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  1. Just an update on this . . . I have found where this function is initiated in gateway file transfer.inc.php, with help from Robsta to locate it. Assuming now that that file is not being read due to a problem with the gateway itself, or perhaps a new server security setting. Gateway code is actually obfuscated code.
  2. After years of reliability, the store is now failing to function at checkout for one of my customers who wishes to remain on CC4. At checkout, we're getting this error: I'm checking with the web host, in case some change may have been made there, but in the meantime I was going through the code. It seems repeatVars() is not a native php function, and I don't find it in CC4 includes/functions.inc.php. Does anyone know where this function is coded? Also, any suggestions as to what is causing the fatal error? Following is the block of code where the offending function appears: $transVars = ''; if(strstr($_POST['gateway'], 'PayPal Website Payments Pro')) { $moduleType = 'altCheckout'; $moduleName = 'PayPal_Pro'; } else { $moduleType = 'gateway'; $moduleName = $_POST['gateway']; } $transferPath = 'modules'.CC_DS.$moduleType.CC_DS.$moduleName.CC_DS.'transfer.inc.php'; if (file_exists($transferPath)) { require($transferPath); } else { die('Required path doesn\'t exist!'); } for($i = 0, $maxi = count($order->orderInv); $i < $maxi; ++$i){ $orderInv['productId'] = $order->orderInv[$i]['productId']; $orderInv['name'] = $order->orderInv[$i]['name']; $orderInv['price'] = $order->orderInv[$i]['price']; $orderInv['quantity'] = $order->orderInv[$i]['quantity']; $orderInv['product_options'] = $order->orderInv[$i]['product_options']; $orderInv['productCode'] = $order->orderInv[$i]['productCode']; $transVars .= repeatVars(); } $transVars .= fixedVars(); NOTE: I also posted this question at cubecartforums.org http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=19753&st=0#entry79550
  3. "Now what?" I would suggest speaking with webhost. There is more than one way to write this, and the webhost should know server and apache well, and should not mind helping you with this if they are any good with customer service. I have managed to redirect with .htaccess on many occasions, but am by no means an expert on this. I have used this code as well in htaccess if you want to try it. RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^mydomain.com [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.mydomain.com/$1 [R=301,L] It has to go somewhere after RewriteEngine On and before the FIRST </IfModule>
  4. I have noticed that often the quashing of a thread here is done in what I think is a less than helpful manner from the view of a user seeking help. In particular, people are often simply directed to go to "the third party forum" - which could be meaningless to some users. I would suggest offering a link to that forum when it is appropriate to direct someone there. I could give numerous reasons why this would be preferrable to simply stating something like "go to the third party forum" - but hopefully, numerous reasons will be obvious to anyone who thinks about it.
  5. Check with your AV provider. Check forums and check documentation, and where possible, report the problem as a false positive and let their tech staff sort it out to ascertain if it is indeed a false positive or real cause for concern. IMO alot of the really good antivirus programs are causing more false positives recently. I use ESET, and ESET is giving me loads of grief over obfuscated php files. Since many CubeCart modders obfuscate their php code, and I have to ftp up and down and store many of these obfuscated files locally, I have been having quite a few issues over recent months. It is ridiculous to quarantine any and all files that are obfuscated. A quick look on google search reveals frustrating false positives reported by AVG users for similar things.
  6. Nice. I have opened a ticket with you guys, looking forward to learning more.
  7. Re: The skin upgrade service option, per http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46702-v3v4-to-v5-skin-upgrade-service/ I no longer see this option available in my CP, was there an announcement that this option is no longer available?
  8. Welcome to the forum sudheerphp! I assume your meaning is that you have a website and would like to add CubeCart as a shopping cart, and integrate it seemlessly with the other site. There are several ways to do this, but the most important consideration is to simply skin CubeCart to match the existing website, so you will need to develop a skin for CubeCart. If you are familiar with the Smarty system, this may be pretty straightforward for you. Otherwise, you will want to study the Smarty system; google for this. Once you have skinned CubeCart to suit, you can link to it from the existing website with a shopping link. These articles may help you to get started: https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/46/developer-articles Finally, it will really help your future interactions here if you will take a moment to create a forum signature that details your CubeCart version and other pertinent information about your particular store installation.
  9. General announcement - please do not PM me asking for a copy of CC3 or CC4 files. We are not allowed to distribute the software according to licensing from Devellion, Ltd. The CubeCart powers that be offer a very inexpensive upgrade service to CC5. If you need help maintaining a current legacy CubeCart store, you may find help from me or from other 3rd party providers over at CubeCartForums.org.
  10. Step-by-step - this post may be of use: http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/45231-there-is-more-than-one-way-to-skin/
  11. Override system? Hum, don't know why that would be preferable. Best practice is make a custom skin I think. Why is it preferable to retain the stock skin name, if it has been customized? I can see your point if you are limited to just a few CSS changes to the stock skin, but that is not typical, most folk wish to make more sweeping changes in customization. If skin files have been altered in the upgrade to incorporate new features, etc., you can use a compare program like "BeyondCompare" to incorporate new features into your custom skin by comparing its folder to that of the latest kurouto.
  12. Hi Rob, not meant as advertising but I can see the point, my apologies to the forum. The cool little icons have been removed
  13. Hmm, not many voters to your poll I see. 3 have voted the lowest number, and only I have voted the highest (200,000 +) I have no idea if there are 200,000 + stores using CubeCart out there, but in 2006 there were over a million. CubeCart three had been out awhile, and CubeCart was being offered through Fantastico as an automatically-installed free e-commerce solution. Read this BTW, re: the above link, may I say I am very pleased to see that all Al's announcements remain on record here, even though so many of the old forums have been excised. The announcements make for a continuous history of CubeCart.com!
