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  1. /includes/content Probably best to view the documentation project over at www.cubcartforums.org
  2. Hi Claudia, without more details, its difficult to diagnose what your 1st problem is. Please clarify what is wrong. The catalogue import requires a valid CSV file. I would also suggest "quoted fields" if possible. As a test, you could also try opening the csv file with your speadsheet program to ensure it can be read back. The category count can be re-built under the "Rebuild & Recount" menu, then Rebuild category product count. Jason
  3. Zev, What is your site URL? Can you actually connect to the site using FileZilla? (ie view the files in the right-hand pane?) Jason
  4. vokf

    Completely Lost

    The shipping price per product is not part of the core functionality, and will require code modification (mods). I would suggest looking at www.cubecartforms.org, as I know there is a mod that will do this. Regards, Jason
  5. Ok, I have found a code modification. Google; Sort Product Options CC4 This is a commercial bit of code, and so is not free, but for the time required to write, would be good value. If your charity cannot afford this then you'll need to make your own code changes to provide a simple (sorted by name) query. I imagine the hosting company is not providing free server space, and its not realistic to expect 3rd parties to provide work for free. I think you mis-understand the term "buggy". A software bug is essentially an undefined action. Just because the order of options cannot be set, does not mean the code is buggy.. it just does not suit your needs and needs some code changes. Jason
  6. Post your URL so the code can be checked? Many browsers take their time...Sometimes bookmarking the site will force the browser to re-load it. Jason
  7. It would be possible to put the options in alphabetical (and therefore alphanumerical) order. This would require a code change. However, if you have S/M/L/XL sizes, these would also be in the same order; L/M/S/XL This is probably not what you want. There is not a field in the database for the order of Options, nor is there any code for this. I would suggest asking for assistance for this change over at cubecartforums.org There may be an existing modification, or a commercial developer may be able to provide this.
  8. vokf

    Google Base Feed

    Hi Louise, I have received replies from Google, but it does take time. Things may have changed (as I jumped on getting a google "base" feed as soon as they rolled out that service). I've sent you a PM requesting your feed file, and will check for any technical problems with the data. Reasons they will disapprove a product; -The product MUST be available for online purchase) -Zero Stock (this breaks the above rule) You've probably seen the following page, but its worth checking; http://base.google.com/support/bin/answer....61118&hl=en If this is a new store (ie brand-new domain), there could be a dns update issue that may simply be taking time- a bit of a long-shot thou! Thanks, Jason
  9. vokf

