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  1. I had another order with the jibberish, and all of the options when viewed under the Inventory tab were default. He had selected what he wanted, and the payment went through for the correct total, but the options which are all required, show as "Please Select". Nothing needs to be updated but I can remove the print order form setup if that is still causing the problem. He used a credit card.
  2. ROFL, I was still on ver 1.01 of the print order form module. I assumed those would all alert me to updates but I should probably check them all manually now. Hopefully that takes care of it then. Thanks!
  3. I don't know how else to search for this as I don't know why its happening or how to explain it better. I have attached a pic to show what its doing. If I click on the inventory tab for the order, I can read the additional information. It looks like an encryption to me. Any ideas?
  4. I don't know what that means. I was asked what the newest version of MySQL that is compatible with CubeCart is so that someone else can install a newer version on the server for some other software.
  5. What is the newest version of MySQL I can use with 6.2.5.
  6. Thanks, I didn't know there was a tab to add countries.
  7. I cannot add Austria to a Zone under Countries.
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