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  1. joelgcr, please be more specific. I haven't a cluie what you mean. There are many here who struggle with English as second language, so don't be shy, try to explain more about what you want to do. Do you mean, How to insert banners like the ones above latest products at that site? Also, please pay no attention to Robsta, it is perfectly OK to get ideas for your site from an osCommerce site or anny other site for that matter Oh, sorry, Rob. Robsta is a dear friend, and I don't mean you should always ignore him, just this time LOL
  2. LOL, that's the beauty of it. Well, there are many ways to skin a cat. I often add {SKIN} to a template or other unless I am too lazy and hard code something, which is never a good idea in case customer changes the skin folder name. @ misty, this is a vey, very old thread. I came to realize a couple weeks after sunshine wrote it that she was saying that no matter what skin you use, always keep the same skin name, because in her opinion it mattered to SEO indexing. That is not the case. BUT, since this thread seems to often spur discussion about other things, like giving your skins a name of their own before hacking the original code, it's a good thing Several of us have been preaching that from the start, it just makes sense. I have to confess I cringe a little when I see a fully custom skin and find that it is named Classic, Killer or Legend, ROFLMAO. Does "cringing" at something like that make me a geek? :cry:
  3. You can rotate images with javascript or with a php script. Don't give up after failing to integrate the one script. Here is an example of rotating images with java script: http://www.allstarbowling.com/ Look at the sites in Show Off forum, you will see some that use js and some that use php scripts I believe. There is a mod with total CubeCart integration of js slideshow, configurable in Admin Control panel, I know because I wrote it. Also, if you want to hard code some js image script this is not difficult to do and there is a thread here somewhere about it, search for javascript slideshow, or just slideshow, you are bound to be able to find it somehow.
  4. Because, that is the actual product category (master category) The idx (index) is then a cross-index for multiple categories being assigned to a product. The products master category is of course listed there, the the product is assigned to that master category. product added is ASSIGNED to one category, master category. Multiple categories may be ASSIGNED to existing product, this is tracked by the index table
  5. :D Well, this topic never mademuch sense, but alot of the comments did - like that one And that topic (using uri's in other template files besides global) is also a very old one. I know the suggestion was made that CubeCart come stock with those assignments at least as far back as 3.0.4, but it never caught the developer's imagination.
  6. @ Degsey, who knows? You would have to visit every third-party site imaginable to discover what each one is doing. As I wrote above, a lot of assumptions are being made, but it boils down to market demand. Some people can create and install their own logos, and others pay people to do it for them. Depends largely on the labor rate of the person doing the work, I would think. Just stands to reason :P
  7. so there ripping people off. i found one which charged £45 ! LOL, you are making a lot of assumptions there. I have no doubt that there are third-party sources who rip people off, but I also know many who are ethical in my opinion. As to pricing, that is determined usually by the market. Designer labor rates multiplied by the time it takes to procure a customer's logo and edit a skin and connect to their server and upload and install when applicable - well, suffice it to say that if you can do it yourself, you will save money, whereas if you prefer to pay a skilled professional it will cost money. I would really suggest that to discuss third party pricing, ethical issues, etc. you post in a third-party forum rather than the official support forum. The discussion really doesn't belong here, I think, but happy to share my two cents. There is a third-party forum link in my sig
  8. It appears as though your store has been hacked. You may well find an entry in the store's root index.php file that calls for a script by the hacker. What version CubeCart are you running? Bottom line, no one here can answer the question without looking at your site files, unless of course someone else here has experienced the exact same thing (been hacked in exactly the same way) and figured out the cause.
  9. You're experiencing this problem because the Killer skin uses images for the tabs and for the box tops and bottoms, so you will need to open these images with your favorite image editor and make some of the white areas blue to match your background, or make the areas transparent using the .gif or .png imsage format. If you use a .png format, check to be sure IE shows the images properly.
  10. Inspired - I'll assume you are working on a local installation, since you don't provide links to view the site. While your screenshots do show very well what the problem looks like, there is no way for me to view the source code to see if I can spot what is causing it. This could be due to a number of causes. With no more information, all I could suggest would be to check the height of the topHeader division setting - though I doubt that is actually your problem, it is probably something a little more tricksy. Good luck :huh:
  11. Yes. Go ahead and read through the upgrade version files, you will see the info about security holes, security audits and security patches. Basically, if you stick with 3.0.5 you are asking for this type of trouble in my opinion.
  12. Chris if you look just next door in skins and templates forum only eight or ten postts down you see this: Adding PHP to the tpl files
  13. Wow, I thought I was clear . . . YES, your product images are resized to thumbnails, when you add a product or edit one, and you assign an image to the product. When the product is edited or updated, GD is invoked automatically to create thumbnails of your images. The size of the thumbs thus created is set by you in your ACP, under Store Config > General Settings > GD settings In that place you will find a text box where you may enter a number. This number will represent the longest side dimension of your thumbnails (the short side will be calculated in proportion to the original, to prevent distortion). Once a product is added or edited, if it has an image assigned to it, a thumnail of that image is created. The thumbnail is store in images/uploads/thumbs Those thumbnails are then used in product lists, randomProd (featured product) box, and latest products. Changing this setting in ACP does not cause GD to go back and retroactively re-create all the thumbs in the new size. There is a great deal of info about this in many posts. Hope you understand now how this works; GD does not create latest product images on the fly, rather CubeCart uses the thumbs that already reside in images/uploads/thumbs folder.
