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  1. So, not sure what happened. I did this and had it working. Went to finish an order, and bam! My links are gone, they have disappeared sometime. Not sure if that template file was updated with the latest update, but what the heck! LOL Is there maybe a place I can add these links where they won't disappear again if updated?

  2. I can't seem to get more of the product titles on the homepage to display. Instead it overlaps one word to a second line of the product and it looks nasty. It doesn't even show the entire product name. Is there a way to fix this? I don't know if this is an alignment issue or if there is something I am overlooking because I have changed the "Length of product precis" in the layout tab of settings and that didn't do anything that I could see. I don't even know what that does, but didn't change my issue.


    And I went through and see a lot of people talking about "Gallery" view issues, however, what other options are there for the Mican skin? I don't see anything in the layout tab...

  3. Thanks, just wanted to make sure. Dreamhost has a tendency to blame 3rd party applications, but come to find out, some of my other domains which do not even have installed applications any longer, are inaccessible to phpmyadmin as well. This may in part have something to do with what happened yesterday with the database problems and my admin login situation! 


    This at least gives me hope that the .php file is not the culprit, as it should not effect other domains it's not associated with.

  4. I just started getting this error this morning. I don't know what's going on, but this is the error message that's coming up. Any ideas?? Is there something that's not closing connections properly?




    Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (08004/1040): Too many connections in /home/**********/***********.com/store/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 22

    Fatal error: Too many connections in /home/********/******.com/store/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 24

  5. Well, looking through my orders now, I don't think the enable/disable is a requirement. The actual amount of notes I make that need to be hidden from customers is mostly internal documentation that I can do externally. IF I had to choose, I would probably prefer it to be Per-Order because I am starting to deal with items that I do not currently possess on hand that are a pre-order of goods. 


    But again it's not necessary. What's the best way to show these notes to a customer? I'd like to see if that would work as a temporary solution.

  6. In the mean time, is there a way to make these notes visible by an enable/disable button in the admin like the rest of the settings? Only customers who require a status report would need this. And I do sometimes make notes for other customers who don't need to see the notes.

  7. UPDATE:


    When I closed out the browser, reset the cache in the browser, cubecart allowed me back in to the admin without changing anything. My question is now, why would that have happened? Why would it tell me incorrect password/username, and then tell me the details were incorrect when trying to reset my password?

  8. I was logged into my admin account and deleted a user I had created when testing the store setup. The user had a ghost by the name and when I deleted that user account, it logged me out of the admin system. When I went to log back in it said that my username or password was incorrect. I tried to do a 'forgot password' but it is giving me the following "Incorrect details, please try again"



    For some reason it seems as though my admin account has been wiped. Is there a way to recover?? I can't access the store admin page to turn the page off and if orders are coming in and the store does not have an admin email, I can't access those orders.




    Running latest V5


  9. Okay. Thanks. It's strange there isn't a plugin mod for this either. I've checked myself. Would it not be easy to at least have admin capabilities to add notes to the order? Say maybe a text box near where it says order processing status or something? I am no coder by any means. And I don't do databases and all that. Just thinking through my fingers.

  10. Is there a way to add notes to a customer after they place an order. For instance, I get an order, but let's say it's on backorder. How can I add a note so that they can log in and see the status of their order? The notes will change and won't be standardized. I would like to open some sort of dialog if at all possible with the customer through the system.


    OR the ability to email the customer through the store about their order is also an option, both of which I can not seem to find the ability to do as it is right now. Did I overlook this??

  11. I must say... you are a wizard! Works perfectly. No search results found.... BUT....


    So here is my next question and this may not be doable.

    How do I get a product URL without having the ability to find the hidden product in the store front, I can't get a URL for the product. I can go to any other product in the store and change the product ID Number, but is there a way to maybe have it show up somewhere, or an easier way to get that URL to send to someone? 


    Even if that means creating a text box on the products page that is static so when I create an item I can simply copy/paste the standard URL string and just add the product ID # manually from there. 



  12. Okay, I have made the edits and am testing it now. So far the product is listed, and I am able to call it up via URL in the hidden category without issues yet. It DOES still appear in a search, however, because these will be special/custom orders, if I put in a customers name or specialized title of some sort, people wouldn't be able to guess the search string to find it. 


    Custom orders won't go on sale as they're generally a one time deal made off site.

  13. Is it possible to create a hidden category and place items in that category, uncheck within the product the option to show on homepage? Then the next question is if there is a way to omit a category (hidden) from appearing in the featured products listing?

    I am not near a computer to test this at the moment.

  14. Here's what I do when I take a custom order. I often get an email with what the buyer wants.


    I then have been going into the cart, add a product tailored to that customers needs (which is visible to everyone), and then send them the link to that specific product.


    I would like to be able to create a product for them, but have it invisible to everyone UNLESS they have the URL. 


    I do not care for reviews, options, images, whatever. I just need to be able to put a description of what they're getting and them have the ability to add to cart or buy it or whatever from the site.


    Say they need 10 of this and 50 of that. I would manually calculate the 60 items, and use the total price as the custom product price anyway. So the description would just reiterate what they're buying and the price. Shipping is calculated by weight which I would manually input the weight in the product creation.  


    I just don't like other site members going to the custom order category and viewing what everyone is custom ordering and how much people are spending.

  15. US and Imperial


    We still use Imperial as the standard, and that will probably never change in the US. Most specialized trades, video/photo/medical/sciences, etc. use metric regularly, but when it comes to the common people it is imperial. Shipping is done with imperial standards.


    I use imperial in my store simply because I ship only to the those in the US.

  16. I get a lot of custom order requests in my store, actually it's how most people want to deal and negotiate deals and it's a pain to create a product and quickly remove the product after they've processed their payment. Is there a way to have a hidden product yet? I know this was discussed back in V4 over a year ago, is it a feature yet in V5???


    I can't get the 3rd party site to load for some reason so I figured I  would ask here first until they resolve their issues. lol




    EDIT: I need to be able to send people a product URL in an email for the hidden products.

  17. I did not try it more than 5 times. I have two separate test accounts. so it was one password or the other, or so I thought. I input the password a few times and no luck. I then decided it would be a good time to test the forgot password recovery system. It sent me a link and I went ahead and did that. When I did that that's when I got the info I posted above. I cleared my cache on my computer, redid the forgot password link again, and the email I received contained the same exact validation code as the first attempt. When I went through it the second time, it DID work.


    Not sure if that was a caching issue or what. Does it always send the same validation code? Also, these test accounts were created in a the CC5 version before this latest one, and it was while still in "Lite" mode before upgrading. I wonder if that played a part in the database since the passwords did not take the first attempts?

  18. So, I forgot my password for my test account and did a "Forgot password". I received the email from the store and clicked the link.


    It asks for my email address, a validation code (already inserted) and a New/Confirm password. I do all this and this is what has been returned each time I tried it.



    The following errors were detected:

    • User login blocked. Please try again later
    • Failed to update your password.
    • Failed to update your password. Please check the email address and validation key are correct and verify the new password matches.


    Any Ideas?? This is a good way to lose customers, especially if they can't reregister with an email address already in use.

  19. So I get an order, and it's stated as Pending. The only way I am aware of an order is because Paypal sends me a payment notification. I then check and the orders are pending, even though they've been paid. Once I change the order status to processing, I then get an email saying an order has been placed in the store.


    Is there a way to make all orders placed go to "processing" instead of pending?? Doesn't this also effect stock levels if an order is just pending vs. processing??? I can't have multiple orders for the same products that may be low on stock and have overlaps.





    EDIT: Figured out the email setting for pending over processing, but still looking for automatically going to processing instead.

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