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  1. Oops, there isn't a colon in the coding.  I mistakenly input that in the post.  

    Here is what I have and it isn't working. 


      <div class="small-12 large-9 columns small-collapse">
                      {include file='templates/box.errors.php'}
                      {include file='templates/box.progress.php'}
                   <span class="content">{$PAGE_CONTENT}</span></div>


    .content {
        background-color: #FFF;

  2. I have already added a body color to the background however I would like the content section to have a white background if possible.   Any ideas? 

    I tried adding a class ":content" to CSS while adding <span class="content">{$PAGE_CONTENT}</span> to main.php under templates but it didn't work.  Also tried applying the class to content.document.php and it too didn't work.  

    Any ideas? 

  3. Any idea on how to fix the gap between the Login / Register when you have a different color background? 

    Each <a href> tag calls class "button white small nopad-sides" but leaves the " / " gap between it with no reference to the same background so as you see in my included image post there is a small difference.  Worse case scenario I could loose the white background behind it.  

       <a href="{$STORE_URL}/login.html" class="button white small nopad-sides">{$LANG.account.login}</a> / <a href="{$STORE_URL}/register.html" class="button white small nopad-sides">{$LANG.account.register}</a>



  4. What a mess.  I was able to edit the body tag in the Foundation CSS to add the header.  This CSS is on steroids.  I didn't like the large search bar so I made it 300 Px and floated it to the right.  That messes a lot of other forms up in the sessions and the newsletter page form at the bottom of the page.  I will have to slowly create their own classes and fix them.  

  5. I use the web developer tools in chrome as well.  It's almost as if there is hidden CSS classes.  I am having a hard time mapping this stuff out.  I have searched all of the CSS documents.  The crazy part is there are 3 DIV segments splitting the header into 3 columns. I'll play more with it.  Hopefully I will have something cool to show off. 

  6. I see no mention of Cubecart on the site.  Am I right at saying that this foundation template system is so adaptable we can simply apply any of the plugins or snipits from this site to the new foundation template? I found the side navigation but it is limited.  It doesn't have the responsive accordion feature in my current design to show the sub categories.  http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/sidenav.html 

  7. I love the demo layout because it has 2 columns and a horizontal menu, but that does limit the amount of parent categories.  The current site I am working on has about 42 parent categories with sub categories to almost all of them.  I also like how products can be displayed on the newer default template.  The user has the option to view products in a single column or multi column and viewing the actual product, there is tabbed browsing.  My old template is compatible but it doesn't have these views added to it which is a reason, I may try to modify the new template to work. 

  8. I am using Cubecart 6.0.2 using an older template and today had a visitor complain that their shopping cart isn't saved.  They added several products to their cart while logged in and checked back a few days later and cart was empty.  I tested with a fake user account and confirmed the cart doesn't save.  Surely cubecart has a feature to save the users cart items if they are logged in.  

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? 

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