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  1. Not really. Only that a compare should show any differences. Make sure the JS file path is correct.
  2. Why don't you compare your templates with a shipped version. You should be able to see what is different.
  3. This is not really a skin enquiry. It's more general support. Moving to general support. The feature you are referring to does not exist in v5, so you would need a plug-in, which may be available through the third-party community at cubecartforums.org. You should enquire over there ;)
  4. Try the third-party site documentation frequently asked questions.
  5. V3 mods and skins will not work with v5. Skins can be customised to do a grid, you just need to edit the category template.
  6. Ensure the 'cache' directory has write permissions, CHMOD 777.
  7. If it's a bug, please submit it to the bug report tool. Thanks.
  8. License issues should be taken up directly with CubeCart official support. There is little we can do about license issue.
  9. If you complete that form with the current database details, the database tables will get wiped. You need to have the current 'includes/global.inc.php' file in place from the original install before 'upgrading' the database so you can use it. You're currently following the new installation path.
  10. Installation notes are in the docs folder with the package. As for setting it up for selling.... it depends on your requirements. Give it a go, one step at a time.
  11. You've not given any details of the actual error that appeared. All I can gather from your text is there was a problem. Not very helpful in trying to find a cause. My only suggestion is that you did not install the new htaccess file, as if this is missing your pages would show a 404 is SEO paths are enabled.
  12. You can now download v5.0.8 for free and try it out.
  13. Obviously any mods you might have installed in your v3 would not have upgraded to v5. They're lost. V5 does not have product option stock levels yet, although it will do soon I'm sure. In the mean time you will need to visit the third-party forum for a solution, or return to your v3 backup.
  14. The place to ask about mods is the third-party forum.
  15. You'll need to visit the third party forum for assistance with non-standard features.
  16. This is a licensing restriction of the free Lite version. You'll need the full version I expect. You should contact Devellion direct.
  17. Yep, the skin design is probably not designed to have an empty column. You'll need to get your skin designer to resolve the problem for you.
  18. V3 is no longer supported in this forum. Sorry guys, closing ticket.
  19. You need to generate the thumbnail images.
  20. This means you are missing the database prefix (dbprefix) in the global.inc.php file.... add 'cube_'.
  21. Yes it's possible to do if you can map corresponding fields.
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