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  1. Facebook like buttons not showing

    i see the script is there <script src="//"></script><fb:like show_faces="true" layout="box_count" href=""></fb:like> strange that it shows with old recaptcha on ! it also does not show in firefox so it is not the browser as it shows with old recaptcha , or is it a google thing ?
  2. Facebook like buttons not showing

    well nobody , gues it is not working in cc maybe 6,2 does it
  3. Facebook like buttons not showing

    Yes recaptcha is working fine since i manually uploaded the files Facebook ... it does not show here unless i use the old recaptcha the fbook like or Fbook review does not work in firefox or chrome do you see a fbook like button here ?, i am sorry even cleaning up browser does not show anything
  4. Facebook like buttons not showing

    did also try it in firefox also tried with rcaptcha switched off but it is not showing .or the fbook review . and it has been showing maybe i need to update something manualy , like the recaptcha ? But with old recaptcha on i see the button and the fbook comment plugin, and the old recaptcha showing shutdown phrase
  5. After some playing around and fortunatly solved the recaptcha issue, there is another point after my recaptcha worked again it did show the facebook like buton on the product pages and the facebook comment , but now it does not show anymore , what has happened that it is not showing anymore ? , we did not change anything Thanks for any help rob
  6. recaptcha issue

    ok will give it a try thanks yes it is working thanks a lot uploaded the files as in the other discussion Grts Rob
  7. recaptcha issue

    thes files are updated but the links are for foundation , Not Kuroto ? Overwrite/add the following files to your current skin: /skins/kurouta/templates/content.recaptcha.head.php is the same /skins/kurouta/templates/content.recaptcha.php is the same /skins/kurouta/templates/main.php not the same as kuroto shoyld i use this file overwrite the main php in kuroto ? as it is different ?
  8. recaptcha issue

    foundation is on and i can send a review without recaptcha , but recapthca v2 is on so no diff with the other skin in chrome but it works in firefox as it should chrome cleared and it works in chrome also (pfff browsers) so i have updatet the skin but there is something wrong with the update ? or ?
  9. recaptcha issue

    it does not work on another skin also. have tried why is not showing recaptcha here ? it is as if there is no recaptcha at all this must be a chrome issue as it is showing the phrase on firefox strange that i can place a review in chrome but not in firefox well can do in firefox also but the phrase is there but no click box but review is sended
  10. recaptcha issue

    this is strange , yes did the skin as usual , and 1 hour ago it did not work the phrase was only there now it shows no recaptcha at all , btw site updated as normal here it looks as if there is no recaptcha
  11. recaptcha issue

    had a look and that is strange no recaptcha yes updatet skin updated recaptcha secrett codes
  12. recaptcha issue

    new recaptcha turned on
  13. recaptcha issue it the recaptcha is switched of now, btw it started all with the latest update