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  1. Problem like I am able to use SSL in the shop but not log into the admin - says cannot be found are becasue of version of PHP (i suppose, PHP <4.3.3 ). Main problem are rows in sslSwitch.inc.php $page = $glob['storeURL']."/".str_replace($config['rootRel_SSL'],"",$currentPageDir); $page = $config['storeURL_SSL']."/".str_replace($glob['rootRel'],"",$currentPageDir); Set CC 'enable SSL = NO" and use HTTPS on admin area - problem does NOT exist (if SSL paths are correct in CC General settings), cause rows i have mentioned are unused... ADDED LATER: Hmm, maybe i am not correct exactly (case of PHP version) but in case of installation in root directory, rows above makes stupidities (missing slashes).
  2. Odd file size is ZERO. Search in [skins].....
  3. convict

    SSL secure

    Yes, its easy way to get a http page as GunnarGeir was writing. But web server redirection http-->https for whole store folders must be switched OFF. (Despite the fact that server side SSL can be active).
  4. Did you think, that putting index.php onto IFRAME URL is sufficient? In some cases (like currency, lang) , header of the WHOLE page is changing You have to handle some CubeCarts GET parameters outside of IFRAME and putting them onto IFRAME target URL Look at switch.php. OR change currency <option> value for direct using of index.php with apriopriate GET values in skins/Killer/styleTemplates/boxes/currency.tpl
  5. At first - look at main index.php. All you need is inside..... Main content of home page..... include("includes/content/index.inc.php"); $body->assign("PAGE_CONTENT",$page_content); Mailing list box.... include("includes/boxes/mailList.inc.php"); $body->assign("MAIL_LIST",$box_content); ...etc Search for apropiate tepmlate - its path and name is at the beginning of file... e.g. includes/boxes/mailList.inc.php - its template is skins/[skin name]/styleTemplates/boxes/mailList.tpl. MAIL_LIST is name of template variable for Mailing list - contains all necessary data but NOT any web code. Template (tpl) is responsible for web code, that means, if you want to redesign any section, have to do in template file...
  6. I am admiring whole folks, that doing e-bussiness without basic web-code and web-security knowledges :errm:
  7. Sure, problem is outside of cubecart. I know nothing how the addon/subdomain management was made. Where the shop physically resides on? Both of domains are hosted on the same server? Why did you set newdomain up as a subdomain of olddomain? Some hosting companies provides simple redirection ... e.g. you have one domain and some web files....then you have second domain and only you want, is using two domain names for those only web files - thats your case? huh.... I am NOT a cPanel user :o
  8. Thats up to you. Look at cube/includes/sslSwitch.inc.php especialy rows about // decide if page should be secure or not
  9. SSL - Security Socket Layer - using it, makes comunication between browser (client) and server more secure. Other words - comunication is ciphered. CC has ability to operate with or without it, but main role is on server side.
  10. convict

    SSL secure

    1. Cancel redirection to the https:// 2. Update CC - write right paths to the HTTPS 3. Try to redirect again
  11. Tag <p> makes top margin, but its size is NOT equal (IE vs Firefox) :mellow:
  12. Your page is NOT XHTML 1.0 Transitional Simple solution: Do NOT use any <p> tag inside of any table, where login and search form resides! The first one (<p align="left">) has NO EFFECT, because of default <TD> alignment. The second one <p align="right"> <img border="0" src="http://www.toolboxmusicshop.com/skins/Killer/styleImages/gradright.jpg" height="34"> REPLACE WITH <img border="0" src="http://www.toolboxmusicshop.com/skins/Killer/styleImages/gradright.jpg" height="34" align="right"> PS: I am coder olnly - not designer, but your page is "overcoded" PS2: Remember, IE is silly :o
  13. Sleight is 'hidden' into </***y> tag in global index.tpl file. DONT FORGET TO ADD COPYRIGHT NOTICE!
  14. Yoop, it depends on many oddments - know-how (html, php, css) My favorite html editor is NOTEPAD :mellow:
  15. Uuups, mea culpa Replace txtSession <a class="txtSession" ... in Contet box with bullet. Result: <a class="bullet" href="index.php?act=viewDoc&amp;docId={DATA.doc_id}" class="txtDefault">{DATA.doc_name}</a><br /> Regards
  16. Website / URL Redirection is bad configured.
  17. standing mute - forgotten......
  18. Race-Rims wow, your sql DB engine knows classes? Excelent polybeads If you arent familiar with SQL, do it with CC Admin panel - its safe ;)
  19. convict

    Images ERROR

    Januario, version of PHP and GD? I see this is a Win32 PHP. Errors like Compilation failed: PCRE does not support \L, \l,.....that is due to the windows path. In windows path, slashes are \ and produce this error. Contrary, unix path slashes are / - no problem. PS: Do NOT use Cubecart on Windoze - PHP is not fully compattible for some reasons ;)
  20. Open skins/Legend/styleSheets/style.css Search a.txtviewCart:active 5th line below is background-color: #FF9900; Replace FF9900 with 05549E PS: nice 2 see u again Marcel ;)
  21. You did NOT! Install folder always here. ;)
  22. rjmead just use hosting without any e-comerce. Make your own cubecart, independent, controlled by you ONLY ;)
  23. Hmm store does. ACP - lang file is (was) missing.
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