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  1. here is a capture of the entry in MySql thanks Pete
  2. Wow that sorted it Setting the Enable to Zero Thanks Pete
  3. i have removed it but the minute i try to login to admin it returns. thanks Pete
  4. I have upgraded to the latest version 6.07 hoping that this would fix the problem. But it has not anyone got and ideas the snippet_a8b9b4f9211d7b723d78d29ad11f5cb5.php is the same thanks Pete
  5. Hi Guys this is line 2 include(CC_ROOT_DIR.'/files/upload.txt')**; thanks Pete
  6. Hi i have no Admin Login can anyone help. I have turned abit on in class.debug.php and got this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '*' in /var/www/vhosts/zedjet.com/httpdocs/includes/extra/snippet_a8b9b4f9211d7b723d78d29ad11f5cb5.php on line 2 How do i fix the problem it was working fine Pete
  7. Hi Guys can anyone tell me how to sort this problem out on an old version of cubecart 5.05 many thanks Pete
  8. It would help if we was told what needed to be set in the php.ini file or the .htaccess file to get cubecart installed. Just to say you need to disable PHP warnings and notices is not good enough. specific settings need to be disabled for CubeCart to work. thanks PDL
  9. All the errors are not fixed with no support from cubecart support on how to fix problems. Paid for install upgrade first it was the server did not have the right PHP. So we have moved the account to a new server with php5.3 and now there is an other problem with cubecart and the version of php. We was told that we needed to put a .htaccess file in the root folder but we dont no what to put in the htaccess file. What are you paying for when you pay for install upgrade to these people. Customer pay for install upgrades so the dont have any of these problems may be thats why install/upgrade services is not offered any more I will not recommend that any one use cubecart as it has so many Bugs that dont get fixed we have upgraded from version 3 to version 5 only because cubecart would not work with paypal express. thanks for the trouble
  10. Hi all does any one have a mod for manual cc processing that does not use Mals-e gateway. If any one can help please Pete
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