    Google Base Feed

    Hi Louise, Google appears to have decoded at least some of the feed (its aware of each product name) Its either a policy issue (google has an issue with your store/products), or a formatting issue (technical problem). For a store I look after, the following is working; FileFormat: Text Encoding: UTF-8 Delimiter: Tab (\t) Use Quoted fields: No The file looks like; The above won't look correct as the forum software wraps the text. However, I've shortend the description to make it easier to check the fields. The header contains the bare minimum for this to work, so if you do not have the condition field this will fail. The order of the headers does not matter. The header and data is all tab delimited. Jason
  10. Hi Andy, past stores have been PayPal (without IPN..), Google Checkout, and HSBC (I'm UK Based). I can't help right now, but you may find help, or at least confirmation over at CubeCartforums.org Find a modder that sells mods on THEIR cc4 store, and they may be able to help - most modders will have an automated system that uses IPN. I admit that I didn't have much luck until I applied the changes in the old thread I listed (for CC3). After that, things worked fine. Its been a while since all this, so I'm not that familar how IPN works (I think it HTTP POSTS data to the store..), the method in the thread requires the store to contact PalPal and request payment status. I do have a PayPal accound and CC4 demo at the moment, but no time today. I'll try to find time tomorrow to run a quick test. HSBC is good, but obviously requires a merchant account with them (approx £200 setup+monthly charges), and is UK only (not sure where you're based). Jason
  11. As this appears to only effect 1 product (?), and you have cleared the cache. I would suggest re-editing the product, and checking if the actual product title is "corrupt". The line reported in the page title (line 949) does NOT contain the htmlentities on my 4.4.1 demo of CC4. The htmlentities function is called on line 946. It sounds like the product meta title was corrupted from a software error, and not seen during product editing, and so this is now part of the product database. Re-editing the product should fix this. If it does not, I would recommend re-entering the meta title (as opposed to copy&paste), and also ensuring it only contains plain text. Regards, Jason
  12. Hi Andy, I personally had problems with IPN on CC3, but never needed to use it (in IPN mode) on a CC4 store. It sounds like you've been looking into this quite a bit. Just in case you've missed this, below is a link to a knowledgebase article; https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...;kbarticleid=56 The CC3 issue looked to be a race condition, and whilst the code may not help, I'll link to the thread as this may shed a bit more light on it; http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showt...=23589&st=0 I did use the last link with success in CC3, with a couple of stores that needed automated payment clearance. If you still have problems, I can try to test IPN on a CC4 demo I'm currently running. Regards, Jason
  13. As you are aware, this is a Skin issue, and the built-in templates work fine. As the skin is deliberately hiding the CubeCart copyright message in CSS (see below, and in style.css), I suggest you go back to the Skin suppler and ask them to address BOTH issues (or purchase a copyright removal license to legally fix the latter); If you are not able to contact the Skin supplier, I would suggest asking for a developer/designer over at cubecartforums.org to help. Regards, Jason
  14. Hi Ash, I've just spent a few mins looking into this. It looks to need tweaking of a few files. There are currently 3 ways to manage the price; + (addition) - (subtraction) ~ (no change) Adding a 4th way, would require changes to the option editor in admin, the cart.inc.php file (this manages the front-end cart), and probably 2 template files. Hopefully you can see this is not a quick change. There is also the consideration for "sale" mode, if you're overriding the product price like this. The paid support you have paid for will be for the core product only. This will require some tweaks to the code, that either you, or a 3rd party will need to do. I'm not actually aware of any "off the shelf" mods that will do this, but encourage you to post a request in cubecartforums.org where I think you'll get a response as this should not be a large project (providing the "sale mode" question is handled). Regards, Jason
  15. Hi, I think the additional weight problem will need a code change. I would suggest asking over at cubecartforums.org for any modifications that can provide this. The productCode can be calculated yourself. In normal use, this is created (if the field is left blank) during the product creation. The field should be unique, and for cubecart I think it is a combination of an abbreviated product title, with a random number. So- you can probably create this yourself in Excell/OpenOffice/Spreadsheet, by use of the MID and RAND commands. The productID is the unique key in the database, and so is automatically assigned in mySQL database (just to clarify) Jason
  16. vokf

    Google Base Feed

    Hi Lousie, what error messages can you see from Google Products? CubeCart 4 exports as Tab Separated with non-quoted fields, and so your Google Products configuration needs to match this. Google recently made some other requirements on the set-up of Google Product, things like the company display name should not have Ltd/Plc etc, and you also need to claim the domain (this mainly involves email verification, or uploading a file to the root of the store). However, if you post what error message you get, we'll try to help. Jason
  17. Yes, and I've had an image refuse to rebuild its thumbnail whatever I did. I had to recreate the image (on Paintshop Pro, if that has anything to do with it) and check all the dpi settings, number of colours etc. then reupload it several times until it 'took'. Very frustrating. I've looked in vain for optimal settings for images and settled on 375x280 pixels, 72dpi, 16m colours, and of course JPG format. Keith Thats strange, CubeCart uses the standard GD library (if installed on the server) to run a resample. Uploaded images are stored in a tmp directory, and then resampled and saved in the final directory before repeating the process for the thumbnail. I would generally upload images at a decent size and quality (so 800x600 or above and 90% compression or more). If you upload massive images (ie full res digital camera shots) then you may need to tweak some settings due to server memory (and form post) limits. For best quality, you really don't want to be re-saving (and re-compressing) JPG images more than you need to (so using a non-lossy format for editing). I do not recommend spaces in filename (a dash is fine), but I know of some store owners that continue to have spaces and see no problems. PaintShop Pro should work fine. I've got a very old version here (V5?) and my parter is on X2, no problems with JPG files from either. I'd expect your problems to be related to cache (local browser or ISP) or possible server memory (although a 375 x 280 image shouldn't need more than ~300K of Ram) Jason
  18. vokf

    New to CubeCart.

