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  1. My first advice.... Don't ask on internet forums for legal advice. Anyone who advises won't be paying any costs on your behalf! My personal opinion... If you're not "trading off" as Apple/MS etc, and simply selling goods in a legal manner (ie accessories), then is should be fine with the manufacturers. If you're selling Grey Import XBOX 360s, then this could be one way of possibly causing you problems, and I would certainly expect you to get problems. In this instance, anything could make you a soft target, so if you're using official images could give them power over your business. Also remember, product images are copyright, often by the photographer, or whoever commissioned the shots (so the manufacturer). Unless you commissioned them (or your graphics company did), OR they are from iStock etc, they may either be taken off the manufacturers website, or a competitors. Either way, there would be a clear breach of copyright unless you have agreement for their use. If this online store is your livelihood, then I suggest you get professional legal advice. If the product images are from a competitor and the comes to their attention, I think this would be the more likely problem for you. Hope this helps - sorry, I can't say "chill... it'll be fine!". I'm a software geek/DJ, not a qualified Legal guy.. But, I've been involved in copyright (on the good side!) disputes to a minor degree. Jason
  2. The actual FTP client (ie the software) is irrelevant. Today, I've used a Browser for FTP (I was in a rush and on a different computer), but mainly use FileZilla. If you know the server, username and password, you should be ready to go. I know Joomla (etc) allow you to edit CSS/HTML within their Admin area, but CubeCart does not and you'll need the FTP credentials from your client. If you have these and download; http://filezilla-project.org/ You'll have all the tools you need to connect to the server and transfer files. Have you used FTP before? If the hosting is on cPanel, there is also a basic file browser and code editor that will be enough for basic tweaks. Jason
  3. You'll need an FTP client. I use FileZilla (as it also has Linux versions), and this is a pretty popular choice.Log-in Credentials. Your Hosting company, or your client (or their hosting company) should provide this. If you have cPanel access, its often the same log-in details. If you are sure you have the correct details, perhaps you've been locked out by the server, and you'll need to contact the hosting company with your IP Address and they can remove you from the blacklist. Jason
  4. Yes, this is possible. Check the template guide over at cubecartforums.org or hire a professional over there to help.
  5. Thanks for sharing! I'd suggest adding the +1 Code directly into the template, ideally into the index.tpl template so each page can be added. (Each Page can be "+1ed", its on a page-by-page level) Jason
  6. Not without changing the code (ie a Mod). You can disable purchases of out-of-stock products via Admin>General Settings>Stock Settings>Allow out of stock purchases? to "NO" If this is not good enough, then visit www.cubecartforums.org and see if there is an existing mod, or ask a developer to create it for you. Jason
  7. Hi Dave, I'm not sure what you're asking.. Do you mean you want to advertise other sites (your other websites) on your cubecart store? If you, you can add these to side boxes, or on the homepage of your CubeCart Store. You can also link to your cubecart store in your forum signature (ie when you post here, you'll have a link to your store). Links to non-cubecart sites are prohibited, and you may get flagged as a spammer so please keep any links to your cubecart store only. For your own site - CubeCart is only the software, you can do what you like (within the licensing rules). Jason
  8. There is a 3rd party mod, visit cubecartforums.org and search for; UK/EU/AU Taxation This will solve your problem. Jason
  9. I can't help too much with xampp - running Linux here with Apache. I found the following link that may help; http://support.open-realty.org/showthread.php?24689-installing-ioncube-on-Xampp. and/or; http://www.smoothblog.co.uk/2011/05/07/install-ioncube-xampp/ I can't easily install xampp, but yell back if the above doesn't help. Jason
  10. Dear Vivaigiochi, It looks like you mis-understand the use of this forum. This forum is for peer-to-peer support only. No-one (even moderators) are paid. Any help given is voluntary, and the forum is luckly to have keen members who try to help. Please remember this and be courteous to other members. Devilion Staff (CubeCart developers) do not regularly read or post in this forum. If you have upgraded an existing store, you should have tested CC5 first. This is standard IT practice. As server admin, you will be aware of why this is important. With an evaluation on a different site/subdomain, you then would have been able to evaluate it (for free), and determine if it meets your needs. There are official ways to report bugs. CC5 is a large project, dispute testing, bugs will exist. I don't know Devilions release cycle, but from seeing CC3 and CC4 development, I fully expect their current workload is to fix bugs asap. If you have not reported your problems, then they probably won't be fixed! Jason
