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  1. Thank You Robsta, it looks like I need to find another storefront.. :cry:
  2. When version 5 came out and version was being dropped from support Devellion offered upgrades to license holders for a small cost, I think it was around 50 dollars +/-. My host has upgraded to a current PHP and version 3 is not supported so I was thinking of upgrading to version 5, but I cant find any of the offer in the client area so I sent a ticket into sales to see what the cost was... Milos replied and stated; Since version 3 (and any older) was FREE for use there are NO upgrade options available. If you already bought Copyright Removal Key this is also working on version 5 either 4. Hope it makes sense, full cost is the only option. Kind Regards, my reply is; Whoa?? back the truck up a little bit here.. version 3 was not "free" maybe you should check my account with Devellion. We paid full price for version 3 !!.. when CubeCart decided to stop supporting version 3 you offered a upgrade to version 5 for 59 $ US,, are you now telling us you no longer wish to support your "Paying" customers?? Where are the upgrades if a "paying" customer wants to use version 5 ??
  3. What potential issues am I going to run into if I upgrade to version 5.03 from 3.0.17 if my servers are running; Apache version 2.2.19 PHP version 5.2.17 MySQL version 5.0.92-community Architecture i686
  4. The RSI skin.. I don't remember which format it is http://www.rsigrowers.com/
  5. I'm a little lost here, I've turned off all products to show on the main page, I've gone into "admin//current settings" and selected to Not show products on the main page.. the product doesn't show but the logo does.. How and where can I find to hide/turn off the "Latest Products" Logo?? :mellow:
  6. I want to upgrade to version 3.0.18 from the current version I have but I no longer can access my account off the main cubecart page. What I want to do is complete a new install not just upgrade but I cant access my license and copywrite removal key. How do I find them? What problems am I going to run into?
  7. .. Yeah,, cleared the cache all the time, it helps only until you set a new cookie, happens in IE/firefox and opera.. now in the products edit page, clicking to "Show Product in the latest products area dosent work anymore.... this is turning into a real problem
  8. OK AnyOne? Its just gone to the point that you can't do Anything in Admin without having to log in again and of course any edits you do don't update because you have to re-log in.. It's ridicules..... Any help at all? :)
  9. I know for my version 3.0.15 I can't Paste anything into a text field using my mouse either. Use "Ctl V" to paste text into the rich text editor.
  10. All of a sudden anything I do in the admin section related to Product Options requires another Admin Log-In. I'm running version 3.0.15 and have estelle's stock level mod installed and have never had any problems since that mod was installed. The Mod has always worked fine!.. While doing some updates to products I end up having to update the stock levels and some product options,, Any "change" "pop up window" or any edit displays the Admin Log In and I have to log in again to complete the edit.. Any one else have a issue like this? Ideas of maybe a hosting security issue? :sourcerer:
  11. I think I'm trying to create a new type of wheel, I've set up some product options but on the store front I can't quite seem to get the display/options to show in the order I'd like, In CC version 3.0.15. What I'm trying to accomplish is to have the "Liner" display in the drop down box first in this case its always the #15 that shows, I'd like the Liner to display then the #5, then #15 ect ect.. the image below shows what I have, but heres the link to the page also; Click Here Also, on another note, what file do I need to access to change the "Price" of items being displayed, my defult products are $9.00 and I'd like to get that to display in bold (<strong>) and another color...
  12. How do I allow the inventory amount to change with each Product Option, or can I ? I have a Product Option set as; "Liner" "#5 Container" "#15 Container" All for one type of fruit tree we grow and sell, the thing is each item has different amounts in inventory, we have 380 liners, 47 #5's and 210 #15's, but I can't get the inventory to show or display for each product option.. can this be done?
  13. MySQL Error Occured 145: Table './CubeCart_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired QUERY = SELECT sessId FROM CubeCart_sessions WHERE sessId='6a7d7fd022b668702b8b56334d1e2c82' How do I fix this one? any specific instructions would be real helpful... EDIT I've been able to connect to Cpanel and the carts admin section, but I dont know how to rebuild the "sessions" file, if it got corrupted I can FTP a new file to it but I don't know the location if the file to be replaced... I'm dumb as chit ........
  14. Any one have a way to set up their cart to allow customers to have the option to avoid shipping and come by the store and pick up their order? Allot of our customers are wholesalers and most (if not all) want to be able to place their order, (Which give us the pull tickets) then they come by the Nursery and pick up their order, by I haven't found a way to get the cart to allow that. I tried a search but all I seem to get is the error page saying I'm not allowed to do that Any Ideas?
  15. Your helps very much appreciated Stevie68
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