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  1. well it does work , i just can login in admin.php without problems and updated tp 6.1.1, the other link worls also so.... how come ? if it works were is the need for the other admin cripted link
  2. btw the login link is changed , but use login link admin.php works also
  3. yes upgrade went ok, is always, .. i get a blank page(page not available) , then go back try again , get a red banner that used a back button fraud etc , then do the upgrade by clicking the banner on the setup , then it works out ok., so the workflow is not as it should be , maybe a problem here ?
  4. welllll it was very easy , logged out and in again, give the banner a click, it goes away.. but i went to the maintenance page and the button now was changed in upgrade, and that worked, not 100% as it should i think but upgrading then went ok .
  5. yes indeed, have to do it, no time yet..
  6. will try that. do not have cpanel btw
  7. that unfortunatly does not work, same problem
  8. my store upgrade is not working, when i click the upgrade red banner, it goes away, in the admin it says you are using the latest version. 6,1.0 am i doing something wrong. ? btw when loging out and in again the banner is there again same problem
  9. how to set up tax

    yes we are in the Netherlands , and yes we have to display our prices including tax ,ever sale is in europe with dutch tax , outside europe union no tax so his is a bit difficult as the prices then are show in the shop without tax .. and this is not allowed , but it is done by a lot of stores also, so there is no simple solution for this , outside europe customers do not pay tax , so no down calculating tax only up ..the plugins looks ok price is ok also , lets see,
  10. how to set up tax

    hello everybody How to set up tax for europe and no tax outside europe , my products have standard tax as displayed in the store, but for outside europe customers i would like to have the invoice .. without the sales (vat) tax , i am carefull as i once have screwed it up and had to reprice all goods ... lots of work, but that was cc4 how to proceed ? can not find any hints on this subject Now it is not working have in the tax tab 21% for europe and 0% for outside europe countrys , the products have standard tax and tax included in the price any hints are welcome
  11. ok i thought something was wrong as the previuos version was in colour
  12. all works but the buttons of the ck editor are black and white , is this ment to be ? did clear all but .. also black and white in clear firefox not a big problem but...
  13. Indeed this works , makes me feel like a fool.. Thanks Rob
  14. after upgrading yesterday from cc 6-010 to 6.011 all seems ok , but this morning when i wanetd to edit some products the description page stays blank , fortunatly the storefront has them , but i can not edit the description there is nothing just description and short description in big writing and the save buttons , i had the backup run but no succes what is this ? any help, grr it worked ok so products then the description