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  1. Found a bug in this. If you got a copy from me, PM me or email me and I will give you the fix. It isn't showing some international counties due to a dumb coding mistake.
  2. Yes, Authorize AIM is doing it to me. Looking for a solution... Anyone figured this out? I have been looking at the scripts and can't quite figure out where the comments are getting lost in the transfer to the Authorize page. If anyone can give me the actual script where the order is written, I will try to track back on it so see where they are lost.
  3. Yes, Authorize AIM is doing it to me. Looking for a solution...
  4. I don't know if this accomplishes what you want, but you can do what I did for a store that had shirts in different colors for each style. I did a "strip" image in Photoshop of each one in each color that I added to the product page below the main image, each color version labeled. I chose one color for the big main image and then had the strip of each one underneath so they could see how it looked in each color. They are smaller images, of course, but it got the point across so when they chose their color, they at least had an idea of what it was going to look like. You can, of course add as many full images as you want to the product page but that can get pretty massive. If you want to have the main picture change with the menu choices, then you would have to get into some significant Javascripting for a client-side feature like that. Just thought I'd put this simple solution out there for consideration as a way to do it without a lot of hassle as it works well for me. Good Luck.
  5. OK, I think I have it. It is a bit involved, but it seems to work. I also have modifications to the files of Express Checkout if you are using that mod in your store. Since it is somewhat of a mod, I don't think I'm allowed to post it here. I will have to clean up my notes and post it as a free mod over on www.cubecart.org. I will do it when I am done handling today's "client emergencies". Check there later today or tomorrow. *****EDIT****** Just noticed that the free mod section of cubecart.org is really messed up. PM or email me through my profile and I can give you the details. ***************
  6. If you are using PHPMyAdmin, you don't need to do all the php stuff to get the MD5 Hash. Just go to the admin_users table and open the user record for editing. Type in the password you want to use in the proper text box and then select MD5 from the "function" pull down menu next to it. PHPMyAdmin will translate the plain text to md5 automatically when you save the changes. You can change a password in seconds this way.
  7. One of my clients is having the same issue with shipping and REALLY wants a drop-down. The problem is that he does international business too, so you need to cover that angle too. I think what I will do is look at making a select query to the counties table in the CC database and have it return the pre-loaded values to the state field. There will have to be a "-- Not Listed --" menu option for those not listed in the database. I will report back if I get anything to work. This should probably also be requested as a feature for the next release of 3.1 (4.0?)
  8. **A CubeCart.org Coder** has an excellent mod for exporting orders in all kinds of ways. I highly recommend it: Edit: Direct links to mods or mod stores are not allowed. Link removed. -- Sir William My apologies. Can I say, "Go to CubeCart.org and you will find some great mods and a particular one that does an exceptional job with Excel export functions from a coder who shall remain nameless"? :D
  9. One client's store is getting 3-5 PHONE CALLS per day about this. I'm getting as many emails from customers of that same store using the "website issues" link. I can't imagine how many people are simply giving up and leaving the site. The store is 3.0.14. I have another customer's store who has the same problem with about the same frequency. That one is 3.0.12. Version 3.0.14 supposedly had a fix to the sessions.inc.php script that stopped some session bug, but it didn't seem to stop this issue. It's a moving target. I used to be able to duplicate it but since I have done the Empty Basket and registration workarounds, I can't get it to misfire on FF 2, IE6 & IE7. Unfortunately, the client who owns the store gets it to happen every time they go to check. They were on IE6 and then upgraded to IE7 and it didn't help. They even dumped the cookies and cache and it still did it to them. I had one customer email me who said if he lowered his settings to low as described in the previous post, it worked. Sorry that's all the info I have from my end. I have been dealing with this problem since mid 2005 and am hoping one of the sharp minds out there can crack this case. Thanks everyone for your generous efforts.
  10. KirkM

    Cart empty

    This has been going on for quite a while with no clear solution and some debate over whether a problem really exists. I have multiple client stores and have gotten complaints about this since the beginning a couple of years ago. It has to do with when shopping as a Guest. Please see these posts for some background on the issue: These first two go together. First this one: http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=23425 Then this one: http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=23649 And most recently: http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=23071 As you can see, things have been a little tense between the afflicted and some of those who haven't seen the issue (yet). I am hoping it is quietly resolved with the release of 3.1. In the mean time, I have a "Cart Problems" document on all stores giving the workarounds that I have found can stop the issue: (1) Delete cookies and empty cache (only works occasionally) (2) Register, log in and start over with your shopping (always works) (3) Go to View Basket and hit the Empty Basket link even if it is already showing empty and then start shopping over again as a Guest. It will then hold the items properly even when the user registers to check out. (almost always works) Hope this is useful to you.
