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  1. I am using cubecart 3.0.10 with the old school theme. I am also using a manual credit card mod. After I place an order all I receive is, "Thank you, your order was successful! Please visit again soon" There is no, "Continue Shopping" button, "Home Page" button or something that redirects me the the home page. I don't quite understand where I can put this in the conformation page after looking at the coding. Also after the order was placed, I didn't receive a confirmation email (me being the customer, different from the stores email address). Both of these have to be fixed. If you can help, please include a code sample. I am not the best at php yet. Thanks guys.

    website URL: http://www.auntverasattic.com

  2. I figured it out. I have 2 versions of dream weaver on my computer, dreamweaver mx and dreamweaver 8. The mx version was messing me up. I opend it up under version 8 and it fixed the coding error for me. I uploaded it and it works perfect. I just had to put this link in: link /index.php?act=viewCat&catId={DATA.cat_id} and we where good to go.

  3. I am working with cubecart 3.0.10. I am using an Old School theme that I got from cubecart.org. I setup an outside link and a link that directed one of my site docs at the bottom of the page and now my categories don't quite link up correctly.

    website: http://www.auntverasattic.com


    When you click on "Mail Box Decorations" and "Dog Breed Ties" they bodth direct to http://www.auntverasattic.com/index.php?ac...BDATA.cat_id%7D.

    When they should direct to:

    http://www.auntverasattic.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=3 and


    So my categories that I create, don't link to the proper page. Please help! I am not the best with PHP but I understand a little so please include a code sample if you can help figure it out.

    Thanks guys!

  4. I have a customer that has an account with a compnay that will only let him use their website for sales. So we will sell some of his products using cube cart and I would like to see a category that the viewer can click on and it would open up another URL leading to his other website. I am not the best with PHP so if you help, will you please include a code sample.

    If you want to look at what I have. http://www.auntverasattic.com

    I am wanting to redirect the "Candle" Category. It needs to be redirected to http://www.dd.scent-team.com/

    Thanks guys!

  5. Can anybody inform me of the documentation on how to upgrade from 3.0.6 to 3.0.7. The download that I received just gave me the upload files and no documentation.

    My mistake, the Unzipping software I was using errored out and did not unzip all the files therefor leaving me without the upgrade directory. I do have the documentation after all. Thanks for the support anyway as usual.

  6. Under my Cube Cart settings, the Gateway server is pointing to Live, not Sand Box. My customers are getting a little uneasy because they don't like giving their credit card number out again especially over the phone. They tell me that it already processed their CC on the website. Almost 50% cancell their order and won't give it to me. Paypal pro workedbefore for me. It just isn't now. I changed no gateway settings. I need major help. I am losing a lot of money

  7. I am using cubecart 3.0.6 and I have been taking orders but the payment isn't being processed and placed into my paypal account. I tested this after I set it up and did an order myself and it instantly got into my account. Not the same for my customers. The order on their screen seems to go through just fine. Now I am having to call them manually to get their credit card #. They claim that everything seemed to go good on their end. But just not on my end. The only thing different that I have messed with since it worked for me is the shipping. I went from a flat shipping rate to shipping by weight.

    Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong? Please help.

  8. I am using version 3.0.6 and added my SSL security Certificate. It works when I get to my shopping cart so far. I continued on with an order and noticed that paypal express would fail before i could put in my paypal info. So I tried to go back to the admin page to look at my settings, and I get the good old 404 Error page not found. As a fix should I reupload my admin page?.......

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


  9. Under the customer information it asks for the email, Address 1 and 2, City, State, Postal Code, & Country. Country is a drop down menu that gives me 2 choices "United States" and "United States", I only want one of them. Under that it has all of the state abreviations then it asks for the postal code onces more and the country once again with the drop down menue with the same 2 options. Does anyone know how to fix this small error. I am using version 3.0.6.

  10. I am haveing some alignment problems on all of my default templates. I just recently upgraded to 3.0.6 and it fixed all of my problems but left me with this small one. I am using the Legend Template. The tables seem to not be fixed and stretch through the background of the page. Take a look at http://www.kidkraftunlimited.com. Let me know if anyone else is having this problem and if there is a fix for it.


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