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  1. Just adding to the business side of this, do you other payment types attact zero processing cost to you? Here in the UK, most business accounts are not free, so depositing cash, cheque etc has some kind of cost. Credit card terminal may also have 2% fee - so I would look at the costs involved (including your time) of taking other payments before charging extra for PayPal. I would (and do) leave stores that charge extra for PayPal, and I hope this is something you can re-think. You'll either upset any previous customers, or put off new customers, and possibly end up with PayPal getting upset.
  2. Hi, Essentially the CC3 code is using a PHP4 function(s) that is depreciated (ie no longer working); http://php.net/manual/en/function.eregi-replace.php This problem has come about from your webhost running a more up-to-date version of PHP (which is what most users would want). The best fix...upgrade to V5 You may also be able to find someone to patch V3 into a working state... but this may be a constant battle on some very old code.
  3. There may be a roadmap in the bug tracker. Development does need planning and the bug tracker also includes improvements/features and so is a natural place to move bug fixes/features into different releases based on development resources. I've just looked at the V4/V5 bug tracker and whilst there is a page for Roadmap, there is no information. However, if you don't already have an account, its worth creating one to report bugs and get a feel for what work is being done. http://bugs.cubecart.com/signup.php I'm sorry I can't answer your question (just a moderator, not a CC developer), but V5 is being actively developed as you'll see if you view the mantis bug tracker. Jason
  4. There are also some basic online tools. These work in a similar way to a search engine, looking at links and following them to create a map of your site. If you google; online sitemap generator You'll find something that is free and will get you started. By far, its better to have an automated system, as new products/categories will be shown in the sitemap. To be clear, this will not increase your web site ranking, but will make it easier for Google etc to find all your product pages.
  5. Hi - thanks for the reports, it is appreciated. Yes, this is becoming a problem and I've used the stopforumspam project before. I used Simple Machine Forums, and there was a plug-in for stopforumspam. This project appears to be a honeypot for spammers, who are then added to a database that can be checked by forums using the plug-in. There is an option to run your own honeypot and contribute to the project, but this is not required. Jason
  6. Hi KFC, I'd suggest asking over at CubeCartforums.org - I think this is a pretty simple change/mod, but this forum is mainly for the core (unmodified) product.
  7. Hi, The caching is a feature of V4 and V5, and is not in V3. If the URL is live - please post it (if you can). CC3 is not generally slow - I've had a store with over 4000 products, with no speed issues on the stores I've seen. Ruling out the server should be fairly easy. Are static pages slow? Is it hosted locally? (geographically). I'm UK based and years ago had to manage a few sites on a US based host... come 3pm (UK time), the US was starting their working day and the websites ground to a halt. Jason
  8. This could be fairly technical. Moving the basics across should be ok- so name/address/phone & email will be easy. The difficulty will be if you want them to have the same password, and also it may be difficult to move any order history across. To get the basics done, you'll need knowledge of SQL and probably know how to use PHPMyAdmin to get the data into the correct CubeCart fields. It is possible, but if you are not that technical, I'd suggest asking for help at cubecartforums.org Jason
  9. I'm sorry I can't help more (forum moderators are only volunteers, not official support staff). Good luck with the store(s)! Jason
  10. I didn't see this thread or response before attempting to transfer my license from bmfsports.com to bmfsports.net. I've done a fresh install of CC5 at bmfsports.net and got a new trial key, but the core Software License Key and Copyright Removal Key still indicate "Transfer in progress…" after 24 hours. I've submitted a ticket to which I've received neither a confirmation nor response, so I don't know what to do at this point. Sure, I have 44 days left in the trial, but should not have to pay for any new licenses. Please advise. Wait for helpdesk to approve the move. If they have a backlog of support queries, this may take a bit longer. I've requested a licence move once or twice in the past, and it took a while, but a different move was approved in a few hours. I'm not sure where you're based, but its now Saturday 2am here in the UK. There are support staff in other areas of the world, but there could be a delay. I would not expect you to purchase a new licence anyway.
  11. vokf

    template iphone?

