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  1. My store isn't live yet so I guess I'd have to set up an admin pass? Let me know what you need...PM perhaps? Oh, I forgot to mention that I had 'convicts' Advanced Expanding Category Links installed. That all seems to be working fine though (it's just the line spacing that's messed up) and everything's okay when using Firefox. Anyway, over to you - and thanks for the speedy reply! Please open a helpdesk ticket and post the access data to the ticket at our store. You upgraded some template without any modification probably. Thanks
  2. Any ideas???? Never mind its the SEO mod Guess Ill just wait for the next big release of cubecart. Back to version 3.12 it is You overwrote old sessionStart.inc.php with fresh one from 3.0.13 package.
  3. All is well, no issue found. Have a look into home page source code there is: <!-- logo_nl.gif --> if language is Netherland <!-- logo_en.gif --> if language is English You had to make some mistake Just apply the code and upload the right images to the right folder :)
  4. Well live site is live site no argue. Please add the folowing code <!-- logo_{LANG}.gif --> just next to the <td><a href="index.php"><img src="skins/{VAL_SKIN}/styleImages/logo.gif" alt="{META_TITLE}" border="0" align="left" /></a></td> Save, upload. The result will be <td><a href="index.php"><img src="skins/{VAL_SKIN}/styleImages/logo.gif" alt="{META_TITLE}" border="0" align="left" /></a></td><!-- logo_{LANG}.gif --> Dont worry, your site will be OK ;-) Need this to see how is the variable. Try to post part of code snippet from index.php where $body->assign("LANG",$lang_folder); resides ... 2 lines above, two below include.
  5. Guys, have a look at this simple change. The issue is browser dependent i think. I am not able to see offline stores with admin session for some customers - customer is able. Solutiion helped me even in 3.0.12 may be it helps U2.
  6. Can you post a part of the index.tpl where the target banner code resides?
  7. Well wrong location Add it just after $body = new XTemplate ("skins/".$config['skinDir']."/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl"); My original post has been modified.
  8. Well, hope someone find it usefull. Yes it saves time!
  9. You dont have to delete all of other countries. Open includes/content/cart.inc.php SEARCH FOR } elseif($shippingAvailable!==TRUE){ REPLACE WITH // Allow shipping to USA only by convict --> //} elseif($shippingAvailable!==TRUE){ } elseif($shippingAvailable!==TRUE || $ccUserData[0]['country']!="226" || $basket['delInf']['country']!="226"){ // <-- Allow shipping to USA only by convict :huh:
  10. Use ISO code instead of ISO3 => GB
  11. There is a way. Just add the lang abbreviation to the banner name like banner_en.jpg, banner_nl.jpg. Open index.php SEARCH FOR $body = new XTemplate ("skins/".$config['skinDir']."/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl"); ADD BELOW IT $body->assign("LANG",$lang_folder); Open skins/your-skin-name/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl ADD {LANG} to any banner filename you use like banner_{LANG}.jpg .... <img src="path/to/banner_{LANG}.jpg"> If you would like to have it on checkout pages, do the same but for cart.php, skins/your-skin-name/styleTemplates/global/cart.tpl
  12. Do you mean something like this? If so click on Product Options in your CC Admin Control Panel just create option size and another one color Then create option values for any option. As the last step do assing option with any option value to the product.
  13. Well you are right, position: relative is the trick. Hehe there is positon never realised this . Suppused position there LOL This issue were discussed more than year ago: Solution for Latest Products Some advices added later
  14. Try the simple thing in following files: admin/login.php admin/include/auth.inc.php MOVE $sessionDomain = substr($GLOBALS['rootRel'],0, strlen($GLOBALS['rootRel'])-1); BELOW session_name($sessionName); Final result: $sessionDomain = substr($GLOBALS['rootRel'],0, strlen($GLOBALS['rootRel'])-1); if($glob['rootRel']=="/"){ $sessionName = "ccSID"; } else { $sessionName = "ccSID-".md5($glob['rootRel']); } session_name($sessionName); @ini_set("session.cookie_path",$sessionDomain); session_start(); The original code makes strange things on some servers if store is installed in the site root folder - backend session cookie path is generated as /admin instead of / because of session_cookie path is called before session_name and parameter is empty. PHP generates current web folder as session cookie path. It seems to be browser settings dependent issue for some reason too.
  15. As far as I know blackberrybuckets found solution. Do you use GoDaddy too?
  16. It may be. Really dont know code is generated automaticaly or hard coded.
  17. Open skins/LegendFulScr/styleSheets/style.css REMOVE float: left; from li.bullet and you'll be happy. BTW Please rewrite the Shop by category box. Code like this: <tr> <td valign="top"><li class="bullet"></li></td> <td><span class="txtDefault"><span class="txtDefault" style="font-size: 70%;"><a href="index.php?act=viewCat&catId=2" class="txtDefault">Balloons</a></span> </span></td> </tr> looks horrible, sorry :rolly:
  18. Cool idea anyway. However much better to deomstrate form creating is Contact Us page. If I were you i did it as first. Any administration samples are good in section "secure php and sql code" section. :rolly:
  19. CC Admin Control Panel->General Settings->Styles & Misc - Directory Symbol
  20. Correct. The only difference between More & Buy button is the Buy button adds product into basket. Such behaviour is since version 3.0.11. Buy button in CubeCart versions prior to 3.0.11 added product into cart without redirection to the product page - only exception if product has any options, it works like More button (in any Cubecart version too)
  21. convict

    Royal Mail

    This is NOT a bug. Since 3.0.11 Royal Mail shipping calculation doesnt allow free shipping (Dont know for what). If you want to use free shipping do use old version (3.0.10) of Royal Mail shipping module file (calc.php) located in modules/shipping/Royal_Mail Be aware there is a bug in ALL Royal Mail versions. Bug is $i variable in following code: for($i=0; $i<count($shipBands);$i++){ $wheightCost = explode(":",str_replace(" ","",$shipBands[$i])); if($totalWeight<=$wheightCost[0]){ $sum = $wheightCost[1]+$module['zone'.$shipZone.'Handling']; break; } elseif($totalWeight>$wheightCost[0] && $i+1==$noBands){ $overWeight = TRUE; } }$i must be renamed to something else like $j or $k ..... This has been posted as a bug in the past.
  22. Would you like the catalogue funcionality? Visit cubecart.org Free mods and search for catalogue.
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