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  1. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...75&nav=0,17
  2. Please re-download package and re-upload files. Package has had broken files inside.
  3. Broken database you should recreate the broken table mentioned by error message.
  4. Definitive answer is: ONE software license is to the ONE CubeCart instance related in generally. In other words every unique store requires OWN software license. However some exceptions included like development/test store DOES NOT require separate license. Anyway it is best to contact our sales department for further clarifications and requests.
  5. This is more like .htaccess content mismatch.
  6. Sorry it can't because there is no track from what category product link was clicked from.
  7. Older versions are available upon request just submit a SALES ticket :(
  8. Well I agree the CONTINUE SHOPPING link on checkout pages and its appropriate code isn't felicitous we are aware of. The next major release doesn't go this way.
  9. This has nothing common to my fix. The problem you described is CubeCart 'feature' it cancel order once customer does not continue to payment because payment select page is the one order is placed and email about sent. Fix mentioned by me solves problem once customer paid for order and visits the cart immediately after. In other words it fixes issue skyman mentioned.
  10. I think the code mentioned by me in the bug report note should help.
  11. convict


    As far as I know this is working since 4.2.3.
  12. Only help is to send an email from the site email address becasue your site does not support OUT OF HOME email address as sender one some hosts are applying this as security measurement.
  13. Just login to admin area you should see the current version on admin home page.
  14. Please ensure this file already exists: /admin/includes/rte/editor/filemanager/browser/default/browser.html seems it does not. If this is not the case please open a SUPPORT ticket clicking GET SUPPORT from your control panel at https://cp.cubecart.com
  15. Try this small hack: File includes/content/tellafriend.inc.php ADD $mail->headers[] = 'Reply-To: '.$_POST['senderEmail']; $mail->headers[] = 'Return-Path: ' . $config['masterEmail']; BEFORE THIS $mail->send(array($_POST['recipEmail']), $config['mailMethod']);
  16. Watch this in includes/global.inc.php file ## Change this if you have changed the admin folder name $glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin'; ## Change this if you have changed the admin file name $glob['adminFile'] = 'admin.php';
  17. Latest file but not latest DB content. Please do upgrade your database running UPGRADE from setup/index.php or revert files back to previous version.
  18. Great contribution but it would be worth to mention what is the CubeCart version because latest (4.3.0) has the double quotes already included. Well line breaks in space as character should be problem, it is worth to report this as a bug in our bug area at http://bugs.cubecart.com, thank you.
  19. You can find it in includes\global folder.
  20. This is version 4.3.0 issue you can find fix here Bug # 1332
  21. Just google for CUBECART ALL PRODUCTS VIEW CC4 :)
  22. You can run the second copy for test/development purposes. If this does not work for you just open a ticket at http://support.cubecart.com
  24. There is NO templating in admin side involved I am sorry. CubeCart 5 admin side should be templated as well ;)
  25. Did you Clear the cache? [admon Rebuild & Recount > Clear Cache UPDATE]
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