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  1. skins/{your skin}/styleTemplates/content/gateway.tpl SEARCH FOR <p><img src="skins/{VAL_SKIN}/styleImages/progress.gif" alt="" title="" onload="submitDoc('gateway');" /></p> REPLACE WITH <!--<p><img src="skins/{VAL_SKIN}/styleImages/progress.gif" alt="" title="" onload="submitDoc('gateway');" /></p>--> OR Remove line OR image tag OR onload section.
  2. There is a little modificaton since 3.0.12 in modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/transef.inc.php however 50% sucesfull only. This line: $formAction = $GLOBALS['rootRel']."/modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/orderForm.php"; causes doubled shlash in URL. Have to be: $formAction = $GLOBALS['rootRel']."modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/orderForm.php"; + new line in orderForm.php just below include_once("../../../includes/sessionStart.inc.php"); include_once("../../../includes/sslSwitch.inc.php"); OR use old versions line: 3.0.10 and older uses this: $formAction = $glob['storeURL']."/modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/orderForm.php"; However the first fix is sugested because of clean solution (SSL in use)
  3. Only you need is to use 3rd party mod. Please vist cubecart.org forums and search for flexible taxes. */*
  4. As far as I know aikdo posted the full tutorial how to do in January. However, cannot find the result */*
  5. It works in FireFox but IE (tested on v6). Damned Internet Expolorer and one important setting - Check the page validity by visit. The default setting is Automatic. If you set this to "Every visit" it works. If you disable the automatic redirection to the payment gateway site on the latest page (not shown usualy) it works with default (Automatic) IE setting for page checking. It seems IE has an issue with "onLoad" feature + "Automatic" setting, the page is sent incomplete second and the next time IE window is opened (or seems to be for Protx so). My suggestion is to DISABLE the automatic redirection once gateway is choosen for now.
  6. You have to set the highest weight you are able to deliver with Royal Mail. If the sum of products weight in basket is > highest setting in Royal Mail you get the error message you have mentioned.
  7. If you want to use SSL in CubeCart on some pages preconfigured to be SSL accesible only, you do. You are able to test the proper CubeCart SSL settings without SSL setting "YES" - just use https instead of http in browser bar and browse your store, try to do any order. If CubeCart detects the SSL it uses the CubeCart SSL setting instead of its status. This works with dedicated certificate. It works with shared one too but the same URL convention as dedicated have. (The URL difference is in 's' /http vs https/ only) definitely. However it should work with any SSL I think.
  8. Oh, I have made a mistake with FISRT vs SECOND I edited my post to change first and second in return. Please have a look in CubeCart.org there is a solution I have mentiond. Some modification is required.
  9. Do you need to sort products in category by most sales or category list by most sales? The topic name is about categories and first sentence about products . The second option seems to be more complicated. Never tried. The first option is about appropriate SQL question modification, there must be more CubeCart tables included. I have posted SQL question for popular products box as best sellers replacement in CubeCart.org forum which si very very similar.
  10. This is the main thing I cannot belive in This reminds me of "optimised for 1024x768" :D
  11. The reason for an ugly message could be you use non SSL URL on SSL pages (images most likely).
  12. Thx. Being the n00b that I obviously am, I'm not sure I understand,"Would you like to have top categories always ordered by name?" What I'd like, in the case of my original scenario is to be able to put Corn anywhere I desire, way after I've already put my products in the other Categories without having to redo all of them, each time I want to add a category and its products. This is NOT standard CubeCart feature.
  13. Would you like to have top categories always ordered by name? There is a simple hack: includes/boxes/categories.inc.php SEARCH FOR WHERE cat_father_id = 0 REPLACE WITH WHERE cat_father_id = 0 ORDER BY cat_name ASC
  14. I want the product code to be displayed in the list of products. The verry page I linked here. Some instructions how to do. :dizzy:
  15. includes/content/viewOrder.inc.php SEARCH FOR $view_order->assign("TD_CLASS",""); ADD AFTER IT $view_order->assign("VAL_PRODUCT_ID",$products[$i]['productId']); save, close, upload skins/{your skin}/styleTemplates/content/viewOrder.tpl SEARCH FOR {VAL_PRODUCT} REPLACE WITH <a href="index.php?act=viewProd&amp;productId={VAL_PRODUCT_ID}" class="txtDefault" target="_new">{VAL_PRODUCT}</a> save, close, upload
  16. Any feature for product sales statistics does NOT exist in standard CubeCart version. Please vist CubeCart.org. ;)
  17. You have to remove ({NO_PRODUCTS}) from your skins/{Skin name}/styleTemplates/content/viewCat.tpl file.
  18. If the "main frame" is all between left and right boxes the easiest way is to use Site Documents for.
  19. Well, CubeCart provides three default skins, .colRight is in layout.css only. This class name doesnt exist in Killer skin => two relevant skins. CubeCart latest release --------------------------- Legend: .colRight { position: relative; width: 160px; padding-left: 5px; right: 9px; float: right; } Classic: .colRight { position: relative; width: 160px; padding-left: 5px; right: 0px; float: right; } There is NO 3px, no padding-right. :)
  20. Please vist the cubecart.org there is a mod for. :huh:
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