  11. Searched around the forum and didn't see this anywhere. CC 3.0.14 is treating multiple orders of the same product as one. I have a client store where he sells athletic clothing. A customer buys the same item twice because he wants a different color and size for each. Obviously, he can't order a quantity of 2 as he would get 2 of the same size and color. The problem is that when CC goes to total it up, it sees the same product code and only adds one to the total, thinking that it is the same item. I need a fix fast, my client is not happy about giving out free products by accident. Many thanks.
  12. My bad. I should have mentioned, I DID submit a ticket about a year ago and got a "shrugged shoulders" kind of response. THAT is why the appeal is going out to the general user base. I actually just thought it was my problem and posted the workarounds on all my client's stores in a help document and left it at that until I started reading recently about all these others having the same issue. Now that is confusing. Isn't this forum about asking for help from the user base? Did I miss a memo regarding only asking for help on things for which you are sure someone has an answer? Because you don't have an answer means no one else might? It sounds like you are speaking for the entire user base. That is quite a large assumption. I don't see what the problem is with having a topic open where someone might have a solution to an issue the company doesn't wish to deal with at this time. It is beyond me why you are against carrying on a discussion about an unsolved issue because you don't have the issue or the answer. When I can't help on a topic that I read, or haven't experienced it myself, I move on. Hopefully, someone else will have something valuable to offer even though I don't. From my perspective, if it is a problem for so many, no matter what the overall percentage might be (and I suspect your claim that 99% don't have this problem might be an optimistic and unsubstantiated statistic), then it should be considered a legitimate issue. It doesn't appear to be one of the common situations where someone has borked their store by modding or tweaking things. It happens with a clean install from scratch. It is a shame that the reaction can't be constructive instead of so defensive. I love the store overall and realize nothing is perfect and never will be. However, I would much prefer a "We have no clue why this is happening but don't have the resources to chase it because we are up to our necks with 3.1, so please use a workaround." type answer than a complete and defensive denial that it exists. That's all. It just doesn't seem like a Brooky-type of approach from my earlier contacts with him on support issues. I'm sure they are over-worked and overwhelmed but I think that could have been handled better. I will try to keep emotion out of it and resign myself to the fact that it is an issue that I have to live with for now as it is not on the priority list for CC. One last thing this brings to mind, I do wish to thank those in the CC community who selflessly offer their knowledge and time to help others to succeed with their stores. It has been invaluable to me (and I know to countless others) and I am very grateful.
  13. With all due respect, locking that thread isn't going to solve the problem or make it magically go away. And it prevents anyone who may have found a solution from posting it where we would find it. It is NOT because cookies are turned off in the user's browser. In fact, it has NEVER been the case in the many dozens of customer complaints I have had over multiple stores. And it has occurred from the first installation of version 3.0.6. when I switched from OS Commerce. I didn't have it before then, so I don't know if it did it previously. The fact is that it is occurring with many, many stores so there is obviously some issue there. Yes, other stores use cookies but they don't have this problem. Is it possible that it is the WAY CC uses cookies that does this? Please, let's be constructive here and try to figure out what is happening. Pretending it isn't there won't work. Locking a topic that is uncomfortable for you just alienates your customers. Please face this fact: The King really has no clothes! You can tell us the contrary until you are blue in the face, but reality will still be there. I am opening 2 more stores this month, and, unfortunately, will be testing others this time. I would never consider using anything other than CC before that episode with your response and locking of an important thread, but I don't want to invest time and money with a company that reacts with denial and then punitive action towards its customers. I find that very disappointing.
  14. That is a bit disappointing. I'm not sure what exactly you call programming that doesn't work correctly across a broad range of users other than a bug. Other carts don't do this that I have ever heard of. It seems that forcing a new session with a unique ID for any guest visitor would solve it since emptying the basket or logging in fixes it, and I believe all that happens there is the session is either reset or at least the session data is all unset. I just am not good enough with php nor familiar enough with this cart's inner workings to attempt it. I also don't have the time to try to fix something I've paid for (a couple of licenses, in fact) just to get it to work properly. This problem has been out there for well over a year now and seems to just be ignored. Maybe it will be solved in 3.1. That looks to be quite impressive in the improvements mentioned in the blog.