  14. No, you would need tto modify the file, language/en/lang.inc.php Just use a text editor, then search for the terms you want to change. The text appearing in store would be the part in double quote marks on the right side of the assignment forumulae.
  15. Well, you are missing a lot of details here. You can't expect it to work like this. For one, you do not indiccate which product you are pulling the data for, you are just pulling all data from the table. For another, you are not assigning anything. If you appended the query to the product query properly, you would be able to assign it like this: $view_prod->assign("COLOUR_LIST", $prodArray[0]['Colour_List']); and use it like this, {COLOUR_LIST} You really need to read through the existing CubeCart code again, you are missing most of the pertinent details, the assignments are arrays, first the tag "COLOUR_LIST" then the assignment like 'Colour_List' separated by a comma :sourcerer:
  16. 1. Actually, you can change this in the store general settings without editing files manuall, look under GD settings. 2. Whether you change it there or directly inn a file, it will have no effect on existing thumbnails at your store. It will not automatically affect existingthumbs, what it will do is change the size of any new thumbs that GD creates when you update any product If you do some searching here, you will find other discussion often over the years to help you along. In short, you can go through and edit prods one-by-one to allow the thumbs to be recreated, or you can re-create thumbs in the size you want on your own pc, name them properly, and upload them all at once via ftp. There are a few other variations on how to handle this, too.
  17. PHP code is disallowed in XTemplate files - these are xhtml files with .tpl extensions. One of the beauties of cubeCart programming is the fairly strict separation of PHP and XHTML code. You will never get a php script to work in the template files. Just search a bit, this has been covered before.
  18. It only requires basic knowledge of html and css. Change some widths in css files to 98%, and re-coding global/index.tpl and global/cart.tpl a little bit makes this fairly easy. Just look at how they are coded in the Killer skin compared to Legend. This is also available as a mod already done, to save your time, if you're interested in that, try a google search for full screen stock cubecart skins
  19. I've seen this request before somewhere Had no time to answer. I come here to take a quick break from actual work, but wow so busy with too much work can't always take a moment to answer especially not when there is no good answer. What you are attempting to do is not easily done. The random prods are coded as a box, and therefore assigned to global/index.tpl, not to content/index.tpl, that is why the tag will not work in there. Putting random prod above welcome message, or below latestt prods, is easily done in global/index.tpl but putting it between the two is probematic. That's why you are not getting much respoonse on your posts about this.
  20. That is part of the reason there is a CubeCart 3.0.16 now Go to top of this page, find the downloads button, go there, login and look through all the CubeCart v. 3 files, from 3.0.6 on up. You will find mention of security holes and such that have been fixed as soon as they were discovered. Also, in the zip archives of most all these later versions, there are changelogs whereby you can see the actual areas that have been changed in the code for each version. You *may* find this a near-monumental task, maybe not, but some advice is in order here: Upgrade your store(s) to the latest version. Whatever your hesitance is, overcome it. If the task is beyond you, go to cubecart.org or google the web and find a professional to do it for you. In the end, you will be glad you upgraded, as there have been many security updates since 3.0.5
  21. skins/xxx/styleTemplates/content/login.tpl
  22. Two choices, both involving web searches, 1. study sql syntax to learn how to exclude them as I did the one, 2. look for a mod
  23. This is not yet a "stock" feature in the current version of CubeCart. There is a program written to allow this in Cubecart, it was no free last time I saw it, try searching for cubecart express checkout in google search.
  24. Dear-heart, It appears you have the ftp working now, that's very good, but you have two things wrong. This seems to difficult and complicated I know, but it is only because it is new for you. This is actually quite easy and elementary, you just need a little basic knowledge and some practice. Please pay close atention as this is your answer . . . What's wrong - you have a logo image named topHeader.jpg, but the logo image in Legend is a .gif by default, it is named topHeader.gif. Please, if you you can, save your logo image in the .gif format and name it topHeader.gif (pay attention to upper/lowercase letters here, too. Only the H is uppercase ) What else is wrong - you have put your new logo in the wrong place. I know it seemed right to you - you went to the images folder in the root of your store, but that is NOT where this logo goes. In the root of your store is a folder named images and in it is a folder named logos ( images/logos/ ) but this is NOT where your logo goes. I'm sorry, I know that can be confusing. Instead, you need to use your ftp and navigate not to images folder, but to skins folder, then to Legend, then to styleImages, then to backgrounds (skins/Legend/styleImages/backgrounds/) in there you will see an image named topHeader.gif - you need to drag your new image there to replace it. That is all you need to do. If you do that correctly, the new logo will show automatically. <_<
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