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  1. There isn't any documentation for this, but all payment modules have a common entry point, and if you view a few modules, you'll see this. Depending on what you need, creating your own module should be straight-forward (providing you have PHP skils). The most complicated modules are those that accept call-backs from the payment website, but many of the others can be fairly simple. I would suggest copying one of the other modules (PayPal?), and placing the code into its own folder. You'll also need to copy the code in the admin folder, as all payment modules have some basic config (at least an "enable"). If you need a hand, its best to ask over at cubecartforums.org also, if you've not checked, there may already be your module created over there (or a coder can create it for you) Regards, Jason
  2. Very good - my type of products :-) A few improvements I would recommend looking into; -Favicon, consider adding/replacing it with your own. This will then appear on the browser, in bookmarks (on computers and phones) and simply looks nice with no serious work. -Styling on Basket/Cart pages. I added a product (MSM003) and the product title/price etc was very large and didn't really look right. Also consider making the "X" (remove product) icon a transparent background (gif) "forgot your password" background is blue.. consider changing to a different colour. There are quite a few different styles in the cart area, and its worth checking its consistent with the rest of the site. -Consider getting a few more pictures of yourselves for the "about us" page, it looks like you're promoting yourself as offering a personal service (which I see as a good thing!), and so getting to know "Joe" and "Tony" would help. -It looks like you have 2 bits of Google Analytics code on the store... one can be removed, this may speed up loading of the site. -In your terms, there is no mention of your returns policy. For your and your customers, I would strongly recommend reading up on the UK Distance Selling regulations. If you are selling to consumers, you'll need to offer a 7 day review time where they can return goods. If you don't list a returns policy, then this can be harmful to your business (if there are problems). I didn't want to create a test purchase, but if you don't have your logo (and colours) in PayPal, then its worth considering adding this. You'll need your image on a SSL domain, there are low-cost services that offer this (£2-£3 per year), or you could add a SSL certificate to your store to add customer confidence (depending on what your web host will charge). The PayPal system will allow you to provide a URL to your logo, and also change a few colours, this can really help with confidence when non-technical customers purchase and are suddenly faced with a very different looking PayPal screen..! Good stuff anyway! Jason
  3. Mark, As this is a 3rd party service, please discuss over at cubecartforums.org The service you mention may even be a commercial contributor (and so will be offering support in the forum), and there may be feedback from other users. If you're not that technical, then I would suggest using one of the experienced developers to assist. If the service is not part of cubecartforums.org, then you may have difficulty in finding any feedback. Regards, Jason
  4. Hi, the CSV importer is fairly limited, in that it will only bring in a few fields, even though there are a few more fields in the product database. There is a mod to bulk import, and this will be much more flexible than the built-in system. Alternatively, if this data is important, it would be possible to hire a coder to add some of the additional fields to the database and import the data. If the supplier is providing this data regularly (as stock changes and/or products appear/removed), then the other consideration is that if you delete products (and then re-import) then the product URL will change (causing you search engine problems). The fields that could be imported into CubeCart would be; -Long Descriptions -Weight (note: can be Kg or Lbs, not mixed) -Price 2, which is the price of the item on sale; if price2 = price, then item is NOT on sale (note: this is roughly how cubecart "sale"" mode works) The category field is a number (which references a list of categories), and so these can be brought in, but may require some magic in the spreadsheet, OR coding; -Subcategory -Product Class - SR = Rings; NK = Necklaces, etc -Material Code - Sterling, Stainless, Gold, etc WIth 10,000 products, manual movement of products is not an option. You'll need some kind of automated system, that will place the product into the correct category. These fields are not implemented; -Stock Code - whether they're in stock, out of stock, etc -Available Code - available, back ordered, discontinued There is a "product code", which is either auto-generated, or can be manually entered (its your stock reference). Currently, there is only a stock level (number of units in stock), and there is no field for back-order/discontinued. So, depending on the budget for the store, you may get away with the built-in system, or the 3rd party mod, or for a fully automated system. I would advise running a full account backup and running a test import of 10 products using the internal system. If you can live with this, then great, otherwise try to work out your requirements and look over at http://www.cubecartforums.org for a 3rd party mod, or hire a developer to assist. Regards, Jason
  5. What payment module are you using? I've just run a test purchase (name: jason clark), and used a test credit card number, this was declined and so points to an automated system validating the payment (I think the built-in CC4 manual credit card system just does basic validatation that would pass). Jason
  6. If possible, please provide a URL. Note: Anyone testing should make it clear its a test purchase. It would also be useful to know which payment module you're using. If the payment module is not provided by CubeCart (ie, a 3rd party module), then you should contact the author direct for support (if possible). Thanks, Jason