  11. Best to ask over at www.cubecartforums.org Jason
  12. I can't speak officially for CubeCart, but this makes the most sense as a 3rd party mod. It does look interesting though, and for some merchants could be very useful. Perhaps as a wish for CubeCart 5, but I can't see this type development for CC3 or CC4, unless via 3rd party developers. Jason
  13. CubeCart 3 is discontinued, and support is going to be very limited, and not a good choice for a new store. New projects in the immediate future should be CubeCart 4 (which is also coming to an end very soon), and Ideally consider looking at CubeCart 5, both are a much more feature rich system. These are commercial programs, but this should not be be an issue for a business. More info; http://beta.cubecart.com and http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/42306-status-of-v5/
  14. HI Cheryl, the files under the language folder are used for language translation only. There is no "active" code in the file that could be used to send emails. You can try to rename one of the files - if you're not using other languages I don't see a problem, but suspect you may seen an error if you delete/rename a file that is required for the langage you're using. So - rename /langauge/en/includes/content/tellafriend.inc.php to tellafriend.old.inc.php Surf the store- if all looks ok, you can probably safely remove it. I'm not sure how the file is used (ie how it is included) in the main code. If you rename and there are errors, you can very quickly restore it, and post back with the error. Jason
  15. Hi Cheryl, first step; Delete; /www/includes/content/tellafriend.inc.php This is the actual script that sends the email. Then you need to remove the link from your template (so people don't click it!); Edit; /www/skins/yourtemplatename/styleTemplates/content/viewProd.tpl Remove the following line; <li class="bulletLrg"><a href="index.php?_a=tellafriend&amp;productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self" class="txtDefault">{LANG_TELLFRIEND}</a></li> As always, run a full account backup before you do anything! I hope this helps, Jason
  16. Hi! I always thought this was a cookie thing - if you have a cookie set by PayPal (ie from a previous login to your PayPal account), their site would present the log-in screen. If you don't have a PayPal cookie, then it gives you more options... This was a few years ago, so things may have changed... but try a incognito session in Chrome and see if you get the same checkout page (on PayPal) as you do on your normal browser session. Hope this helps, Jason
  17. Hi, this looks to be a version issue. I don't much about Zend backwards compatibility - so can't offer any serious help. I read you error message as the CubeCart file is encoded with version 3, and the Zend frameworks will only work with version 4. This does sound to be a server/hosting issue. If you can, create a simple PHP script that outputs php info; Save this as phpinfo.php and upload to your site, run the script in your browser and see what versions are installed of PHP and Zend. Delete the file after use. If you can post back the Zend info (don't post any other details for now), it may show some problems. Jason <?php phpinfo(); ?>
  18. Why do you wish to override the built-in feature and do this in phpMyAdmin? The code uses MD5 to create a 1-way hash of the password. The salt is randomly generated. It sounds like you mis-understand the function of this forum. This is for peer-to-peer support. Moderators are unpaid and receive no benefits. Support is from helpful other users, who provide this out of goodwill. If you need technical support, then the option is to purchase a support plan or contact a commercial developer at CubeCartForums.org The best way to get a response here, is NOT to add sarcastic comments, and simply to explain the background to your question and provide as much info as possible. Thank-you Jason
  19. Sorry -again, my mistake... My code snipped is the PRODUCT CODE. My excuse, I'd had a long day, a Party to DJ and was feeling ill (and still are!). Brians post is correct. Jason
  20. Sorry Brian- I've just realised, this was in a CC3 area. I checked a CC4 database! My mistake. It therefore looks like CC3 IS vulnerable to MD5 collisions (but the brute-force login check *should* stop those) Jason
  21. The code for this is in; /admin/sources/products/index.inc.php (around line 204) ## Generate product code if (empty($_POST['productCode'])) { $chars = array("A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N", "O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y","Z","1","2","3", "4","5","6","7","8","9","0"); $max_chars = count($chars) - 1; srand((double)microtime()*1000000); for ($i = 0; $i < 5; $i++) { $randChars = ($i == 0) ? $chars[rand(0, $max_chars)] : $randnum . $chars[rand(0, $max_chars)]; } $record["productCode"] = $db->mySQLSafe(strtoupper(substr($_POST['name'],0,3)).$randChars.$_POST['cat_id']); } else { $record["productCode"] = $db->mySQLSafe($_POST['productCode']); } $record["productCode"] = preg_replace("/[^a-z0-9-]/i","",$record["productCode"]); Hope this helps! Jason
