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  1. Depends on the skin you are using. If patterned after a stock skin, you should find it set in the skin's stylesheets folder under common.css unless the skin has various color choices, then it may be in common.css or in the skin color stylesheet folder usually in layout.css. If you still have trouble finding it, post a link to an online version of the site and I'll have a look.
  2. Are you comfortable with coding? You possibly could code registration link to open a jquery "pop-up" and explain that registration is by request or by invitation . . . directing them to your contact form.
  3. Check at the third party forum, he may have written a similar mod for CC5, not endorsing any specific mod or mod author, but that is a good place to check for a mod or request one as I am sure you must know.
  4. When you order the SSL certificate, remember to leave off the "www" as you have done for the site, these things must match up.
  5. Since http://mysite.tld does not equal http://www.mysite.tld (www vs. non-www) this empty cart problem always occurs when one or the other is forced by the webstore using SSL (note that when ordering/applying SSL you must choose one or the other - with or without www). So, it is important to redirect via htaccess, to ensure that all your visitors are viewing the store addressed in browser appropriately. This solves most of the mysterious 'empty basket' issues. In versions CC3 and CC4, the store URL was coded into global.inc.php, and it was important that the SSL address matched that setting for "www", I think this has been changed in v5 so that CC code auto-determines the store URL being used and assigns it to a constant. Your solution, I think, is to use a redirect in htaccess file to force browser to use correct URL (with or without www, as the case may be). Check this topic, http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46575-how-to-redirect-com-names/ and the link http://www.htaccessbasics.com/force-www-nonwww-domain/
  6. From January, 2011: http://www.allspammedup.com/2011/01/google-recaptcha-cracked/ Since May of this year, there seems to have been an increase of actual spam attacks breaking recaptcha.
  7. This is a nice tweak, one of you should post it in hacks & tweaks at CCFdotORG CC5 Hacks and Tweaks forum. ;)
  8. Hello Peter, sorry, not enough information to really be of help here. There is no known issue of categories disappearing in CC4 just upon editing the category; I would suggest you re-edit category and make sure it is not set to hidden, also, remove any non-standard text you may have entered.
  9. In that case, in styleTemplates/content/index.tpl, find the section for welcome message, find there a div with class="boxContent" and add inlinline styles afterward like this: <div class="boxContent" style="border: 0;">
  10. In that case, post a link to your site so I can verify what you've done, and we can then help further. The code as you typed it here won't work, so I have no idea what you have at the actual site.
  11. In styleSheets/layout.css look for the .boxContent class, and remove the line that specifies the border. Note, this will remove the border from probably ALL the center column sections of your store, NOT just welcome box. To do that, you would need to specify a new class for that one box. Remove the border as described above and let us know if that was what you are after; if not, we can advise further.
  12. Your problem is probably due to the image path, as well as the html tag which should be <img> not <image>, also "height" is mispelled. Computer can't tell that "heigh" is supposed to mean "height" Many years ago, I wrote the image tag as <image> instead of <img> as a bad, learned habit, and didn't realize it because it worked with early versions of IE and that's all I used back then. Maybe you're in the same boat? <image> has never been an html tag for real, that I know of. Try: <a href=""><img src="images/uploads/abc.jpg" width="115" height="83" alt="" title=""/></a> IOW, use <img> and if it doesn't show, check the path is good.
  13. Yes probably can tell you, if: 1. State the CC version 2. State which skin you are using 3. Best yet, share a link to the site so we can see. The information you request can vary by skin used - especially if you use a custom skin.
  14. I could be terribly wrong, but I have a feeling the problem lies in your edited template file. You really need to check that every closing {/if} has an opening {if} - and "if" they do, look for html errors that may be causing an opening if to be ignored or improperly parsed. And that is only one of several scenarios that could wrong with html side of things . . . You state that the problem persisted when you switched to a stock skin . . . are you absolutely certain this is true? No cache in play back at that time? Also, I assume you have a clean store installation somewhere with NO edits? Does the same stock skin have problems with repeated tests in an unedited store? Also, when you had the problem appearing with a stock unedited skin . . . was this the skin that you based the earlier edits on? Did the problem persist with ALL stock skins? Just feels to me like a problem with your html edits, or perhaps with the particular stock skin you used for editing.
  15. Agreeing this is pretty much standard procedure across the web, though. A registration confirmation email is very useful for many reasons.
  16. Hi Jen, if you still need it, pm your email address
  17. Check this out for making Notepad++ default editor for particular files: http://adamcoster.com/2011/04/09/make-notepad-your-default-editor-windows7/ I also suggest UltraEdit as a good licensed solution for a text editor, very happy with it for many years.
  18. Seems there are issues with padding the field in binary, not supposed to be a problem with varbinary, but somethinmg like that seems to have been causing the prob . . . and for the record, utf8_unicode_ci was default for this database. See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/binary-varbinary.html
  19. I still don't know what's caused the bug, MySQL version perhaps? It seems most stores are free of it, anyway changing the fieldtype to VARCHAR solved the issue, I removed extra spaces and/or characters from end of image names in db and after changing to varchar everything seems to work fine on updating. BTW, when viewing image names in db, while problem was in force, an ellipses appeared after each image name, clicking the field would reveal that the entire allotment of 250 character spaces were filled . . .
  20. Thanks. Try adding this code: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www.directknifesales.* [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ RewriteRule ^(.*) http://www.directknifesales/$1 [L,R] just BETWEEN these lines of code: RewriteRule ^(.*).html?$ index.php?seo_path=$1 [L,QSA] </IfModule>
  21. Welcome to the forums bkessler91! The xtemplate system used by CC3 and CC4 does not allow php in the html templates, so you can't use include() there. What you can do is create a new box template containing html, something like styleTemplates/boxes/logo.tpl and call it with something like {LOGO} in the global templates in place of the php include() method. But as you've probably discovered already, there are only a couple global templates to worry about, so repeating the html in them is not too painful. To go all-out and make a box template for holding the html in one place, you would need to: 1. Create a php file for includes/boxes/logo.inc.php 2. Create a template file for styleTemplates/boxes/logo.tpl 3. Include the new php file and its placeholder "LOGO" in the includes/global/index.inc.php and cart.inc.php files 4. Put the placeholder {LOGO} into the global templates where you want it. As Rob suggested, more info on all this at www.cubecartforums.org
  22. Thanks for the tip, I had the same thought. I really think it is a server setting and in googling I thought I saw a few rumors of probs with images in binary in db. Still no direct db access yet, but I will post here once I'm able to get to that and report how things turn out.
  23. A couple times, since I've been back on the forum, I have desired to click the "Like" button that appears beneath a user's helpful post - but when I try this, the software informs me that I have reached my limit of positive votes today - hmmm, the limit must therefore be zero! :rolly:
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