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  1. Is there a way to prevent products being visible on the front end without deleting them from the shop? For example if you're adding a number of products in anticipation for a launch, you don't want them visible to the public before the launch. Or if you have run out of stock of that item, you may not want that product to be visible in the shop at all.
  2. Hi. I have a problem where I accidently added a second image to a product. Where do you remove multiple images from products? In the product editor, there is the manage images option, but the only options there is an add button (which resulted in this problem), and a link to the image. There is no remove option. In the product edit page there is a remove image button, but this only removes the primary image. On the menu, there is a manage image option under 'File Manager', however the images have been removed using FTP. That didn't work either. I now have a product with multiple images on the front end, but two are missing. (through testing). Thanks in advance. :P
  3. Hi Sunshine, It would be fantastic if the desciption and keywords could be tailored on a per page basis. The problem with this 'bug' is that far too much content get's output as the meta description on the product page. Search engines will just ignore it. The only fix without a code fix is not to use the built in place holder tag, which I might have to do. You can see this bug in action on any 3.0.5 site that uses the tag mentioned. The page source is not hidden, it's just the effects of a little trick a learnt a while ago. Only works with IE. <META http-equiv=Page-Exit content=blendTrans(Duration=0.06)> Gives the page a transitional effect. A short duration adds a little smoothness to the page change, with the added bonus of right clicking to view the Page Source becoming problematic if you right click during this period (or shortly afterwards in some cases). If you refresh the page, and wait till it's fully loaded, you can then view the source. Or just use Firefox. :D
  4. Update: For this bug to be shown and clearly visible, look at the output of {META_DESC} when you are on the product details pages. Other locations in the cart show the correct output. Bug reported.
  5. Hi, I have in my meta tags {META_DESC} as the description tag... <meta name="description" content="{META_DESC}" /> When the site is run, this tag is not displaying the tags information as shown in "Admin > Store Config > General Settings". It's actually duplicating the content body which is part of the {PAGE_CONTENT} tab. I am using version 3.0.5. Can anyone confirm this to be a bug? I have looked at some other sites of this version, and I see exactly the same issue.
  6. It is the same table as the error indicates (shown at the top of the page), shop_CubeCart_Modules. Thanks for your help and suggestions Sunshine. Much appreciated. :D
  7. Ok. I've gone into my backup and exported the create table script for the module table. Run it to create the 3.0.4 version table. This seems to fix the problem. I'm wondering why/how this table was deleted during the upgrade? As this is the only time it could have been. :D
  8. Thanks for looking sunshine. The login details were for the front end account login, to show you the error. If you require admin login, please let me know. Yes, it was an upgrade from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5. The upgrade completed successfully, but there is now an error when you now proceed from the cart page after the upgrade. I had been testing with the paypal sandbox quite a bit with 3.0.4, so I know the cart worked before the upgrade. I have not added the missing table. I didn't want to start messing with it until I knew a little more about the problem (and advice from you wonderful people ) I have compared the two files mentioned with the 3.0.5 shipped files, they are identical. Maybe I should wait till 3.0.6 and install a clean copy. Thanks.
  9. Certainly... [login details now removed]. Thanks.
  10. I would be happy to... if I knew the extra details which might help? I'm new to CubeCart, so still learning it's quirks and upgrade routines. I have detailed pretty much what I did to upgrade.
  11. Hi Sunshine... thanks. No haven't solved it. The problem occurs when you click on 'continue' after viewing the checkout (post login).
  12. I used mail(), blank host, blank port, authentication yes, blank username and blank password. Try that.
  13. I had that trouble too.... then I realised I set the email server settings wrong in the admin.
  14. This is the demo shop if it helps... www.inspired-solutions.net/shop
  15. You need to set permissions on the home.inc.php file to allow you to change the file (CHMOD 777 for the update will do it) in the admin panel. It can be found here... "/language/en" for the English version.
  16. Hello.... usual story... I followed the instructions .... ummm... sorry. On a more serious note. I was running 3.0.4 on a test server. I decided to upgrade, and followed the upgrade notes. This is my first upgrade of CubeCart. I renamed the 'global.inc.php' so the server file was not overwritten. Then proceeded to upload all the files other than the 'install' directory. Copied the 3.0.4-3.0.5 'upgrade.php' file to the root of the shop, then run it. So far so good, upgrade success. Log into the admin, no problems. On the front end, log in as a customer, added item to cart, ok. Click on go to cart, no probs. Click on 'Continue', bang. The error below appears... MySQL Error Occured 1146: Table 'mydb.shop_CubeCart_Modules' doesn't exist QUERY = SELECT folder FROM shop_CubeCart_Modules WHERE module='shipping' AND status = 1 Did I miss something? Apart from that table, which is not in the database (confirmed through phpmyadmin). I had a search for 'CubeCart_Modules' in the forum, only one post came up, seemingly unrelated. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Edit: Just found a related post here. But no solutions... which fields need to be re-added?
  17. I'm still having this issue. To recap... In the cart prior to PayPal using example figures... Sub: £65.98 VAT: £11.55 Shipping £5.60 Cart Total: 83.13 In PayPal, is ends up as: Amount: £77.53 GBP Postage & Packing: £5.60 GBP VAT: £14.55 GBP (17.500% in United Kingdom) Total Amount: £97.68 GBP VAT is added to the total amount again. I am not sure if it's PayPal not configured correctly, or an error with CubeCart passing on the information incorrectly. Thanks.
  18. I've read with interest the articles relating to setting up PayPal with CC. I have one issue which I haven't so far found a solution. I have followed this thread, but does not seem to have an affect. My problem is this. I have setup CC with Tax class set to the VAT 17.5%, and in the General Settings, 'Include Tax In Prices' set to now. I have set up shipping as 'Royal Mail', with the weight/price from their website (using Kg). PayPal gateway was setup to use the PayPal IPN Sandbox. The problem I have is that in the checkout, VAT is calculated from the cost of the item. Then shipping is added afterwards. Shipping does not include VAT as Royal Mail is not VATable. The checkout then takes the page to PayPal. After logging in, VAT is then charged again on the total sum. I am confused in that I am not sure why PayPal is doing this. Is the incorrect information being passed to PayPal from CC? Have I incorrectly set up CC or the Business PayPal account? Thank you in advance.
  19. Hello. I've installed a clean version of 3.0.4, and started to add a few products to try it out. I seem to have an issue with VAT not being displayed in the cart view. For Tax, it always shows 'n/a'. I have checked that tax is set in the product details, and tried toggling the 'Show tax in prices' to yes and no to see if it has any affect, which it doesn't. What have I missed? there is bound to be something. Also, where can I change the text which appears in the page trail ('location' text) and search ('Search for' text)? Many thanks. Edit: If I create an account, and login, the VAT amount does show. If I have not logged in, it doesn't. Is this right? hmmm. Oh well. Edit: Problem solved, been looking in the language file. Works a treat. Case closed. :D
  20. Update: I changed the mail type from SMTP to mail(), and the error stopped appearing and emails send ok. Strange issue, looking through the forum there are 'similar' references to PHP safe mode, but those references say to try using SMTP, however it was SMTP which had the issue.
  21. I have the same error message for a clean installation... and ideas? The message occurs twice, and when I use SMTP to send an email from the admin pages. This error may also occur when an order is placed (order confirmation email), but the error flashes too fast.
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