers don't use "county" in delivery addresses WRONG: 'postcode' => "Postcode:", CORRECT" 'postcode' => "Zip:", TYPOS WRONG: 'click_source' => "You can click the source button above an paste in a html document you have already made.", CORRECT: 'click_source' => "You can click the source button above and paste in a html document you have already made.", better would be: "You can click the source button above and insert HTML code created in another editor.", SUBJECT / VERB AGREEMENT: WRONG: 'no_assigned_opts' => "No option have been assigned to any products.", CORRECT: 'no_assigned_opts' => "No options have been assigned to any products.", (even better would be: 'no_assigned_opts' => "Options were not assigned to any products.",) I could go on for dozens of entries but ohh, the humanity.
  19. http://hostingpryde.x10hosting.com Can Someone help me out? Thank You. My first guess is that the error mg is correctly reporting. When your initial installation was completed on the first server, the folder /install had to be deleted before the store would open. Therefore, it would not have been part of the download package. To check out my theory, simply download a fresh copy of the CC software, unzip and upload the entire folder named /install. See the video tutorials on how to do the installation. Good luck.
  20. When all other remedies fail, having lived in Chicago for about 25 years and having operated a few widely active legitimate businesses there, I still know people whose "prod" looks suspiciously like a baseball bat and is applied with a swinging motion, rather than a poke. But there is a Code of Honor even there. As long as the debt or obligation is considered ultimately collectable (with regularly accumulating vigorish, of course) the late-payment notification device is not applied above the hips. Instructing knees is especially convincing. Only when there is no hope for recovery of funds is the debt, and the debtor, liquidated.
  21. There is a huge lack of knowledge about what is copyright, how do you get a copyright and what is protected. Things get complicated when different national laws are involved. But there are few simple verities that may keep you out of trouble. 1) if it is on the Internet, even if it is on multiple web sites, and even without a © notice or other attribution, it is fair to assume it is copyright. Why? Because a common theme in copyright law, specifically in the USA and often in other countries, is that an original creation (picture, text, painting, sculpture, computer code, etc.) is the copyrighted product of its creator FROM THE MOMENT IT IS EXPRESSED. That means no public notice or filing or registration is required to acquire protection under the law. There are however, important issues we'll get to. Key issues: You cannot copy an idea or a concept unless and until it is in some "sensible" form - meaning, a form that can be sensed by sight or sound (and maybe touch). You cannot protect an idea or concept. You cannot protect a list or the contents of a database (ask the phone company about that - they lost a lawsuit on that point dozens of years ago.) If you take photo but keep it in the camera - and someone else comes up with the same idea and publishes it, you are S.O.L. 2) The value of formal registration is that, if your rights are abused, you will be able to do more than just stop someone from publishing or making copies. In the USA, if you register a copy with the US Copyright Office, you then may sue for damages and loss of profits and you may recover from the offender, not just the profits they imporperly earned, but up to three times that as punishment. You may enforce a court order to destroy all copies at the offenders expense AND (perhaps moist important of all) if you have registration, you will have little difficulty finding an eager attorney because if the work is registered, he is guaranteed his fees and costs at the expense of the offender. But without registration, you can only stop abuse. None of the other remedies are available to you. You can register one item - even an entire body of works (such as a web site, a collection of magazine articles, etc.) - on one application for one price. 3) A copyright is like a loaf of infinitely sliceable bread. If you own the copyright you can license (not sell; license) as many possible uses as many times and in as many varieties of ways as the market will bear. For example, you can offer one guy a license to print an image on a tee-shirt - and then license it again to the next tee-shirt guy who will pay - and keep doing that as long as the written copyright license agreement does not offer an exclusive for tee-shirts. You can limit a license by any combination of format, size, quality, regional area, dates, total number allowed, etc. You can charge rates based on whatever you and the licensee agree upon. And of course, you may turn around and license the same image to a postcard publisher, a magazine, etc. While it is best to spell out those licenses in a well written contract, the assumption of law in the US is that unless there is a written contract containing the exact words, "made for hire" or "work made for hire", any license granted without that contract assumes you are licensing only one copy for one purpose, one time. The licensee may not sub-license other people and a licensee acquires no rights beyond that single use EVEN if they paid you to make the item. So, if you are sculptor under commission, you must deliver the copy they paid for, but they cannot make copies or put its image on a tee-shirt. Thus, if you make a web site for someone, even if they pay you up front for it, you the creator still own it and can refuse to allow it to be used again in a way you do not approve. For example, I own a hosting business. When I build a site, I may grant a license to use the site on my server. If the site "owner" wants to move to someone else's server, he needs my permission or he must redesign the site so it doesn't look like what I created. Usually, I would let it go. But if there are moneys owed or some other issues, I have those trump cards in my hand and can negotiate some equity. I can re-license a store's design as often as I wish, without the permission of anyone else- which is what a themes designer is legally doing. Hope that clarifies things . . .
  22. As former US President Lyndon Johnson used to say, in his Texas drawl, when he was asked about his extraordinary skill in convincing legislative opponents to co-operate with his plans, "It's really simple. You just grab 'em by the bawls and their hearts and minds will follow." You are welcome. In our own small way we here are a band of brothers (and sisters, too).
