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  1. Hello there I need some help here , suddenly my product options box has doubled the product options , in the product section only 1 set of the options is there but the shop displays it twice in the drop down box check it out here http://www.rbckits.com/shop/index.php?_a=v...mp;productId=10 here it is even tripled i really would like to solve this issue thanks in advance
  2. Hello everybody how can i change the cubecart font so that the addresses and names come out as they should be , i know it must be in the forum somewhere but i just can not find it , i want a font that 99% of the customers use now i get address like this : Rua Silvério Raposo, 59-2-Dto and like this : Alcobaça Any help would be appricieated Greets Rob
  3. Now i get this error when i am changing a price Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: thumbnail in /home/rbckits.com/public_html/shop/admin/products/index.php on line 193 Maybe it is the same as the thumbnail problem Anyone has a solution please ? Greets Rob
  4. Is there a solution ? , i would like to upgrade my store Thanks in advance Rob
  5. I have a payment by amount mod installed , works fine in V10, and i do not wan to get rid of it Rob
  6. Same error here Upload Image Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: thumbnail in /admin/filemanager/upload.php on line 120 where is the topic link , can not find it, sorry if i am looking stupid Rob ;)
  7. Hello Guys I have 3.010 and have the same problem , cannot log in anymore , have it reset to the old state and it works again, should we wait for 3.12 ? Greets Rob
  8. Robo

    files in use

    Hello And Thanks for the info i have already moved to version 3.08, but the bad seed was allready on the server So compare with the original shop set up should do it, ok Thanks and greets Rob
  9. hello everybody I have some problems with my shop as it was hacked by some A"holes who use it as a room for their filthy movies, now i am deleting all kind a things , but can someone send me a list what files there should be in the shop , so i can compare and delete the ugly things Thanks in advance Rob
  10. Hello Everybody Same problem happend to me twice, it just did not count right, strangely 1 product same type was 2x in the end order, and total was way too low i am running 3.04 Whaty is the problem ? Greets Rob
  11. Found the problem this morning i had taken away the tax in the control panel, i have put it back in now , but it is still not working,, unless i edit every item and save it again, is there a workaround for this problem ? got lots of items to restore and it would be a great time saver if we just can .... you know Thanks in advance Rob
  12. Hello Everybody This morning the shop worked ok , but now when i put a product in the basket, it shows it in the left corner ok But when checking the basket , it is empty , no picture showing no product no .. This is the shop name you can see for your self www.rbckits.com/shop I really need some help Thanks in advance Rob
  13. Hello Guys Forget all ,got it working now Thanks for the help Greetings Rob
  14. Hello all well it seems that the tmp was not copied to the folder, and i could not get it there also , so i made the tmp folder , and now it works , but next problem: i can only choose 2 local settings uk and usa , but i am in the Netherlands ... and i have searched but could not find an answer. Any help would be great Greets Rob
  15. Hello Everybody Thanks for the quick help, but.. there is no tmp dir or tmp file in the pear dir, it seems that there is missing a file or folder. Greets Rob
  16. Hello everybody i am getting the following problem when installing cc3.04 Step 2 - Check File Permissions Please make sure the following file permissions are set correctly: File / Folder Current Permission Required Permission images/uploads/ 0777 0777 images/uploads/thumbs/ 0777 0777 includes/global.inc.php 0777 0777 pear/tmp/ Warning: fileperms(): Stat failed for ../pear/tmp (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /home/robrbc/domains/rbckits.com/public_html/shop/install/index.php on line 422 0 please help do not know what to do now Thanks in advance Rob
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