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  1. This is known bug in 4.1.0RC1 & 4.1.0RC2 FIX: admin/sources/categories/index.inc.php Red marked is a new line required. A small fix is required to the current empty count to add zero to any such category. Once done do use recount tool.
  2. Do you mean prices with and without tax like this one? Please note EU member shop owner have to tax any EU member customer however not any outside one thus this could not be made generally but customized yet becasue of shop owner base. "Kronium.cz shop je modifikovany"
  3. 1st class appears as one shipping drodown option and 2nd class as a second that means customer can select from.
  4. There is a description and an example I am sorry no other documentation. Be aware "By weight" is just another shipping module. If you don't set options for some category shipping per non 'added' category is NULL/ZERO unless a product from "added' category in order.
  5. Everything is correct. Since 4.1RCx the order status changes to "Complete and dispatched" and customer got the download link email.
  6. I mean any category link shows always the same content thus categories are ignored.
  7. Well as I see you don't need any category? If so this is very simple hack you have to modify the SQL query like this one $productListQuery = sprintf("SELECT C.cat_id, C.productId, I.productCode, I.quantity, I.description, I.image, I.price, I.name, I.popularity, I.sale_price, I.stock_level, I.useStockLevel FROM %1\$sCubeCart_cats_idx AS C INNER JOIN %1\$sCubeCart_inventory AS I ON C.productId = I.productId WHERE I.disabled = '0' AND C.cat_id = %2\$s GROUP BY I.productId %3\$s", $glob['dbprefix'], $db->mySQLSafe($_GET['catId']), $orderSort); TO $productListQuery = sprintf("SELECT * FROM %1\$sCubeCart_inventory %2\$s", $glob['dbprefix'], $orderSort); in viewCat.inc.php file. Only you have to manage a link to this file becasue of view category content.
  8. Zend Optimizer error indicating that the version of Zend Optimizer running on your server is old to run Zend-encoded CubeCart files. Please ask your host about OR do upgrade your server to a newer version of Zend Optimizer if you use own server.
  9. CubeCartforums.org is the right area for 3rd Party modifications. It seems you did not search well. If you still are unsure google for "cubecart advanced dhtml category" I am sorry but cubecart support won't help you to solve this it does not cover custom modifications.
  10. Very close mod just google for "Paginate Drop Down with View All CC4"
  11. Please note Office Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm GMT Monday to Friday Thank you
  12. What is the order status once you have got such email? It should be Processing.
  13. Well version 4.1 just published. :)
  14. Well this is known bug solved in next version (4.1). Please open a helpdesk ticket we'll correct your store files.
  15. Please note Per Category and UPS are different shipping modules. Just set product weight to zero if you dont want the UPS module count it.
  16. How about your $glob['rootRel'] $glob['storeURL'] settings? Has $glob['rootRel'] "/" only? The exact store URL is alwasy best. Description and ghost names may confuse sometimes. submitDoc is Javascript function with no relation to this isue but settings.
  17. Please visit cubecarforums.org you'll find what you are after.
  18. convict

    Using Ups

    Built-in UPS does support US UPS only. Please ask UPS-Greece.
  19. Please note confirmation screen has nothing common to order status change! The IPN method means PayPal server will run your IPN URL you specified at PayPal in your profile once payment is successfull. If your site supports CURL and no oder status change were made there are TWO reasons: 1. PayPal never run IPN to your stores. It happens but occasionaly. PayPal changed design and code a bit. OR 2. Your PayPal profile settings are wrong. Pleas check this post dont care it is to CubeCart version 3 related. PayPal profile setting for CC4 are as the same as for CC3. Only exception it works on Premier account too. You may try The PayPal IPN with unix domain socket connection (CC3 style) method posted in cubecartforums.org hovever suppose the same result for you. It seem you use a custom CC3 skin. Please note there is a lot diffrences between CC3 and CC4. Confimration template page has a new section gateways similar to PayPal IPN do use.
  20. It depends to payment gateway(s) you use. The order id to rediredt to right order details page in includes/content/confirmation.inc.php must be known - redirection once payment is succesfull.
  21. This is USPS shipping module related. What USPS setting? This message is to ZERO total weight related mainly however it may produce another setting
  22. This is a very simple script to check your site supports CURL. curl_test.php
  23. Please check Root SECURE Public HTML Folder to store in admin general setting it should be a slash there only.
  24. Remove the last shlash here: $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.x.com/';
  25. Simple solution: - redirection to customer order details page once payment is succesfull (DL links there) - disable download links email 1,2 DONE ;)
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