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  1. I don't know what that means. I was asked what the newest version of MySQL that is compatible with CubeCart is so that someone else can install a newer version on the server for some other software.
  2. What is the newest version of MySQL I can use with 6.2.5.
  3. Thanks, I didn't know there was a tab to add countries.
  4. I cannot add Austria to a Zone under Countries.
  5. Awesome, thanks! I want to point out that trying to do the copy/paste from Chrome browser adds characters and isn't worth the hassle. Use internet explorer to copy the above code.
  6. Still getting the same CSRF issue in 1.0.11 and there is no line 314 or </form> *} so I am not about to start guessing at this. Site is currently unable to process any orders since I tried to delete my free shipping option to get it under 1000 lines and it wasn't enough.
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