    Just adding a bit more input to Rogers post; The most important pages are "viewProduct" (hopefully full of unique content!), and these generally will have no Tables unless options are used. In this case, the HTML tables are normally below the important product text. Use of Tables for tabulated data is still perfectly valid (thinking order history/basket etc) On a very basic product (clean install of 4.4.1, I'm actually seeing 1 validation error (nested <p>aragraphs). This could be easily fixed, and I cannot see much evidence that minor errors like this will hit SEO. As with all tools, some users will need additional support, and many users will want to customise one of the built-in templates, or use a different one (self built/free or 3rd party commercial) There is the CardCapture payment method is CC4. This WILL store the credit card details on the system. I would not personally recommend this, but do understand that this is a common request by those with existing Merchant Accounts. Jason
  19. vokf


    Also, have you edited any of the countries, or have any other code changes/mods? All the above should work.. GB is the correct ISO code for United Kingdom. However, also ensure your product (or Order) weights are correctly set (Kg or Lbs) I *think* that if the order is overweight, you could also get this error, so perhaps create a 0Kg product and run a test purchase with delivery to a UK address. Jason
  20. Write your own. If you copy another, you'll have to 100% understand the implications and realise this becomes a legal document. If you're in the UK, you should be aware of the Distance Selling Act- but as a business owner, the emphasis is on you to follow regulations. Ideally, speak to a legal expect. Jason
  21. Sorry, this will really vary by your location, and business model. (you don't indicate where you're based -you can do this on your profile.) A proper merchant account should be more willing work with you, and some may offer anti-fraud protection and insurance. PayPal accounts do get hacked, and also some people will simply report it as fraud when it is not. In the UK, we have NoChex- I'm not sure if they are any different. Also look at Google Checkout. If you can't go to a proper internet merchant account, then take a good look at your fraudulent orders. Personally check the originating IP address - does it tie up with the country of the shipping address (ie delivery to UK, IP address is non-uk) Insist on a telephone number, and if orders are low, perhaps a short courtesy call to inform them you're shipping the items today. Don't ship until you speak to them... Don't ship to PO Boxes Only ship to billing addresses If you check the past fraudulent orders, and see how you could detect them NOW.
  22. vokf

    New to CubeCart.

    Yes, but via a 3rd Party Mod (commerical) There is a "Sale" mode, which can be switched on a product basis, this provides a "Sale" area. Sorry -I can't help. I know some use SAGE, but I don't know if its a basic CSV export, or a 3rd Party Mod. Alternate shipping location is built-in as an option. Store owners may decided to only ship to billing addresses for security, or allow different shipping address. Yes, these are called "SiteDocs", CC3 & CC4 use the FCKeditor, and images/flash etc may be used. CC4 provides "nice urls", so http://yourdomian/category name/product name/prod_id a real-world example; http://www.accidentpreventionproducts.com/...oop/prod_5.html Each product/category/site doc allows control over meta-title, keywords, description. Possibly via a 3rd Party Mod. Currently not part of the basic product anyway. A few shipping options exist. I've used weight, and the client has had to supply the weight of each product. 100% frowned apon. Check with the Merchant agreement of your clients. Best route is to pass payment processing to a 3rd Party (this will vary with your clients merchant agreement and location) This is termed "Product options", you can define your own attributes, and then specify the options for each (size/colour/length/speed ...). Each option can vary the price as percentage, absolute value or not at all. Your best way to evaluate CC is to download and install the free trial. This lasts for 30 days, so should be enough time to get a feel for functionality. This forum is mainly to discuss the core functionality of CubeCart (so "out of the box") set-up and install. For modifications/tweaks/customisation, there is cubecartforums.org which has a large level of downloads (free and commercial) and also commercial status developers who can provide custom work. Hope this helps, Jason
  23. Dan, I've also sent you an email. Jason
  24. Yes, all is possible. The release date would be an extra field in the Inventory table, and would need additional code in the Admin area (Product edit) to allow you to specify the release date- probably a simple date picker? The catview template file and associated php script. The preview on the category view... Probably a nice modal CSS based pop-up. Each product may have multiple tracks, and so customers will want to preview any track. Again, more work on the viewcat template file and php script. As this is outside of the core "out of the box" functionality of cubecart, you'll need a developer and any discussion should be over at cubecartforums.org Jason
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