  22. It;s not MD5 because for example Encode '1' by MD5 then it will be 'C4CA4238A0B923820DCC509A6F75849B' but if you see in your database then u find your password is '513d9d1d240e7b26bc6e2a20c1a0d6e7' CubeCart4 (I'm not in a positjon to check CC3) "salts" the password by adding a random string, before running the MD5. The salt value is stored in the admin user table with the MD5 password (which also includes the salt value) So - when you enter an admin password, the scipt will retrieve the SALT value from the DB, and recreate the MD5 value from the supplied password. This will be compared to the value held inside the DB password field for that user. SALTing the value is much more secure - and prevents the "rainbow tables" style of attack. More info on MD5 and SALTing; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MD5 ..and info on Rainbow Tables; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_table With the MD5 being generated from the password AND a random value - the Rainbow Table attack will not work, and a collision will only provide the SALT + Password string. (so inputting this to the admin login will fail unless you remove the SALT value. Interesting stuff thou - I've used MD5 for hashing values on lots of projects, but don't pretend to be an expert in cryptology! Jason
  23. I'll assume you're not needing any integration with other systems (this can be done, but is not core to Cubecart). So, each "cover type" would be a product, and have its own images/description. The customer will select one of these (from the homepage?), and then will see the price, and the 5 options. These options can vary the price (or not), and when selected, are part of the order/product. The customer will select the cover, add any options, and then proceed to checkout to pay. Currently, there is no out-of-the-box payment system for instalments (but 3rd party mods do exist, depending on how they will pay you). There is a high level of concurrent users, and this is really limited by your hosting. If this is a serious concern, then consider a dedicated server (as many concurrent customers will also mean high income and can justify a dedicated server) So - the front-end party of the store will work fine, but you need to think about how you will take payment, and process the order into your system. There are developers who can help, check out cubecartforums.org, to developers who are experienced in using CubeCart. I'm not aware of a Joomla<>CubeCart integration. This is probably possible, but you really need to consider the need for either. If the main part of the business is in Joomla, then it may be easier to use a Joomla based Cart? If you're using Joomla as a CMS for a few pages, then you may be able to do it all in CubeCart (which can also allow you to create custom pages). I hope this helps, Jason
  24. This sounds to be a limitation of the 3rd party modification, and so I would recommend support from your mod provider directly. He may be able to provide code to import multiple images etc. However, this is not part of the core functionality of CubeCart, and so needs to be discussed over at cubecartforums.org
  25. Hi Joe, The favicon file (that you created online) needs to be uploaded to the root of the website, You or "your guy" then needs to add a line to 2 template files. Kinectic's post from 2009 is spot-on; On the Google Analytics, I can view the source (HTML) code of the page, and can see 2 entries. I may be wrong, but I'd get him to check it out. PayPal image hosting - they provide details on their website; https://cms.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=developer/solutions_imagehosting You'll pay a small amount, and normally have a control panel (on the service providers website) to upload and manage your logo. You'll have a https:// based URL that can be provided in your PayPal set-up. Returns policy, you could view a few other websites - they'll need to be a bit similar to you. Also be aware that B2B transactions are not covered by the Distance Selling Regulations - so something to also consider (so may be a point you need to make), Some stores don't; bother with a returns policy- some state "we'll sort it", and will pay for the shipping of any return and provide a refund if requested. Depending on your business, this may not be possible, and you may decide to limit yourselves to the minimum required by UK law. If your terms are unfair, and you ever get an agrieved customer, then they can complain to trading standards. Don't worry about asking for help. You web guy has done a fine job so far. If you ever did need support/coding outside of what he can provide, then there are commercial contributors at cubecartforums.org who will be able to help. However, there isn't much wrong with your site - good stuff! One last thing to add - ensure you have full account back-ups. Your web guy will be doing these as he makes changes, but as he has less to do, then I would suggest you learn how to back-up the website (and the database!) Jason
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