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  1. Using the foundation skin, modified of course. Works perfect on the old server which is troubling.
  2. I migrated site from a VPS to a dedicated and all looked good. Found an issue on the new server where users couldn't click on their shopping cart. The responsive menu for mobile also failed to work. Had to revert DNS back to old location for now. Any ideas? Cubecart: 6.0.10 New Server Configs: CENTOS 7.2 x86_64 standard – host WHM 54.0 (build 21) MySQL: 5.6.29 PHP Version 5.5
  3. Cubecart Version 6.0.10 I enabled the Gift Certificate piece and attempted to verify. An email is not sent with the gift certificate. The email stating the order is complete is sent. I was able to retrieve the gift certificate code from the admin page but when I tested the code in the checkout it simply says "Sorry, that voucher does not exist." . Any ideas?
  4. Orders are only supported in the US. I too have personally seen it in my test. I assume it is an Authorize.net issue. It goes away and about 15 minutes later the option to pay by credit card is back.
  5. Running Cubecart 6.0.7 and Authorize.net plugin. Some users are complaining there is no credit card option. I am able to see it though. Any ideas?
  6. Well that is lovely. I have locked down the skin. Any ideas on what section of code to update?
  7. Has anyone noticed that if you add an item to your shopping cart or click on the shopping cart it shows a popup of your basket. This is really a cool feature however what happens if you have 20 different items in there? You have a problem because you can no longer see the buttons at the bottom that says "Secure Checkout" or "View Basket". Any ideas on a fix for this?
  8. Perhaps I am making this too hard. LOL. You don't have to select the card type. I will just add the logo and have someone test with a Discover Card.
  9. Well it was originally setup and I am assuming by default it had Visa and Mastercard. I see no option in Cubecart to add Discover. It isn't that it is failing. It is that the option isn't presented to display or accept it.
  10. Logging into the merchant profile for Authorize.net Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted payment types however Cubecart only offers Visa and Mastercard. Any other ideas?
  11. Awesome. Thank you Bsmither. I will look further into it. I just assumed there was a option to set it in cubecart and Authorize.net back end.
  12. How do I add discover card as a credit card option for Authorize.net gateway?
  13. Even Disabling Expand Categories doesn't fix it. Any ideas? I just changed line 24 to show-for-large-down. Hope that doesn't cause any other problems. Seems to work. From <ul class="medium-block-grid-6 text-center show-for-medium-up" data-equalizer>To <ul class="medium-block-grid-6 text-center show-for-large-down" data-equalizer>
  14. Layout in store settings to expand Category Navigation Tree is Checked. Sub categories show fine on medium and large. Just not small. I grabbed an earlier version of the foundation template before they had updates. I'm thinking this had to be an issue on the older versions of this template. I'll check in the coding a bit later when I get some more time.
  15. Perhaps this is fixed in a newer template but my Foundation template has been edited. Anyone know why the sub categories aren't showing in responsive view? The user clicks on the category and the sub category files aren't there.
  16. Yea mine jumps to the basket on add as well but some of the older generation get confused. I have to find a fix.
  17. Users are complaining they can't find the shopping cart button on the site although it's right in front of them. Does anyone have an idea on how to make that stand out a little more? I tried adding text in front of it <p>Shopping Cart</p> but it entered the mini basket line down.
  18. Hi SemperFi, Yes you replied to my email. Thank you so for being so helpful. I was able to fix my navigation bar the way I wanted. In the past I removed the Categories however the trick is to clear the cache for the changes to take effect. By removing the categories, I will for sure need the vertical navigation module to work in responsive mode. The site I am working on there is about 38 parent categories and several sub categories. If I may put in a request, sub categories aren't required to be displayed in responsive mode mode but needed in regular mode. Also note that when you take the categories away from the Main Navigation bar in the foundation template and add your own custom links, they aren't displayed in the mobile template. I just have a blank bar. Go figure. I may just have to hide this bar in responsive somehow. The links are in the footer anyway.
  19. The problem I am having is I have 38 parent categories with 6 Document pages. I tried lumping these 38 parent categories but 35 of them need to go into 1 category. The drop down menu was so large the users would have to scroll down. The vertical navigation works perfect but the one from Semperfi doesn't have a mobile option. At least not that I can tell. I sent him an email. Will provide an update as soon as I find out. On a second note there is an option to hide the navigation bar in which I could hide the navigation bar so I could input my own custom bar I guess.
  20. I will check out the document manager. I already have the Vertical Navigation Plugin. I need to figure out how to include the vertical navigation plugin on mobile. His instructions show how to include it in your template and how to only display it in mobile. I need it displayed in regular browser and responsive.
  21. How do you remove the Categories from the Navigation Bar? There are so many categories it is too overwhelming so I use a side navigation box. Instead I would like to add Document pages in that area.
  22. Wow! I am shocked but the DIV worked over the span. Now to work on some margins and I should be about done with the template.
  23. Thank you Dirty Butter and BSmither for your assistance.
  24. I just removed the color and it looks just as good. I may stick with that.
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