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  1. I have been unable to find any details about what bugs this new version fixes.. I don't really want to install it over my semi-working version of 5.2.1 without understanding what has changed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks, Sue
  2. turns out "use stock level" under the products main panel was set to yes with numbers of 0 stock and 0 warning (since we had option level stock control working..) once we turned "use stock level" off the products/category showed up fine when admin not logged in. stock levels by options worked fine when tested with this setting set to off.
  3. more clarification: all products on category womens/jewelry (cat_id=6) show up at all times. no stock levels assigned. products in category childrens/clothing (cat_id=12) only show up on front end when logged in as admin. stock levels by options assigned.
  4. RESOLVED - SEE BELOW - what could cause categories/products to display on front end of store when logged in as an admin and not display when not logged in as an admin?? very odd..
  5. thanks - as always a clear and succinct answer! I didn't turn on seo url rewrite until well after the catalogue was loaded, so the paths must just be the result of the SEO class creation.. can I re-create the paths in the database at this point so they are consistent? thanks again Sue
  6. I edited my template and made the path to the logo image absolute, which corrected the problem. I would still appreciate an explanation of why the rewrites are different - wouldn't you want to include the top level category name in all the pages?
  7. Hi - I have several subcategories with the same name (under women I have clothing, and under children I have clothing) and when SEO Urls are enabled, the first subcategory shows up as www.domainname.com/clothing.html and the second shows up as www.domainname.com/children/clothing.html.. not a problem, except for some reason the store's logo disappears on the pages with the second type of url. I don't understand enough about how the rewrite mod works to troubleshoot this - I can just turn the mod off and all is OK, but I would rather use the mod and don't want to have to rename my categories. Any ideas out there? you can see at www.fetchingpretty.com/shop/clothing.html (womens - shows the logo) and www.fetchingpretty.com/shop/children/clothing.html ( childrens - doesn't show the logo) thanks in advance for any help. Sue
  8. Hello - wondering if bsmither had made any progress towards fixing this issue?
  9. sure looks like it.. have to admit that at this point I am in over my head! Just would like to make paypal stop asking if the customer wants to change their shipping address, and instead accept the shipping address used in CC. That would make the integration in paypal with shippers (USPS etc) work a lot better.
  10. actually the address is the shipping address.. not an email address.
  11. an email (with GC code and remainig value) would be VERY nice.. so would getting the discount amount throughout the process to reflect the actual amount that the cashload of GC was/will be reduced by.
  12. Hello - using paypal standard gateway on 5.2.1 installation. I would like to remove the option to change the delivery address when the customer arrives at the paypal processing page - since the customer has the option within CubeCart, I don't want them to get confused and think they need to add the new delivery address here as well. I have looked at the modules/gateway/PayPal/gateway.class.php file, and see some address override code (as follows - line 62) 'address_override' => ($GLOBALS['config']->get('PayPal', 'address_override')) ? '1' : '0', Can this be edited to remove the question and option from paypal? Thanks, S
  13. i totally agree. to me it ought to just come off the bottom line as it does. so that means the only issue is to include the shipping value in the total discount
  14. i am using flat rate shipping. shouldn't the GC come off the bottom line, regardless of how much is shipping and how much is product? or does it just come off the product, in which case we still have a problem because it is currently being applied to the total even though it isn't showing up that way in the "discount" field.
  15. Hi - your description accurately reflects the PayPal Standard process.. the Pro process is much more complicated in that the order is passed back and forth so payment can be completed on the shopping site instead of in paypal. No worries (at least for me for now) I successfully talked my client into using the standard, and the GC now works correctly in total but there is something funny about how it is showing up in the checkout page - the discount amount isn't reflecting the shipping, but shipping is actually covered and is coming off in the grand total. Probably just a little tweak required to make the total discount equal to exactly what is being applied to the grand total? ie Before GC product - $1.00 subtotal - $1.00 shipping - $1.50 grand total - $2.50 After GC product - $1.00 subtotal - $1.00 shipping - $1.50 GC #. - $25,00 Total Discount - $1.00 grand total - $0.00 have I said thanks for all your work on this? thanks!
  16. Where can I change/add to the addresses that system emails go to - for now, I would like to send a BCC of Gift Certificate emails to the store administrator, since GC details aren't otherwise available to the admin.
  17. sure - do you have a solution?
  18. Hi - I have removed the flyout - would rather have changed it to a click event but didn't find I could make it work according to the code from dirty butter - could be I am using 5.2.1 now. Any suggestions? thanks, Sue
  19. Hi bsmither - yes this works! now, another issue pops up. In our cart, we are using PayPal Pro. The GC is applied in the cart before going to PayPal to login, but by the time I returned to the store to check out, the value of the GC has been taken but it isn't reflected in the cart price any longer. IE the cart price goes back to the original value, and if I try to use the GC again, a message indicates that the voucher has expired. Upon checking in the control panel, the value of the GC was reduced already, before I have completed checking out. Hope that makes sense to you.
  20. when I unapplied to the individual product, the coupon worked as follows: 1 total discount reflected: $5.00, product price is still $50.00 2 total price is 600 (correct) plus shipping of 7.95 (correct) less 5 (discount) for a total of 602.95. so the coupon worked when not applied to a specific product.
  21. I have a $8.33 total discount reflected on the checkout page. The unit price on the checkout page changed from $50.00 to $41.67 ($8.33 per item...) The total price changed to $500.00 (from $600.00). The subtotal ($500) plus shipping (flat at $7.95) creates a grand total of $507.95 (the original price less 8.33 discount on 12 items plus shipping...) I have upgraded to 5.2.1 oops.. this is a mess. I felt as if the coupons were working, when applied as a percentage or as a fixed price for all items. Obviously, this isn't working.
  22. I have upgraded to 5.2.1 and this problem still remains. I will try to report it as a bug.
  23. RESOLVED Seems I wasn't appling coupons to products properly (to apply to all products, I selected "apply coupon to all except" and left the input area blank. I needed to select "apply to all the products above" and leave the input area blank.) For some reason that erroneous configuration was causing the coupon's value to be doubled when the grand total was calculated.
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