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  1. @bsmither Bingo.....! Case solved. Cache cleared and edited file is now visible. Many Thanks..!
  2. I have made some modifications on the box.navigation.php but they are not shown on the live website once uploaded to the server, the template I am using is the foundation, anywhere else I should look for? I did not see a file called "Shop by Category".
  3. I see, great, i will have a play with it .... I must have done that already as I have some custom links already, anyway, on my brief look at the navigation file I could not see it today. I will have a better check and report my findings.
  4. I can't seem to find a a link from the admin panel where to edit the top menu. I haven't done any changes to this website in years and do not remember how to simply add links or edit the top menu bar..? Thanks all
  5. In Your Gmail account, please check if the option "allow less secure apps" is set to "on".
  6. I see, we have recently moved the website to a new hosting, our system was working fine until then. I will consult the hosting guys tomorrow.
  7. I know this is not probably the right place to ask a question like this but after receiving so much good advice I will try anyway and see if someone can shine a light. So here is my problem: I have CCV6 which is able to send system emails to any email accounts such as Gmail but not to the business domain email where is hosted. Is this something that I have missed on the site configuration or I have to point it to the IT management at the Server side? As far as i am concerned I don't see any configuration file that might prevent processing domain emails. As usual Helpers will be greatly appreciated..:)
  8. We are using gmail, changed from SMTP to SMTP with TLS and port 587 but I also have had to do this changes: In the file /classes/mailer.class.php, find near line 39: $this->Port = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'email_smtp_port'); After that line, add the following on a new line: switch($this->Port){case 465:$this->SMTPSecure = 'ssl';break;case 587:$this->SMTPSecure = 'tls';} This fix was sent to me from a colleague and looks like is working as I just received a test email.
  9. Wow...all the blame to my Hosting, I have done the test and here is the result: SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection refused (111) SMTP connect() failed.
  10. Prior to go live with the site we have tested Paypal and despite placing an order and successfully paying with Paypal we are not receiving any admin email to warn us that a payment / order was placed. We are using CC V6 10. the site has three administrators and all three are set to receive system emails. I have tried to see if there is anything related in the forum but could not find any, (except for POF which is not what we are using as a Gateway). Anyone has a clue?
  11. Did not see it......a great candidate for addition on V7
  12. I see....I might need to set all countries to allow then. I have tried to upload on a different directory but did not show either. The file logo.gif is part of the upload when installing the PayPal plugin. I have anyway verified that is there by visiting the URL, (screenshot above), I have also uploaded the logo on a different directory but not luck. I will try to activate all the countries I am interested to sell to and see if it has anything to do with that. [SOLVED] As correctly suggested by @bsmither it was indeed because of the Country was not in the allowed zone. I now have to do the tedious job of manually select all the countries I want to sell to. I wish there was a bulk option rather than an individual selection. Many thanks as usual to all the participants
  13. Yeah, tried both the text or images but none works, (URL tried in both full and relative).
  14. Hi all, I am using Paypal Standard and have selected the option of writing the path to the logo.gif, (/modules/gateway/PayPal/admin/logo.gif), still no logo is displayed. I have read previous posts here (CC V5) that was suggesting to make changes to the file: (classes/sanitize.class.php) on line 30 change, however, as I am running CCV6 the sanitize.class.php is different and could not find that snippet of code to change. Does anyone have a clue why the payment gateway logo doesn't display on checkout or how to fix it on CCV6?
  15. Yeah, I got that bit at the end, did not read properly the post at first glance.
  16. Hi Everyone, I wonder if there is a way for cubecart V6 to display more than one featured products on sidebar. Thank you all
  17. [SOLVED] On content.category.php changed <ul class="medium-block-grid-6 text-center{if $CONFIG.catalogue_expand_tree ==1} show-for-medium-up{else} small-block-grid-3{/if}" data-equalizer> to <ul class="medium-block-grid-3 text-center{if $CONFIG.catalogue_expand_tree ==1} show-for-medium-up{else} small-block-grid-3{/if}" data-equalizer> So basically it will change the columns from 6 to 3 and now the thumbnails can fit properly.
  18. HI all, As of today I am back on seeing the small thumbnails on subcategories page despite making the above changes. I have already: modified the config.xml from the small 105 px to 300px <image reference="subcategory" maximum="300" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> modified the content.category.php and removed the <small>...</small> so that the text appears bigger <img class="th" src="{$subcat.cat_image}" alt="{$subcat.cat_name}"> cleared the CC cache cleared the image cache emptied the browser cache While I can see the subcategories text bigger, the thumbnail max width shown is 150px. So I guess I have to change some other parameters in the php file?
  19. Browser yes / images yes / cc not sure, will check again now update...! Problem solved.....previously missed CC cache. It was good to edit the "content.category.php" as I have also increased the size of the subcategory text. Many thanks..!
  20. I have just increased the size of the subcategories but nothing happens on the live site. I have also cleared the cache but nothing again. I am using cubeCart V6 and Foundation aas template, what could I be missing?
  21. @Al Brookbanks Great, thank you very much, I have read the previous thread and will action accordingly.
  22. Hi Everyone, I have recently got an email from Paypal stating: Note: PayPal will be undertaking testing between 17 June and 29 September to prepare for the full cutover to SHA-256 on 30 September 2016. We strongly recommend that your systems be compatible with SHA-256 by 17 June to avoid service interruptions during this period. And TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade I am not sure if I have to take some actions myself and what that could be or if is a matter for my hosting provider. Anyone can shine some light on this? Thank you very much all.
  23. @bsandall great explanation, I got it now. To be honest, I am fine with both buttons and will leave the PP Pro option Versus the standard as it gives better options to the customers.
  24. @Dirty Butter Ok, just tried and I do have the option of checkout as a "guest", (no PP Account required).
  25. So, if I understand right a customer with no PP account would not be able to pay with CC and checkout successfully unless he creates a PP account...? I thought the customer only had to create an account for the web site but I never thought they had to have a PP. If this is the case I might need to revert with the standard module and if the customer requires a detailed invoice I can provide that using the backend admin.
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