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  1. Does the table 'CubeCart_config' exist?
  2. There isn't a warning shown as far as I know. The additional upgrade information is provided either in the supplied documentation or in the release announcement.
  3. Did you completely clear the store cache as noted (with importance) in the v5.0.5 release.
  4. Of course. The prefix is added to the table names at installation time so you can have tables grouped specific to an application installation. You can leave it blank if your database is currently empty.
  5. Those are all details you would have added when you created your mySQL database in your hosting control panel. Database host is usually 'localhost'.
  6. LOL maybe a cache corruption :)
  7. A very stupid law, and will cause a lot of confusion and distrust of sites that now show a dialog IMHO. A ticket to Devellion directly will be the best course of action.
  8. Yes it does. But not after a period of two weeks from the order. Order emails are sent at the time of the order.
  9. You'll need more than a template. You'll need a system that will send the email. This is not standard in v5, therefore you can request it in the third-party forum.
  10. Goober? it's the invision logo.
  11. Version 3 was free to use. You purchased a copyright removal key which is still usable on v4 and v5. The cost is for the software installation code which was introduced in v4, and the price increased for v5. The cost of going from v4 to v5 was the difference in price between v4 and v5 at the time. There were no upgrade offers for v3 because of this.
  12. That could be your problem then. Third-party services can be sought at cubecartforums.org where we would be happy to help you.
  13. Clear out the 'cache' directory, completely. It does note this on the v5.0.5 release announcement.
  14. We don't know, this is a community forum and we don't work for Devellion. You will need to ask them directly via a sales ticket.
  15. Developing V5. It's not a small job, and fixes inevitably come before features.
  16. V5 has just been released, so there is no talk of v6. All efforts are now going into the development of v5.
  17. Not in the core product. You would need a third-party solution, so visit cubecartforums.org.
  18. Ensure IPN is working in your store. There is docs in the third-party forum to ensure your PayPal is set up correctly.
  19. Robsta

    SEO Mod

    Mods are not supported in this forum. Please post in the third-party forum. Thanks. V4 has search engine friendly paths built in, it just needs enabling in the General Settings.
  20. Features products are a random product from the current category, or the whole store. The catalogue and homepage layout can be changed via the skin template files within the 'skins' directory. Latest products order can be controlled by editing the actual SQL query. Alternatively, visit the third-party forum for some innovative alternatives. There is v4 documentation at cubecartforums.org which details which file controls what in the skin system.
  21. What release version of CubeCart? Compare your files with a clean shipped version. Also you could check the file dates for recent changes.
  22. The .htaccess file should be in the same directory as the CubeCart files.
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