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  1. Session issue, check this post.
  2. Well already found the same. The very quick help to skip any username/pass checking: setup/install.php Comment a line where you find following: Session issue on local install. I have posted this in CC4 Beta forums: classes/session/cc_admin_session.php classes/session/cc_session.php Red marked is a new code, original code is commented out.
  3. Yes it could be the issue. Please do upgrade to the latest 3.0.17 version OR just do apply the fix mentioned above (the same fix in 3.0.17)
  4. @estelle, qwizard welcome sorry, doesnt work. Using WAMP5 (PHP v5.2.2) on WinXP.
  5. Christmas in July? Welcome anyway :D
  6. Layout template? CC4 uses as the same way as CC3 uses for header (header file calls the navigation file) however admin\cc_controller.php manages the footer file. If you would like the OLD admin/index.php CC4 has it as admin\sources\home\index.inc.php
  7. This is known COOKIE domain name parameter issue. The quick solution: classes/session/cc_admin_session.php SEARCH FOR USE THIS CODE Do the same for classess/session/cc_session.php if you would like to login as a customer :(
  8. 3.0.16->3.0.17 changed files only CubeCart_3.0.17changedOnly.zip.zip
  9. Well, there is a way to avoid such behaviour to reduce stock upon ordering. If you Google for bolded text you find an answer to CubeCart related.
  10. includes/boxes/category.inc.php SEARCH FOR REPLACE WITH Note red marked is the trick.
  11. Syntax is correct however all depends to placement in code/template. Template has some subsections they are called in php file once or sveral times. Just post the a piece of code (few lines above ant below to lines above) to see what is this code related to.
  12. Try GOOOGLE for Show-Hide-Order Site Documents anywhere :)
  13. @Mrs. B I have tested your cart and there is a cubecart bug! Please visit this link to see how to resolve it quick & easy. I posted this bug some time ago potterygirl had the same issue she have mentioned me in her post above BTW please do remove customer test test from your site :D
  14. Google for shipping and tax always visible :)
  15. convict


    @Rob SQL error in Language Editor - no versioning issue, one or more unescaped apostrophes in array (single quotation mark) reasons: 1. magic_quotes_gpc is OFF, check your php setting (Server Setting in CC4 ACP) 2. mysQLSafe fn is not involved becasue of serialize php command. Serialize uses apostrophes for own purposes 3. security feature in beta version is off (its code does escape if magic_quotes_gpc is off) Your issue: Warning: require() [function.require]: Unable to access /var/... /language/languageme/config.php in /var/.../language/en/common.inc.php on line 30 etc etc is language selector bug only. @Brivtech magic_quotes_gpc on your server is ON apostrophe is escaped => no lang edit issue however by content reading it doesnt unescape which produce something like this \' \\' \\\\' as i red your bug report on product review. 3.0.13-3.0.15 was bugy if sitedoc content had some ' and magic_quotes_gpc is on. There is NO problem to create new lang folder - new language works without any problem if you use the same folder/file structure without module installer. My point of view about exporter is just edit all parts using lang editor (no original file is affected). Once translated using export with automatic file/folder creation would be cool. ;)
  16. convict


    Built-in lang editor there, cache system involved. Any lang section has own file and track in DB if there are some changes using lang editor. Good start point to make language exporter/builder ;)
  17. Well try to change search criteria, like Hide categories and products best to do it in Google ;)
  18. Link to recognize 3rd Party mods would be cool to unify location regardles to its name. If it helps I agree with Mark too. :wacko:
  19. Please Google for Show-Hide-Order Site Documents anywhere you'll find the answer :)
  20. {CURRENT_DIR} as a header info? The file you have mentioned is the header (as you called) this one: {TXT_CAT_TITLE} {CURRENT_DIR} is the breadcrumb...
  21. convict

    Fatal Error

    You dont find anything wrong in file error message pointed. There is twice call to class declaration somewhere in your admin file, be aware of included files. Suggest you to find in all files login procsess involves.
  22. Line: 7 no background repeat defined Line: 26 wrong URL to image Line: 103 float: center; Such CSS property doesnt exist
  23. There is a mod to retrieve remote image (download and makes thumb) however not in mass but cubecart built-in What about minutes site building based on drop shipper XML feed? About 200 cats, 2500 products and 5000 images download+thumb (300-1500 kB orig image size) takes half an hour :D
  24. Copy&paste code below to a new file with a name delete_orders.php. Upload it to your store root folder and 'RUN' it - just go to your store index page in your fovorite browser and paste the file name delete_orders.php to browser bar and hit ENTER. URL could look like: http://www.your.store.tld/delete_orders.php <?php include_once("includes/global.inc.php"); include_once("classes/db.inc.php"); $db = new db(); $db->misc("TRUNCATE TABLE `".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_order_inv`"); $db->misc("TRUNCATE TABLE `".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_order_sum`"); ?> Done! Once run delete the file from your server imediately!
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