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  1. I thought the order status change was a separate http (not HTTPS) call from PayPal which called: modules/gateway/PayPal/ipn.php So, I don't think the change being talked about here is related to that (please correct me if i'm wrong). The PHP fsock calls are when the shop software calls paypal to request processing of a payment - and this includes all the billing details, what was bought, etc. In my test in the sandbox - I think this part is working. The http IPN callback didn't work - but i'm not sure this is a separate issue.
  2. Upgrading is easier said than done - particularly if you have a lot of modifications. If it isn't broken, i'm not fixing it
  3. I tried it on the IPN sandbox and i'm not 100% sure it worked properly. It seems to have passed my details to PayPal correct, and processed the payment, but on going back to the store it said: Error: No payment gateway variable is set! To be fair, i've not tested with the sandbox before - so this could well be normal sandbox to CC3 behaviour.
  4. IMHO any good application should have excetption handling which caters any eventuality - particularly ones on open systems where you do not know how or what might be configured or installed. CC already seems to check for xcache conditions - as it is CC which is presenting the error - so surely it could just say 'ah, a problem with xcache - we will just not use it'.
  5. If it will work with or without xcache, maybe CC should just ignore it if not configured rather than give an error. I had to change the following in the xcache.ini file: [xcache.admin] xcache.admin.enable_auth = On [xcache] xcache.var_size = 100M
  6. To be fair, I did re-download and re-install Turnkey - so it may well be a new version and changed though really - it is just Debian underneath. I didn't install xcache - it was just there. Nevertheless - it is an another scenario which needs to be catered for - surely CC can just ignore it? Those first steps when a user first installs a product are critical - if they mess people about, most will just toss it aside and move on.
  7. I'm using Turnkey LAMP VM image in a virtual box to test/stage this. It is basically Debian - but pre-configured for specific scenarios - in this case, LAMP based apps like CC. As this is really just Debian - you may want to put checks in your installer to sort this out. I used the same to test a beta (either b1 or b2) of v6 - and never had this issue. Don't know what has changed.
  8. Ok, so I had to edit the main xcache.ini file and set: xcache.admin.enable_auth = Off and xcache.var_size = 100M Surely this stuff should work out of the box, at least CC should cater for this condition.
  9. Doesn't seem to work. # cat ini-custom.inc.php <?php ini_set('xcache.admin.enable_auth', false);
  10. I see this at initial install, and every page afterwards even after install. Notice: XCache can't be used until `xcache.admin.enable_auth` is set to 0 in php.ini in /var/www/cc/classes/autoloader.class.php on line 130 Shouldn't the install script pick this up? Ok, so I can go into the global PHP.ini for xcache and switch it off - but that is global. Where is the best place to change this for CC only?
  11. How do I delete of 'rest of world'? Essentially I want the following: Free delivery to UK Surcharge for delivery for items over a certain weight to certain postcodes (i.e. highlands, Islands and NI) Surcharge for delivery to other countries - and potentially certain postcodes within those countries - all based on weight. All other shipping requests should be refused. When I delete a shipping rate (because I can't edit it) and re-add it - it doesn't show in the order of weight - it shows in the order I added them. This is probably only cosmetic, but may confuse on more complicated configs.
  12. Yes, I can delete them. Is this plugin ready for prime time? Another thing - in the zones menu: The radio box selections don't seem to correspond to anything useful. Is that a bug too? Additionally - when you go into zones - there is no easy way to get back to 'general' as the zones tab seems to disappear.
  13. Ok, I created two methods in your demo system - but I seem unable to modify them. I can create new ones with the shipping weights needed, but when I try to edit one - it just reverts back to what it was before. Is this a bug - or because i'm using a demo system?
  14. Any chance you could install the all-in-one module in your v6 demo back end so I can have a look? Never mind - I seem to have managed to do it myself
  15. Does the all-in-one support shipping by postcode? I'm using a v3 postcode shipping module - which has been released as open source now as the author no longer supports it. https://github.com/daimonsoft/CubeCart-Mod-Ship-By-Postal-Codes It offers fairly granular support for postcodes in multiple countries, and also (importantly) UK postcodes. Does the all-in-one in v6 support this? Might the above module possibly be ported to v6 - as it is open source now.
  16. I'm in now... and did a config save and able to see the index screen.
  17. Ok, ignore that - I must have been using the wrong password
  18. That's the problem - I can't login to admin. Not accepting my login/password - and it is not allowing me to recover a password either. If I go into the database and look at the admin_users table - the username/e-mail combo is correct - so I should at least be able to recover. Is there another way of changing the password? I see the passwords are salted, so i'm thinking a standard md5 hash of a new PW will not work.
  19. Fresh install (no upgrade) on a host with PHP 5.2.7 MySQL 5.1.73 Install works fine - database tables all seem to be created. Get a blank page on the index screen - and the following is displayed every time I try to load the page: PHP Fatal error: No valid language found! in /home/biltongb/public_html/stathakis/cc6/classes/language.class.php on line 93 I am also unable to log into the admin screen - login/password not accepted, and unable to run password recovery (but i'm positive the admin/password i'm entering is correct). Any ideas of where to look?
  20. I would have thought that CC would support it out of the box as it is a legal requirement.
  21. Does cc5 support them? I see the order numbers are the date/time with a random number - but HMRC requires that vat invoices have a sequential number. Ths can be separate from the order number - but the vt invoice must have it. Does cc5 support this?
  22. Ok i've started a thread there. It would be nice to know what your timeline is for 5.1 - are we talking 2012 or 2013? I really would like to move forward. Moving to another cart is not what I would like to do, but I can't move forward with my cart in the state we are now with 5.0 as most of the mod writers for essential mods I use have not updated their code. Carts like OpenCart are looking more and more tempting.
  23. Would you like to start a thread for feature requests?
  24. When do you expect te 5.1 release - roughly. I'm still on v3 because my mod writer has done a runner and it is essential for my business (shipping by postcode).
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