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  1. Hi Tracey, I've seen some problems with the FCK Editor with some browsers. If you can- try it with Chrome. Also - what version of CC3 are you using? Jason
  2. Just to clarify; forums.cubecart.com (this site) - core product only (no modifications). Most questions are "how to/can I?", and install queries. cubecartforums.org - 3rd party modifications and services. Free and commercial modifications, and serious developers who can assist in custom work. Its not a competitor and most regular posters in here are also there. Its a very good site, with lots of documentation and "add-ons", and I'm sure you'll benefit from both forums. Jason
  3. Hi, You will need; -Hosting Account Details (FTP, but probably cPanel or other control panel access for any Database work) -FTP client software, Filezilla is good (IMO!) and free. Once you have your hosting account details, run a full account backup and copy the backup file to your local PC/server. If/when things go wrong, this will help you get quickly back and running. Depending on your in-house technical skills, you may need assistance. This forum can help with the core functionality (ie out of the box/unmodified). The cubecartforums.org site is a great resource for 3rd party services and modifications. There is a documentation project on that site to - so worthwhile reading up. If your existing designer has been good to work with, it would make sense to retain communication - they will know your store set-up and could be the best people to help you. Jason
  4. Clean the cache; admin>maintenance>rebuild & recount The store caches things database queries to speed up the front-end performance. Jason
  5. As you are aware, this is a peer-support forum. Any support here is purely voluntary. Have you tried to edit any of the language areas? Jason
  6. Hi John, -Copyright removal with software license This will allow you to use the software past the free trial, and the "powered by cubecart" messages are automatically removed. The copyright message in the browser titlebar, and page footer are removed. Visitors to your site will not see any cubecart messages. Jason
  7. Zev, what is the site URL? If you're simply "locked out" due to too many failed log-in attempts, then leave it a while. If you have enabled SSL, and not cannot get into the admin area, then there is a config tool that will allow you to turn SSL off (and then get into Admin to correct the problem). You'll find the config tool in the download area. Jason
  8. Hi Danny, I assume you mean the "Cones" product image (with the black background you mention) I note you're selling to the trade, and not to end users, so it may be better to clarify this. This is not really a cubecart issue - you'll need to get the original image and use a paint program on your computer. I'll assume you don't have Photoshop (otherwise you wouldn't be asking this - as its very expensive!) There is a very good free Painting program called "paint.net" google it - it will do all you need. Otherwise, PaintShop Pro is a good commercial alternative. As this question is very much specific to the program you'll use, I would suggest searching for "removing background from an image" and specifying the software program you use. I know Paint.Net has a good following of users, and so a question in their forum should start you off in the right direction. Removal of Copyright Message in Footer On a more serious note, you have hidden the copyright message in the page footer. This is a breach of the licensing agreement that you have agreed to. Considering you have paid no money for the software, it is only right that you adhere to their licencing agreement. If you wish to legally remove the copyright message, you can purchase a copyright removal licence. You need to change the text colour for the copyright class to #000000 This is a public forum, and future clients may well find your post linking to your site. I would strongly suggest you play fair. http://cyconepizza.com/order/ As a side note - using iFrames really won't help your SEO - unless there are other parts to the site, I think you can do the entire site in CubeCart. Regards, Jason
  9. This function has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0. Update your version of CubeCart 4 to the latest version? (4.4.1) This function is not in the latest version of cubecart. Jason
  10. Hi Joaoj, There are 2 ways to purcahse CubeCart 4; -Copyright removal with software license This will allow you to use the software past the free trial, and the "powered by cubecart" messages are automatically removed. -Software license only This will allow you to use the software past the free trial. The copyright "powered by cubecart" messages will remain. You can provide your Google Analytics code (just the #12345-UA code) via the Admin area, or manually add it to the template files. Hope this helps, Jason
  11. Not seen this before - but be aware that there are security features built-into the log in to stop brute-forcing it. After about 4 attempts, they will get "Authentication blocked for 10 minutes for security reasons." (or similar) Try to find out what error messages they see - perhaps they have forgotten their password? - you can re-set this in admin>view customers>edit Jason
  12. This will need editing /includes/contents/cart.inc.php to assign the SEO url (if enabled) to a template variable, and then editing then skin file (cart.tpl) to use it. There may be an existing mod to do this- ask over at cubecartforums.org Jason
