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  1. Andy, It is difficult to state anything because of PayPal. CubeCart PayPal gateway is technically OK but all depends to the site connection and I have experienced VERY odd behavior testing payments using PayPal regardless to the gateway used and site connection was perfect. Only I can suggest you is to hire an experienced coder to see the exact reason of your problems. Believe me it is not so easy sometimes. I remember cases PayPal IPN history recorded everything is ok even in state I simulated PAGE NOT FOUND in IPN script code. Well direct URL usage showed 404 html status but PayPal history showed code 200 - which is OK!!! Weird?
  2. Please use google to search for "Minimum Order v1.0.1 CC4" you should find what you are after.
  3. Since this is 3rd party made payment gateway best to ask original gateway author OR any other 3rd party supporter to make CubeCart version 4 related one.
  4. Use google to search for "cubecart quick checkout cc4" this feature is already built-in (and much more).
  5. The same request in support area. SEO vs shared SSL is problem because of the same .htaccess and the RewriteBase - the non SSL and SSL web relative paths are different. FULL non SSL URL is the trick for hard coded links at this time.
  6. Well this module does not support FREE shipping. However a simple hack is the trick: modules\shipping\Royal_Mail\calc.php FIND return ($out[0]['value'] > 0) ? $out : false; REPLACE WITH return $out;
  7. If you would like to access admin part using SSL the proper SSL settings (store URL, store relative web path) must be set in admin part. Once SSL settings are entered the check box next to "Use secure login:" on admin login screen appears you have to check before admin credentials entered.
  8. BPM is 3rd party application best to ask author for support :-)
  9. Thats fine Phill anyway thank you. Advertisement like made by me meets this forums Rules. :)
  10. Would you like to have separate Site Docs boxes content automated? Just google for "show hide site documents anywhere" :(
  11. What is the site URL? Seems php version related problem like version 4.x.x in use. Please run compatibility test file compat-test.php.
  12. Please see bug report NOTES made a day after http://bugs.cubecart.com/view.php?id=1226
  13. Hello, This is more like customization request best to ask in http://cubecartforums.org. It is simple tweak to copy & paste one zone appropriate code in admin file changing number to 5 for a new zone.
  14. convict

    Shipping: n/a

    Just sign-up to USPS and use USPS shipping module.
  15. It could be made using standard shipping modules but small tweak is required. BY WEIGHT module could be used for normal delivery £ X.XX express delivery on a next working day basis £ XX.XX0. You need to rename "By Weight (1st Class)" to Normal delivery or so and "By Weight (2nd Class)" to Express Delivery or so. You can do this in admin Languages >> en >> Global Common Phrases. Then just configure BY WEIGHT module defining the Zone 1 countries and (1st class) normal delivery fee as 99999:7.65 and (2nd class) express delivery as 99999:11.70 FREE SHIPPING module is exactly for order value of £ XX.XX excluding VAT and over free of charge, just specify 250 as Minimum subtotal Well don't forget to enable modules :-)
  16. Single quotation mark in product name makes mess please note html entity MUST be there.
  17. Well problem is missing code in admin\sources\products\options.inc.php here onclick="return confirm('<?php echo str_replace("\n", '\n', $lang['admin']['products_remove_opt_prod']); ?>" It should be onclick="return confirm('<?php echo str_replace("\n", '\n', $lang['admin']['products_remove_opt_prod']);?>');" This affects 4.3.4 - 4.3.5
  18. You have to use + or - signs to add/substract option price to/from product base price. If you would like to have firm product price using option price custom coding is required.
  19. Just experienced PayPal doesn't accept 'plain' call back in ipn.php script redirecting to the ssl one. This affected the IPN call which is NEVER completed thus order status remains Pending. FIX: SEARCH FOR $fp = fsockopen ($ipnUrl, 80, $errno, $errstr, 30); REPLACE WITH //$fp = fsockopen ($ipnUrl, 80, $errno, $errstr, 30); $fp = fsockopen ('ssl://www.paypal.com', 443, $errno, $errstr, 30); site PHP should have SSL enabled
  20. If order is Processinf IPN works. Watch the URL once redirected to store there should be very LONG one. If the url ends like confirmed.php please go to your PayPal account >> Profile >> Website Payment Prefferences and make sure Payment Data Transfer is set to YES.
  21. CubeCart 4 code doesn't show ORDER FAILED once IPN call delay but a neutral message like: Thank you, your order has been placed. Payment may or may not have been taken yet. You can check the status of your order via 'Your Account'. You should also receive updates via email.
  22. Fix is easy in /classes/cart/order.php on line 671 FIND fetchDbConf('gift_certs'); REPLACE WITH fetchDbConfig('gift_certs');
  23. Well fix is simple in admin/sources/products/index.inc.php SEARCH FOR $value = explode('{|}', $option) REPLACE WITH $value = explode('|', $option) This returns code back to previous versions one.
  24. Site URL is required to see what is the matter. If you aren't keen to publish it send it via PM to me.
  25. There is a solution to place an order once payment option is selected. Just use google to search for QUICK CHECKOUT CC4.
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