  23. re hotlinking, there is a tool within cPanel for preventing that. I've never used it but if I had issues with hotlinked images, I would take a good look at it. And you are right that it is copyright violation that the DMCA can stop.
  24. Recently, a user in England has contacted me via PM asking for advice in a situation where his web site has been copied and his CC designs offered for sale in violation of his copyright. I wrote him a detailed response. It occurs to me that the information may be of value to other CC developers. I have edited the PM version, removing the name of the specific hosting company involved, to make it more generally applicable. As you read this, keep in mind I am not a lawyer. Because the available remedies are so powerful and can destroy a web site within a few hours, I urge great caution and restraint in its use. Unless you are absolutely certain of your situation and unless the facts support your position, you should not forge ahead. In any event, unless you act under the advice of an attorney, you may be putting yourself at risk. The criminal penalty for a false DMCA complaint is one of perjury under US Federal law; abusers also will expose themselves to some crushing civil penalties that could ruin their lives. First, the background of this specific case . . . The host of the site that uses allegedly stolen copyrighted material responded to the victim's initial email citing the Digital Millennium Act (DMCA) by saying, in effect, "We don't have a DMCA agent and you'll have to get your own before we will honor your complaint." As my PM states, that is a stupid response. Here's what I said . . . That response by the hosting company betrays the fact hat they are not an experienced or professional company. I am especially leery that they do not publish any solid contact information. They are probably operating out of a spare bedroom. Even if they are more substantial than that, I would not give a penny to an Internet supplier who would not be more forthcoming. I did a WhoIs and here's their domain info. You may want the address by the end of this email. QUOTE redacted END QUOTE THE DMCA says, every hosting company based in the USA must have a DMCA agent and must publish that contact information on the web site. Failure to do so is itself a violation of the law. See http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf (foot of page page 11) BTW - there is plenty of language in USA copyright that protects copyright theft victims based in other countries, so you do not need to worry or even explain that you are based in England or any other country. And you certainly do not need your own DMCA agent. Such a thing does not even exist. It is *they* who must either be their own DMCA agent or appoint a third party for that purpose. I own a hosting company and my web site goes further than the law requires by telling people how to file a "conforming notice of violation" that will get action. See: http://buildinghosting.com/legal.htm Further, there is NO allowance in the DMCA for them to delay whilst contacting the offender and asking him to remove the offending material. The DMCA is very explicit and dranconian. When a hosting company receives a conforming notice of a copyright violation they MUST act "expeditiously." (again see that word in the bulleted paragraph immediately before the last one on page 11 of the DMCA official PDF) In the context of law, the word "expeditiously" is a serious legal term. It means that there are no alternatives, no reasons for delay, no excuses. The penalty for failure to remove the offending material "expeditiously" (RIGHT NOW, TODAY, THIS HOUR) is the same as the penalty for the offender himself. In other words, the law is saying, if you do not act, you are an accomplice of the copyright thief. The penalty for each offense is a $250,000 fine and 2 years in US Federal prison. Take note that it says "and," not "or." It is not a civil penalty; it is a criminal penalty. The hosting company that fails to protect the victim's copyright is also equally responsible for the usual civil penalties for infringement. A hosting company can avoid those criminal and civil penalties only by taking advantage of what are commonly called the "Safe Harbor" provisions of the DMCA law. Safe Harbor basically says, "I didn't know this was going on because I can't watch every little thing that someone puts on my server. But as soon as I got a conforming notice, I acted to remove the offending material." In response to that, the law says, "That's OK. You didn't know, you did the best that could be expected of you by acting expeditiously after you got a conforming notice and therefore you can't be penalized." Therefore, any legitimate hosting company that knows what it is doing, will not leave stolen material on their server for any longer than it takes to remove it. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain if they don't. So, were I you, I would use the guidelines on my web site (http://buildinghosting.com/legal.htm) to create a "conforming notice" and send it to them by two methods (1) by email and include in there a prominent notice that the same document is being sent to them via method (2) a registered or certified or courier letter (whatever you call that in England) and DEMAND (no need to be polite) that they expeditiously remove the entire offending web site. In your email, tell them they should read the DMCA law or talk to to their lawyer. Let them know that you know they have no right to consult with the offender, ask his co-operation or delay in any way. Tell them to pay specific attention to the DMCA paragraph 512©(3). EDITED NOTE: That address is not supposed to contain a copyright "c" in a circle. But the forum software insists on interpreting a "c" within brackets as the copyright symbol. The referenced DMCA para is: 512(the letter C)(3). Here is an excellent information resource. www/mcanerin.com/EN/articles/copyright-01.asp www/mcanerin.com/EN/articles/copyright-02.asp www/mcanerin.com/EN/articles/copyright-04.asp Take special note that those pages tell you how you can get the offending site delisted from search engines by sending them the same notice as you send to the host. The above resource even gives you links to official Google and Yahoo forms. That way, you not only kill the web site but, you also will kill any mention of it in search engines. Sort of like the salt that Rome spread over the site of Carthage to make sure it never recovered agriculturally or commercially from the military defeat. Finallly, to more fully understand the Safe Harbor provisions, and to help ypou be a more effective enforcer of your copyrights by invoking the Safe Harbor, there is a good Wiki discussion at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_Copyri..._Limitation_Act I hope all this helps. Best of luck to you and DEATH to copyright thieves!
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