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  2. Viewing products, I clicked on "Manage Images" and added an extra image to the product. But when I go to the product and click the "more images" link, I get a 403 Forbidden - The document you are requesting is forbidden error. The folder that contains the images is set to 777. I tried setting all the images to 777 as well, but still no dice. I can link to this very image, and display it here in the post: So why is it forbidden to the CubeCart window? Any suggestions?
  3. Well brooky, I did get it to work after adding the second shipping option. But as I wrote in my second post above, the shipping hasn't been adding properly, so this is a second problem due to no fault of my own, I think. I noticed over in the "bugs" area that you are looking into that problem - others have been complaining here about it - and I don't want to put my store online until that is figured out. About 3.0.2 - I downloaded the files yesterday, and I noticed that there were instructions for upgrading from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1; also for going from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 - how do I get directly from 3.0.0 to 3.0.2? May seem a bit silly, but I hate to presume anything and mess up my store. ----------- Edit: 3.0.3? hmmm, did you put out a new version since last night? I'll look around for it, something tells me you may have already solved the problem :w00t:
  4. Hi bertie, I've had the same problem, but worked it out. Here's what I learned: 1. Use the two-letter code for countries, capital letters, comma-separated, with no empty spaces, e.g. UK,US, etc. 2. Price per pound, same rule, no spaces . . . 1:1.29,2:2.95, etc. 3. Fill in both options: 1st Class and 2nd Class shipping. I had the same problem until I did all that. Good luck
  5. @ Chell - you have been given good advice. I'll try to make it simple: Go to: Open the file, lang.inc.php with your text editor. "Save As" and give it a name like lang.inc.backup Now, search for this line: $lang['front']['viewCat'] = array( look a few lines below and you will see this: 'price' => "Price", You need to REPLACE: 'price' => "Price", with this: 'price' => "Prices Starting At", Now save the file back in /languages/en/lang.inc.php on your server. Voila! As to your other problem, look for this file: Open that file viewCat.tpl, back it up, than find a line like this: You will need to remove this section from that code: <a href="index.php?act=viewProd&amp;productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self" class="txtButton">{BTN_MORE}</a> And then save and upload the file, your more button will be . . . no "more" heh heh </tr> <!-- END: products --> Just above there will be a very long line of code . . . <input type="hidden" name="quan" value="1" /><a href="javascript:submitDoc('prod{PRODUCT_ID}');" target="_self" class="txtButton">{BTN_BUY}</a><!-- END: buy_btn --> <a href="index.php?act=viewProd&amp;productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self" class="txtButton">{BTN_MORE}</a></form></td>
  6. OK I've been posting in the wrong forum . . . Tho't I had v.2 but it's actually 3.0.0 On the shipping by weight problem, I've found that it would not work without two options - shown as 1st Class and 2nd Class. I only wanted to offer one shipping method by weight, but once I added a second it all worked, so now I'm offering two methods - Priority Mail & Express Mail. The larger problem is that shipping doesn't automatically get entered upon checkout without refreshing the cart before checking out. I'll make any more posts to the problems in the v. 3 forum from now on . . . To see how my cart is working with the shipping, anyone interested can try it out at http://avftexas.com/shopping/
  7. The "Update Cart" button calls up a javascript function - "javascript:submitDoc('cart');" I am not very knowledgeable about even simple coding, so I don't know how, or when would be the best time, to call up that code automatically. Any suggestions? Also, I don't think that work-around is a good solution. There has to be a better way. I have only two options for shipping, "Priority Mail" and "Express Mail." If I only knew how to make the options appear in the form as buttons, instead of a drop down, with the default set as the current value of "Priority Mail" I'd be happy. Even when actually choosing an option from the dropdown for shipping, the cart doesn't always refresh and add the shipping value. It seems the only way to guarantee it gets added is to use the "Update Cart" button, and THIS IS NOT GOOD :no:
  8. Ideally, I need to use shipping by weight. I have attempted to set it up, but cannot make it work. Here's what I've done, and the results (or lack thereof): 1. I added Shipping by Weight parameters. I put "US" as the ISO value for country. I read at the bottom of the page for this module, and the text box where the values are entered says . . . so I entered the following: First time, I entered them with a space after ea. comma, then I took out all the spaces, same result. When I fill the cart and try to checkout, I get the message, "Sorry - We cannot ship an order of that total weight." When entering the products I assigned weights ranging from 0.5 lb to 2.2 lbs so far. Does anybody have a clue as to why this isn't working? Since I had so much trouble with it, I tried the shipping by category module. I had problems with that one too, as sometimes it worked, sometimes no, and the shipping would appear as a choice in a drop-down - the only choice - but unless you manually selected it, it would not be added to the order. WTF? So after running through the motions several times over this shipping crud, I'm desparate enough to whine in the forum about it. Does anybody have a clue as to where I'm screwing up, or are the program's shipping modules just so bad that making shipping mods and selling them is a lucrative bidness Anyway, I wouldn't mind forking over for a mod that solves all my problems, but what I really want is a ship-by-weight that works. BTW, each time I tried a different shipping module, I disabled all other shipping modules.
  9. Hey, I enjoyed looking over your site, very interesting. The rose avatar is a very sensual symbol, btw, I like it. I agree with most of the advice you're getting here. Also, "Princess of Essences" has very mysterious connotations all on its own - a great name, I'd grab it while it were available. There's nothing wrong with having a separate site with a different name. Put links on every page to link the two sites together; web-crawlers will follow the links and you shouldn't lose much that way. Good luck ;)
  10. All of those sites look pretty good to me - especially the golf site and shutter site.
  11. Wow, thanks for the input, zman. I've been tweaking on it today. Changed the overall background image to a GIF which should make it slightly faster to load (no decompression). I'll take your advice and try to change the fonts for product descriptions. I know of a zman from a woodworking forum - are you a member of any wwing haunts? Thanks to all for looking, my apologies to Twisted for intruding on his original thread. ;)
  12. Thanks for the comment I didn't realize the page background was loading slowly - but I agree, I know I'll have to re-do the header, it's way too busy with all the overlapping elements. I was really excited that I was able to get so far toward the look I'm after in just a couple of hours though, and I'm still excited about this program! The gallery program I mentioned in my post took a few days of head scratching to get the look I wanted, whereas adjusting styles in cubecart is really easy. At first glance, the templates appear as though they too will yield to customization easily. I'm impressed. Again, thanks for your positive feedback. I'll be backtracking and reading a couple more pages of this thread today. You guys prolly won't hear much from me while I'm running searches and playing a little catch-up here. Best of wishes to the community - Mark Gunter
  13. Well, maybe I'll at least get some points for being a "quick study" newbie. I evaluated three carts this morning, installed all three on the server. Decided I'd go with cube cart. So I loaded a few products in, and started messing around with the style sheets I found, and this is how far I've come in the first day: http://avftexas.com/shopping/index.php Do I get a pat on the back? Actually I've never used a shopping cart, this was my first time. I have been coding html for a few years, though, and started just barely flirting with php awhile back (I have a php based photo gallery)> So far, I've found cube cart to be easy to personalize, and I think I'm going to like having it as my first shopping cart. I just popped in to try and find out how to enter information on shipping by weight. I've got no idea of the syntax needed there. Thanks for looking at the unfinished cart; I'm off to find the shipping info :blink:
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