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  1. I think I know what causes this issue but must be confirmed. It seems some 'security level' setting should be into CubeCart added. :angry:
  2. Please ensure mySQL version is >= 4.1
  3. convict


    It seems there is character set issue please post a bug report. Thank you
  4. What about to upgrade to latest 4.1.1? There are some fixes to checkout applied and the upgrade is recommended. If something does not work for few customers and not replicable to majority an you opened this 'case' here please try to investigate to customers having this issue: browser/operating system type and versions locality, IP addresses and ISP customers are coming from Please send me any result using PM thank you. Well there could be some issue to IP address related because of AOL PM sent.
  5. I missed the CC version? What kind of product in basket? Umm branded IE (AOL) detected This is always a pain supposing only AOL browsers/users do have such issue. Only View Bakset does such mess? @burgensteen could you tell me what is the URL once redirected to a basket page? It should helps us Jon :D
  6. The check box to notify the customer of an order status change does not exist in CubeCart 4 wondering what place did you see it? There is NO feature to send custom text to a customer too. When an order comes in Cube Cart send out an email to notify admin and customer once this is not disabled in General Settings. Email to a customer using order status dropdown box (or by payment check) is sent once order status has beens changed to: Processing Completed Failed Canceled this feature is not adjustable in admin area. Please note this is to the 4.1.1 stated. Your issue seems to be to post server related because of level of filtering/settings / black listed email/IP. This is not a CubeCart issue. *** ADDED Missed post above by writing this post. Make sure customer has an valid email in View Customers area specified.
  7. I think this is very clear: Red marked is a folder where two most important files reside :angry:
  8. I don't know what issue you are searching for because your site is fully compatible with CubeCart 4. CubeCart 4 requires either Zend OR Ioncube loader.
  9. Please note there is no migration but version 3 database upgrade your current data are not removed. There is no BACK STEP to version 3 database make sure you back up your current database before upgrade.
  10. Simple said: it does not matter what one because of amount of code encrypted it has zero effect to comparison results. 99.99999% of store code is NOT encrypted. Anyway majority of users prefer ZEND if available. The biggest reason folks use ioncube is because their provider does not or will not support/install the Zend Optimizer. Zend installation requires root access to the server, ioncube does not. Please visit some Performance tests and results
  11. This issue has nothing common to CubeCart but SMPT server your CubeCart uses. Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8" is the standard one most used is Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
  12. Thanks for this info. I went ahead and made changes to my email templates and now the emails have code breaks in them... I went to look again at the language files and the br's are in all of the files... Do I need to make a change somewhere else? Please help... Please see this thread: http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....32080&st=15
  13. If you don't want to use sale prices at all: Store Config >> General Settings >> Locale Settings >> Sale Mode: set to Sale Mode OFF This removes Sale Items link too.
  14. $basket array does not exist thus empty values. You should use appropriate value from $orderSum: $orderSum['name_d'] $orderSum['companyName_d'] $orderSum['add_1_d'] $orderSum['add_2_d'] $orderSum['town_d'] $orderSum['county_d'] $orderSum['postcode_d'] $orderSum['country_d'] title, first and last name joined to $orderSum['name_d']
  15. convict

    Payflow Pro

    Already built-in just use appropriate Website PayPal PRO from Alternate Checkouts.
  16. 4.1.0 is newer than 4.1.0RC2 RC means Release Candidate of version mentioned before RC. :ninja:
  17. The reason - MCRYPT not supported but code allows to use this payment module by accident The issue - no credit card data recorded thus nothing to show
  18. Your issue is because of this in includes/global.inc.php $glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube'; just replace ioncube with zend
  19. CubeCart_adg_accessories table name does NOT exist in official CubeCart 4 database structure yet => ask mod author about this issue.
  20. A big one. It seems your cart is running on a server with poor resources (weak hardware / too many customers are hosting on etc). Stable one using old software versions could be a big pain sometimes.
  21. The answer is easy - latest version, empty cache. Many people are oblivious of .htaccess update!
  22. Code I posted above DOES NOT remove already created <br /> but prevents to create any new ones. If you would lilke to remove <br /> you can do it: 1) manually 2) using this code replacement instead of one above for temporary Run it - it removes any <br /> then delete red marked. Anyway delete email template lang matter from database is the best because there could exist more mess than expected.
  23. When such issue occurs please delete includes/extra/key.php. If this does not solve your issue please open a CubeCart ticket in helpdesk system and be sure you supply us with the Store URL, Admin Control Panel and FTP login and password information.
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