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  1. I honestly wish I knew codeing better.. both Mark at CC3.biz and myself tried about everything and kept chaseing errors from the back end to the front end... I ended up opening a ticket at the support desk and after those fixes didnt work they just went in and fixed it themselves.......(I think they got tired of me)..LOL in WinMerge the only difference in the calc file was; if(ereg("service_",$moduleKey) && $moduleValue==1){ // }elseif(ereg("service",$moduleKey) && $moduleValue==1){ I dont know what else in any other files they changed,, I'll take a look when I get back from work later today.. Personally the best thing I can think of doing is just paying for the support.. its really cheap considering the time we spend trying to figure this stuff out..
  2. Thank You CC Support... I guess thats the reason users should use the top up support thats offered The errors you have are because you haven't updated your store properly. I can see the code in /modules/shipping/USPS/calc.php as: if(ereg("service_",$moduleKey) && $moduleValue==1){ $moduleKey = str_replace("service_","",$moduleKey); In 3.0.14 it is: if(ereg("service",$moduleKey) && $moduleValue==1){ $moduleKey = str_replace("service","",$moduleKey); The _ is the source of your problems as it is a potentially dangerous charachter in array keys.
  3. Seems a number of users have the same issue, Mark fixed mine on the customers side, but now I have the same problem on the Admin Side; "Admin>>Shipping>>Configure>>Edit Settings" ,, gives the same Error Security Warning Parsed array keys can not contain illegal characters! Script execution has been halted. It may be possible to fix this error by deleting your browsers cookies and refresh this page. I'm cant enable or disable any settings.. any step by step instructions on how to get our cart to work again?? All Products are now defulted as "Free Shipping" and I cant change it or turn it off!! This is a real BAD thing!
  4. Anyone else have the same problem?? Each time I go to AdminCP>>Site Documents>>Source,, it crashes Firefox,, I get all the popups of "Program Not Responding" and "Send Error Reports" ect.. ect.. ect... Makes it hard to edit the site docs in firefox..LOL, Cart version is 3.0.12 with SEO Mod 5.5 So if anyone else is useing FF and has the same problem let me know, I'm sure its Not a cart problem but more of a browser issue or at the lease the SEO Mod 5.5 I havent found out yet :whistle:
  5. I cant find anyplace in the AdminCP to remove old admin logs,, is there a way to from the AdminCP.. I did a search as "Admin session" and theres allot of topics but it looks like most dont get any admin session at all,, .. I get the session logs but theres several pages that I dont need How do I remove all the extra pages?
  6. :w00t: Maybe I didnt see your reply, I look over the whole thread and I cant find any reply at all... And I dont have any problem with buying any program,, I've bought enough of them, but since the carts buy buttons dont work and there dosent seem to be any support for the cart,, why spend money for something that I cant fix to get to work correctly
  7. I dont think they care anymore.. I'm still trying to find out why the "Buy" buttons dont work on my cart. Topics Here
  8. OK.. well I have to conclude that theres no one that would be able to point me in any direction as to why the "BUY" button on these pages dosent work
  9. Well even after doing the upgrade to 3.0.11 they still dont work, If I knew the file it was in I'd post the codes ;)
  10. Well after me messing up some other things by changeing the DIR of the Cart the only thing I have left to figure out (that I know of) is to get the "Buy" button to work again. The other topic is Here. After I got that done I found out that the buy buttons on These Pages no longer work. What file is it that I can try to fix (or blow up in my case) that will get these buy buttons working again? :innocent:
  11. Ummmm .......... no I didnt...... but that seems to have taken care of the issue LMAO funny how that seems to work ! Thank You both!
  12. Cool.. that was better than some video games.. (fear not,, I'm not any good with those eaither) I still cant get the store up without the index extension, heres both links so you'll be able to see any differances; Cube Store Old Static Page What do I need to do in order to have the Cube Store display without the extension?
  13. Well.... I sure messed that one up All the files were moved to the root DIR and I edited Global.inc.php to show the new path but the stores gone now and the Admin is gone to.... LOL (and people wounder why I'm slow) Any Ideas on how to get my store and Admin back? I can add "/index.php" to the URL in my browser and come up with the store, but that still dosent replace the old static pages, how do I get the store set as defult without haveing to have the extension of index.php? <?php $glob['dbdatabase'] = '*********'; $glob['dbhost'] = 'l*********'; $glob['dbpassword'] = '*********'; $glob['dbprefix'] = ''; $glob['dbusername'] = '@@@@@@@@'; $glob['installed'] = '1'; $glob['rootDir'] = '/****/11111111/public_html'; $glob['rootRel'] = '/public_html'; $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.rsigrowers.com'; ?>
  14. Well Spit... talk about changeing your mind in the middle of the river....LOL I have CC installed as a sub DIR on my site, I was going to use the main static page but since I have the Mods and Skin done (almost) on the Cart, I've decided to ax the static pages and just use CC as the main page, between CC and my IPB Forum its all I'll really need to use. Since the Static page is RSIGrowers.com, and the Cart is in rsigrowers/store... Would I have to re-install the cart in order to remove the sub-dir "store" Whats the best way to move the cart without loseing the mods or changeing the DB ??
  15. W0W.. I've been useing Mortfiles for a few years now and I've never had any problems like what I've read here.. you wont beat the service eaither.. they'll reply to you right away.. always have with me anyways....... very helpful!
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