  13. Hi Laanes, yes... it does sound like its hosting problem. Please post back with what you find. There is a similar test for SMTP. SMTP *should* work, as similar to using an email client- they may need "auth" turned ON, and you'll need to be 100% certain of your username/password. Cheers, Jason
  14. CC version 4.4.1 If it would help, I could PM you my store url? Laanes Hi, I can't really help via PM. TAF/other emails work on my cPanel server, so I'm fairly sure its a config. My best suggestion is to create a simple test; <?php $to = "[email protected]"; $subject = "Test mail"; $message = "Hello! This is a simple email message."; $from = "[email protected]"; $headers = "From: $from"; mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers); echo "Mail Sent."; ?> (credit: W3Schools.com) Edit the "$to" and "$from" values to your email addresses. Save the able as a mailtest.php, and upload to the root of your site. in the browser, http://yourstore/mailtest.php See what you get... then delete the file from the server... If you still don't get emails, then ask your webhost for help. Jason
  15. Sorry - I am not a commercial member (of cubecartforums) and so cannot help. I would suggest proving details of what is required (in the correct forum) and inviting quotes by PM. Only commercial members should contact you, and you will be able to view their feedback on past projects. This may be 2-3hours work (total), but obviously rates vary. Jason
  16. You can download a free trial of CC4, and its very quick to install. I'd recommend this to get a feel of whats included, rather than a possibly limited use demo. Jason
  17. What version of CC4 are you using? mail() should work -its a function that is build into PHP. However, some hosts may disable it. I'm not aware of any versions of CC4 that have bugs in this, but if you post the version - its something to check. Other option - locate a mail() example and test that as a stand-alone file. Not sure how technical you are, but this would confirm a CC or host issue. Jason
  18. This is not part of the core functionality of either cart. You will need to ask a developer to create the modification for you. I would suggest asking at cubecartforums.org (link in my footer) Jason
  19. Superb! Glad I could help! Good luck with the store, and remember to list it in the SHOW OFF section when complete (if its not selling cubecart services) Jason
  20. I would suggest speaking to your webhost for the correct settings. List the options; mail() does not require any other settings -its built into PHP. smtp should work, but will require your correct details- and they may have a different mail server. However, the support staff for your webhost should be able to help as this is a config issue. Jason
  21. Hi Dawn, it looks like the SEO mod is not correctly configured.. Your product link is also not working. If you visit admin>general settings>Search Engine Optimization (down the bottom of the page). You'll hopefully see an area named ".htaccess". Copy this code to a text file, then save in the root location of your store (ie you should see index.php etc). Once copied, rename to .htaccess This file is required to enable the "nice" urls you see for products/categories/site docs. If this looks a bit too much... you can disable this feature in the same area of Admin. Hope this helps, Jason
  22. vokf

    Shipping issues

    Hi Xander, One way around this would be to have a shipping cost "product" (price in £1/$1), and add that to the order at the qty required to cover the shipping. You should be able to send an email to your customer to request final payment (they will log in to the store and then pay) I do wonder if this will really work (commercially) - it may be ok if you're shipping motorbikes/large white goods, but if your shipping low value items, I think your customers will go elsewhere. Can the supplier provide ANY indication of shipping cost - would it be staggered (buy order value)? If you are both serious about trading together, they should be able to help. Currently, I can't see this working very well - even if there is a technical way to address the problem. Sorry I can't be more positive, but put yourself the position of a customer - and compare the experience between your store and a competitors store. Regards, Jason
  23. Hi Elliot, I don't think this is a cubecart error. Are you sure your site is actually CubeCart? If so, please mention the version. Regards, Jason
  24. Does Tell a Friend work? If not, this will indicate a setting problem in "General Settings" - try using SMTP with your email username and password. Jason
  25. No - not as you want to use it. There are 3 option field types; Textbox, TextArea and "Default" (drop-down box) The only field that allows price calculations is the drop-down box. This is fine for a limited number of option values (red/green/blue, or small/medium/large/xxl etc), it sounds like you'll need 1000 different values (1-1000) If your product has limited pre-defined dimensions (ie 22 x 36, 103x25 etc), then these can be catered for in the drop-down with a +/- price adjustment. If you need to allow the customer to provide arbitary dimensions (ie you're selling custom sizes) then this will require code modification/development. There may be an existing mod to do this (I'm not sure), but the best place to discuss this would be cubecartforums.org (link in my signature) Jason
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