    The best way to do this would be via CSS @media selectors. Forget catering for iPhone... what about iPad? More importantly, what about Android, Blackberry and any other random mobile device..
  12. Hi UF, I think most cart systems will be ok with the physical and digital (PDF/Artwork) purchases. If you are thinking of offering an option of Physical poster, or PDF then this will need to be 2 different products. Obviously, there is not a problem linking between the 2, from the product description. The problem comes with the video and subscription aspects, and I feel this will need custom development work. The courses can also be classed as digital products, but may need some custom development work (but less than the video and subscription) For CubeCart, there are a few options for shipping, and good 3rd party modules if you need more flexibility. I'd suggest looking at cubecartforums.org as there is a good community of 3rd party "add-ons", and also experienced developers who can either point you at existing modules, or give you a budgetary quote. I hope this helps, Jason
  13. I understand that you've got problems, and hope you've filed these as bug reports. This forum is not for direct support - this is peer-to-peer support, so moderators (unpaid and simply helping out) and helpful users try to help each other. Using your analogy, this is like car owners complaining to friends and not to the dealer though their correct channels. The developers do visit the forum. but as with any form of software there is a procedure for reporting bugs. Mantris allows the developers to keep track of bugs on a structured manner. Reporting bugs in the forum actually adds extra time (they'll need to enter it in Mantris on your behalf), and they should be focusing on existing bugs and new features than continually searching through the forum for bug reports. Personally, I've been using CubeCart since V3.010, and know the developers work very hard to fix any correctly reported bugs. V5 did have a lot of effort, and if you've reported your problems in the correct channels, I would expect them to be addressed, and if you visit the bug tracking system you'll see evidence of this.. I do think you're doing the responsible thing and spending time to evaluate the system - any business owner should do this. The cost of the cart is nothing compared with the cost of running a business. If its not up to scratch then, simply keep looking. The other option is to ask a 3rd party developer to assist. If the cart doesn't meet your requirements, then many developers can tweak to suit. In my experience, most carts need some customisation to align with the clients business model. If you've not filed your bug reports, please do so. I can't ensure they are fixed (this is outside our control), but if the bugs are repeatable and you've provided good steps to re-produce, there will be a much higher chance. Best wishes, Jason
  14. I'd like to thank the members here for continuing to report spam posts. We do appreciate the notices and can move quickly to remove these posts when they are reported. Spam posts are deleted by members of the moderation team; http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders And we would deem a spam post to be one where its obvious there is a link to an external site, with no sensible discussion in the post. So.. please continue to Report posts that are obvious spam - or otherwise break forum rules. For other posts that contribute to the discussion, but break forums rules (linking to a non-cubecart site, or acting commercially), we simply edit the signature or the post to remove the offending link. On the flip side, IF you have a cubecart store, then we encourage you to list your website in your signature. This can often help you if you need support (but forget to provide the URL), but the main benefit is an inbound link from this forum. Regards, Jason
  15. Cubecart 5 was tested - there was an extended open beta release, which anyone could download and test. There is a system for filing bug reports (which I assume you've used?) There is a limit to what testing the developers can do, hence the reason for the open beta. I've downloaded the trial and the install and basic set-up was fine, but hosting environments do vary - but I don't generally have problems with any PHP/mySQL projects that I've installed, so I assume my hosting (self hosted) is very standard. Reading your previous posts, there appears to be a mix of actual bugs, and missing features that you need. The Google Analytics should work (it did in V4), but if its not appearing in the source code, then there is obviously a serious problem. Before this feature was introduced in V4, I used to embedded the Analytics Javascript in the template. The CubeCart bug tracker can be found at; http://bugs.cubecart.com To file a bug report, you'll need to create an account. I use a similar system in my day job, and this type of system is much easier to filter than reports in a forum. Jason
  16. vokf

    404 error

    Hello Unycorn, can you share your website address (URL)? Is this is sudden problem, or did you make a change/move the site/change servers etc? Jason
  17. I guess BOBA has a CSV feed of products, so this can probably be used. A dedicated system would be a 3rd party development (so over at cubecartforums.org).
  18. Hi Irori, I can only suggest you have the latest version of CubeCart3. This has been stable for a long time, and I'm sure many others have used PayPal Express. If you have a modified store, then perhaps create a test install to see if the latest version fixes the problem. Depending on the outcome, it may be possible to use the latest PayPal Extpress Module with an older version. Which version are you currently using? Jason
  19. Have you downloaded the trial? If so, most of the code is there for you to tweak. There will be a very small section that is protected (to enforce the license). My best advice, install the trial, and look at the code. If you know PHP5, you should be ok. Jason
  20. Hi, welcome to the forum. Yes, you can create your own (assuming you have the skills). If you visit cubecartforums.org, you'll find a free dummy payment module (I think Goober was kind enough to share this). This should really help you work out what is required. This forum is for the core (unmodified) product only. Jason
  21. In the download section of this site, is a config tool for CC3. FTP this to the root of your website and you can then turn SSL on/off. Remove the tool as soon as you have finished with it... If sounds like you've got the SSL path incorrect. Jason
  22. Hi Robsta, I fixed that error. Now I get an MySQL Error Occured 1146: Table 'detassensite.CubeCart_config' doesn't exist QUERY = SELECT array FROM CubeCart_config WHERE name = 'config' While the table cubecart_config DOES exist, but not the table CubeCart_config (with the capitals). I am running out of options now. SQL Table names are normally case sensitive. Rename cubecart_config to CubeCart_config, I think I've had this before. I suppose a valuable lesson has been learnt; Don't work on live websites in this way. Create a sub-domain or even install on a sub-folder to test.
  23. I'd suggest looking at SEO forums for more focused advice. As a guide; -Watch out for keyword stuffing (ie repeating the same keywords again and again). You'll probably have it in your product name and description. -The SEO description will be seen by humans, so make sure it clearly says what is on the page. Keep it fairly short -The SEO page title should also contains alternate spellings/names of the product Make sure the product description (ie in the product set-up, not SEO) actually describes the product. If you were to read this text to someone over the phone (or post in a forum) without them knowing what you're selling... could the work out what the product is, and what it does? Google etc won't understand what the picture is showing, so you have to help it with a good meaningful description. Also, its worth adding a link to your CubeCart site on this forum (in your signature). Non-cubecart sites are removed (so don't add anything other that your website). I hope this is helps, Jason
  24. I'm not too familiar with V5, but I would expect there is not a simple URL as this is part of the admin section and would require a log-in. I don't expect this would be a difficult modification to code. I would suggest checking over at cubecartforums.org - there may be an existing solution (either fake-cron or real-cron) or someone able to help. Jason
  25. Hi Joe, Contact Estelle. CC4 won't do Weight and Size without a mod, and you need advice on her mod, or visit cubecartforums.org for other mods/services. Jason
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