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  1. ANyone seen Estelle heard from her? Iver sent here 3 contact forms from her site about an issue with one of her modules and have gotten no response in 3 weeks
  2. Ive put in a ticket nd Bill Wheeler suppsedly had a fix but he ran off before ensuring it actually worked it didnt images are still missing this is a development store for seeing if the upgrade is worth it we havent had any other issues show up yet but this is a deal breaker o way are we going to spend that many hours redoing all the product photos either the upgrade works and the images show up or they dont and if they dont we remain at v4 simple as that
  3. it means you need to pay to upgrade your license key to v5 your v3 or v4 license key wont work its $50 to upgrade the key
  4. I just installed V5.0.4 for a client and ALL of the images are missing they are on the server and the /images/cache is writing the subfolders but not writing the images them selves I tried clearing the image cache from admin but to no avail Install went without a hitch and I havent found any other issues yet but this is truly a big issue is their any help? kinda pointless to have a store with no images
  5. You are quite welcome Eagle glad we could help in any way Kinetic
  6. that what I said well I said it was shameful there are other options plenty of them but yeah al if someone is going round saying your stuff aint up to snuff then you need to get after them
  7. 4.4.3 they didn't even address and still shutting you down w/o letting you upgrade is shameful you do know you don't have to host in a Norwegian web hotel right?
  8. in searchForm.tpl find this <span class="txtSession"><strong>{LANG_SEARCH_FOR}</strong></span> and change to this <span class="txtSession"><strong>{LANG_SEARCH_FOR}</strong></span> <br /> if this gives you the desired results (it ads a line break after the text forcing the input field to go under) if it doesn't then you need more design help than we can give here and without knowing your site or its current design its really hard to help further besides the documentation robsta gave you the link for
  9. theres 2 files that show the category product count boxes/categories.tpl which is the SIDE MENU which s what you have been editing and /content/viewCat.tpl which is the category view edit both save and upload voila no more product count
  10. kinetic

    ssl Lock out

    there IS a editconig tool for v4 login to your customer area and navigate to the downloads section it will be in there DO Not as mike suggested edit the config table in the database directly this is a sure way to hose your installation if you dont know what you are doing or arent use to phpmyadmin once you have the v4 editconfig tool unzipped and uploaded visit the file and find the setting for SSL and turn it off then delete the config tool file from your host as this is an EXTREME security risk leaving it in place once SSL is off you will be able to visit your admin w/o the https://
  11. to replace the stock catnophoto.gif image with one of your own make the new icon and name it catnophoto.gif and upload it to: skins/YOUR_SKIN/styleImages/ if you want each category to have its own category icon make an icon whether .jpg or .gif then in your stores admin click view Categories then click the category you want to edit (or make a new one) then use the function their to upload and add a category icon by browsing your computer and uploading it directly and then save the category changes. also check to see if any of your images that are uploaded have spaces in their name ( a no no) or funky characters like $ # & * etc if so remove them and rename them your server doesnt care nor does cubecart f the extension is jpg or jpeg pdf will however NEVER work BONUS TIP make your category icons all the same size BONUS TIP 2 Dont use Quark just use Photoshop
  12. kinetic


    It means your host doesnt allow you to have too many people connected to your site at one time accessing data from the database cheap hosts are notorious for this from googling the error message which you can also do... "The reason why are getting this error is because your server is running out of resources. Meaning you have server overload. Simply put, you have too many users in your site for the service you currently have. " sometimes when google bot is crawling your site there is multiple instances of google bot and you might have a few users too and a cheap host has you limitied to say "10" connections hit 11 and you will get that error What version of CubeCart are you using? could mean your version isnt closing connections could mean your host doesnt want you having too many connections (probably because they have over sold their DB MYSql servers) and you should get a better dedicated host
  13. For lightbox gallery to work as intended you need to upload a beauty shot or main product image via the add edit product screen usually (resized to 400pixels wide or less in photoshop before upload) then upload separate detail images perhaps even including a larger version of the main product image via the file manager image uploader (usually sized to 640x480 perhaps even 800x600 in photoshop before upload) THEN you would visit View Products and click Manage Images and click ADD for any image you wanted associated with that particular product When you then next visit the product on the front end side you will have your main product image which is NOT clickable and thumbnails to the side or underneath your main product image which ARE clickable and will present themselves in the lightbox gallery Hope this helps
  14. Updating my profile dont you think this is better?

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