  14. To Tina Clarke, and others who may be a bit confused about this, what is missing from Brivtech's and Robsta's response is the "how" . . . CC4 includes this SEO, but it must be enabled by you in the admin General Settings screen, at the bottom of that screen. For more information on the admin operations of CC4, check out the tutorials portion of www.cubecartforums.org
  15. Hello generaldogsbody, I might be tempted to experiment with it for you if I knew which skin you are using - as display code between skins could differ. It is really a good idea to make a forum signature that has your setup info, including the skin you are using, so no one has to ask before digging into your question.
  16. :lol: :lol: Dirty Butter, re: spicewest's last comment, several times I had thought about suggesting to you that you change your advice, "Please create a sig with your setup info." because it sounds like just so much mumbo-jumbo to someone who is not bulletin-board, internet-forum savvy. What does "sig" mean to the uninitiated? Your is advice is great, but I'd suggest getting rid of the terse shorthand, and paste in a more meaningful instruction about creating a signature in their profile. Just a thought ;)
  17. Simple answer is that you add an image using the html <img /> tag into the html for your page. Depending on your skin, this will probably be added into the file, skins/(SKIN NAME)/templates/main.php You will need to know the pathname for your image. You use the html <img> tag like this: <img src="web_address/location_of_image.jpg" alt="alternative text in case image doesn't show" /> You can read about how to use it here: http://www.w3schools...ags/tag_img.asp Now, for any more specific help, you will need to provide more specific info. What is the site URL? What skin do you use? What is the image you want to place? Where exactly do you want it to go? If we can see what exactly you are trying to do, we may be able to provide a specific answer.
  18. 1. CubeCart does not "run on a Mac" or on a PC, etc., it is not a desktop program, it is a website. The CubeCart store must be installed on a web server, on the world wide web. Do you have a website hosting account? 2. You can install a CubeCart store to your local desktop/laptop if you have a server software already set up on your desktop/laptop. Developers often run local copies of websites on their personal computers, for development purposes. I think I understand from your question that you are totally unfamiliar with all this? Here is some info for you. 1. You must have a website hosting account for owning a website space on the worldwide web. 2. You must be able to have a database set up at your web server. 3. You must install the CubeCart software onto the web server. Please read the web server requirements at the main cubecart website, and procure appropriate web space. If you are unsure how to create a website or innstall CubeCart, might I suggest you purchase the installation service? Hope this helps.
  19. You should probably be discussing this at www.cubecartforums.org because plugins are not discussed in depth here, I think. Not sure where the line is drawn. Anyway, I don't think I've seen this done yet, as for scrolling sections. But I would suggest you do it with jquery, it is really time to leave the old proprietary marquee tag out of it I think. As to adding "boxes", this is simple html work, For instance, in karouto skin, If you want the box-title and box appearance you can use some code like this in skins/Karouto/templates/main.php: <div id="featured_product"> <h3>ADD YOUR TITLE TEXT HERE</h3> <p>ADD YOUR CONTENT HERE</p> </div> Paste that whole block between {$SHOPPING_CART} and {$RANDOM_PROD}, for instance, in main.php.
  20. 1. Get code from your facebook account 2. Open skins/Kurouto/templates/main.php 3. Paste the facebook code after {$SHOPPING_CART} If you want the box-title and box appearance like Weizhi asked, use some code like this: <div id="featured_product"> <h3>My Facebook title bar</h3> FACEBOOK CODE PASTED HERE </div> Just add your facebook code, and then paste that whole block between {$SHOPPING_CART} and {$RANDOM_PROD} in main.php.
  21. I think that is terrific, I don't care for using such editors myself, just wanted to explain somewhat thoroughly. - best.
  22. Thanks for sharing your experience. IMO, it is always a good idea to control how www is used, I think it is good practice to force the URL in .htaccess whichever way you prefer. The consistency will matter in several cases.
  23. The .sidebar > div > h3 does address color for h3 in sidebar, color is set as white (color: #FFF) Since there seems to be no style to set a color for h3 specifically in stylesheet, the color will be the default text color. You can set a different color for h3 in the stylesheet by doing this: h3 { color: #cacaca; } or, h3 { color: silver; } In both of the above examples, I'm assigning "silver" as the color for h3, you get the idea. Now, this will set h3 color for every instance of h3 across the site, if you want to isolate a particular class of h3 on product page you'll have to do a little more. In Karouto, the product description area has a title using h2: <h2>{$LANG.catalogue.product_info}</h2> Now if I truly understand your question, you are wanting to set a color for h3 within the product description only, is that correct? If so, note also, that styling can be changed in the wysiwyg editor where product description is entered. Be aware of that. The product description is coded into Karouto like this: <div id="product_description"> {$PRODUCT.description} <p><strong>{$LANG.catalogue.product_code}</strong>: {$PRODUCT.product_code}</p> </div> So, to affect any occurrence of h3 only within product description, you can try adding this to the stylesheet: #product_description h3 { color: #700000; } Note that I have written it to use a dark red color, just use your own color in place of #700000 That should work for you, as long as the color is not altered in wysiwyg editor which would override the stylesheet. Let me know if I have misunderstood your intent, hope this helps.
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