  15. Nice tweak, thanks. I have a lot of x_ info going out to authorize.net from CC, but that is a handy little adjustment as that "order number as description" thing kind of bothered me too.
  16. I don't know about JeffM, but my stores are dedicated IPs with their own SSL certs.
  17. I have a couple of stores doing the same thing. One store is 3.0.12 and the other is 3.0.14. All was fine with the first store for many months and then the overhead on the Cubecart_sessions table started skyrocketing every day and it would lock up. I would use PHPMyAdmin to repair the table and it would work for a day or two and then the same thing. Now it hasn't done it for a couple of weeks but the overhead is still very high and I have to optimize the table often. I opened a new store last week and it is now doing this. The overhead on the sessions table is skyrocketing but the traffic to the store is very light. Could something in the program be causing some sort of loop of activity to this table? I only see overhead build up in MYSQL tables when there is a lot of adding and deleting of data. As I said, the traffic is really light on this store but there are already many thousands of sessions in the table and the overhead builds up even with just a couple of visits to the store. Any clues on this? I have both stores modded a bit, but I don't think that would affect sessions. Thanks.
  18. You're not. All of my CC stores have done it from the beginning. It is really annoying and bad for business. It only occurs if someone is shopping as a guest. The 2 ways to clear it up is for the customer to log in or (register if they haven't yet), or, if they want to continue to shop as a guest, to go view the basket and click the "Empty Basket" link, even if the basket is already empty. Once you have done this, I guess the session gets reset and it all works. Either one of those things will stop it but it really needs to be fixed. Lots of sales are lost because of this issue and my clients aren't happy about it.
  19. KirkM

    PHP 5.2.0

    Would like to upgrade my php version to 5.2.0 and wondered if anybody has done this yet. I don't want all my customers stores to break if there is something in there that CC doesn't play nice with.
  20. OK, I'm an idiot. I forgot to change the array in the language file when I removed a mod I wrote for the store. The array had too many elements and was messing up the confirmation page and the email. I still would like to know about the encapsulation option on authorize, though.
  21. That has been a sore spot from the beginning with CC. I love the cart overall, but you are right on the money with this. It should not log the sale on a CC purchase until the Gateway approves it. However, it SHOULD log the sale if the buyer uses the paper form. It would be pending until the form and payment are received. I am crossing my fingers that they will change this workflow in the cart when 3.1 comes out.
  22. UPDATE on this issue: It must be a Windows / Firefox bug. That is now the only browser / OS that does it. It is working on IE 7 on Windows now. It is also fine on all Mac browsers, including Firefox.
  23. I have 3.0.14 installed and the admin interface is doing something strange. All the nav links are fine and open the correct feature except the orders link. It causes the content area to open the login window. But it only happens in Windows OS. It does it with IE 7 and Firefox 2. On the Mac, it is fine. The URL shows https://www.mysite.com/admin/login.php?goto...rders/index.php It should say: https://www.mysite.com/admin/orders/index.php I can't find anything that would explain this happening only on Windows boxes. Anybody else seen this and have an answer? Thanks.
  24. I've got everything working with AIM, but at the confirmation page, I get this warning: Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /home/virtual/site15/fst/var/www/html/includes/orderSuccess.inc.php on line 78 Anybody know what could be causing this? I have been up and down every script in CC and all the settings in Authorize.net and can't get it to stop this warning. Also, in the Authorize.net interface, you set the delimiter to pipe, but it also asks if you want to set encapsulation characters. I set it to none. The confirmation errors if you set anything there. Is this correct? And one last thing. The emails from the store are pretty bare. They just state the product and amount. Shouldn't it state all the info you relayed to Authorize.net? I suspect I have something a little wrong somewhere but can't find it. I'm using CC 3.0.14 and some mods. Thanks for any help.
  25. I am getting the same message in a store I am setting up. What is really strange is that it is a direct clone of a store I have online that works fine. In fact, it was working a week ago and all of a sudden started with that error. I have tried everything listed in these forums and no luck. Free shipping works and flat rate works but calculates the tax wrong. It is almost as if the ISO tables are bad or something. I ran repair and optimization on them just in case but that didn't work either. I'm on 3.0.12. Any other ideas?
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