  7. Thanks fr yu reply I have reinstalled a few times then updated t versin 3.0.17, with this in mind I will try and delete everything and try another reinstall. I will let you know how things progress lol Can I ask you to please not post in txt speak? I don't think you have a medical condition as most of your posts are correctly spelt. However, skipping letters does make your posts hard to read, and not all members have English as their first language and will also have great difficulty reading your post. Thank-you.
  8. /skins/kitablue/styleTemplates/content/viewCat.tpl (the case of the path may be a bit out, but you'll see what I mean on your FTP client) Jason
  9. Hi Jmase, Looking at the images, this is fairly standard Cubecart stuff. On the homepage of the site, there can be "featured products". By default these are the last xx products added to the system, but you can switch this off and simply add the images using the editor of the homepage (with each image linking to pages/categories) It sounds like you'll have a "Gaming PC" category, and this could contain a list of Gaming PC systems (ie 2 or 3...or 200!). Clicking on a specific PC system will display the product with its specs and details, and provide a "add to cart" button. From then on, the standard CubeCart checkout process will run - ie customer provides address details, selects shipping, and finally provides payment. Cubecart can offer multiple payment systems, so you should be able to offer PayPal AND RBSWorldpage (I think its called SagePay now.. but could be wrong!) So - to achieve this, you'll either need a knowledge of XHTML and CSS to implement your template. Cubecart has a few 3-col templates built-in, and one of these would make a good start with regards to customisation. Most of what you require is "out of the box", but some features may need 3rd party modifications (free or commercial). I would say that good photos are important - so if you're actually building these systems yourself, then invest in a decent set-up to take photos. I hope this helps, Jason
  10. Most of the front-end (and back-end) phrases can be changed in the language settings. Will not change your US styled date in PayPal, but if you're seeing "zip" / "cell phone" etc, then the language section in admin is the place to start tweaking. In CC3, I had a nicer language file that "fixed" most of this, but CC4 works in a different way. Fixing the US date in Direct Payment may be possible, but will require looking at the PHP code and working out the best way to fix it. If you navigate (via FTP) to the module code /modules/gateway/ you may be able to see whats going on. I'm not that familar with PayPal DirectPayment, but do understand the payment is made on your site (as opposed to traditional PayPal where its on their site), and so this should be fixable. I'm sorry I can't help more, but a URL would help. Jason
  11. Hi Helen, there is a "ship by category" module built in to CC4 that you could use. You'll need to keep the gift certificate in its own category, but this should work for you. Jason
  12. Hi Nara, I understand your problem, and for most businesses, shipping COSTS will vary for local and international destinations. There are 3rd party shipping modules that will allow this, and the best place to discuss/ask about this is www.cubecartforums.org I expect Estelle has exactly what you need, but there may be other options too. Good luck, Jason
  13. David, Pending = Pending Payment. PayPal IPN and some others will inform CubeCart that payment has been made (and so the status will automatically change to Processing) Processing = Payment has been received, this may mean you have received a Cheque/Cash/Postal Order, or one of the payment methods has automatically received payment notification. So - new orders, with payment option as "print order form", or probably pro-forma, will generate a "Pending" status. You should not ship the order until payment is received. Upon receipt, you will need to manually change the status to Processing, or skip straight to "Completed" (depending what it involved in processing the order) Note: If you're selling Digital goods (MP3/Images etc), then the download link will not work until payment is received (order status=Processing or Completed). CubeCart obviously won't be aware of offline payment methods (cheque/po/cash etc), and so this is why you need to manually change the status. Hope this helps, Jason
  14. Hi Paul, well done for figuring this out for yourself. All moderators are unpaid volunteers here, and any support is given freely. If you'd like to offer the mod to the community, for help tweaking, then I would suggest posting over at cubecartforums.org If you would like to offer it for sale, then you'll need a become a commercial member. You'll find lots of other mods there, and that is the correct place to discuss 3rd party modifications. Jason
  15. Josh, your .htaccess should contact the information listed in the admin area. There is a text box at the end of "general settings", and you should copy & paste this into your .htaccess file. Once this is done, then enable the friendly URL feature (not the loopback) I'm not sure why next page link would fail, but get the above working. Its been a whilst since PHP5 was released, and you may not need to explicitly set the handler (as in your single line) Jason
  16. vokf

    Hacker strikes

    Christine.. do you have professional indemnity insurance? Your decision to use the same log-in details for all sites is basically a serious case of negligence and store owners would be 100% entitled to sue you for their losses. Be very grateful you're not on the end of any legal proceedings.
  17. vokf

    slow loading

    This site appears fine from here (UK) - not lightening fast, but perfectly acceptable. I note its hosted by Heart Internet - I've a few clients on their systems with no issues. What does the host say? Also, what version of CC4 are you running? Otherwise, could be a ISP/Local issue at your end. If you suspect the built-in SEO friendly URLS, you can disable then as a quick test... Jason
  18. Now, THAT is not very good. I'm not interested in your background (20yrs embedded developer here, 10yrs of Source Code Control ), there is a fairly simple way around this problem, and with your experience, I'm sure its really a non-issue. Changing address details in the comments header are a valid thing to do if the business address has changed. If the information is there, it needs to be correct. I hope any diffs are not extra commas or punctuation, but I know they moved offices earlier this year. If changes are being made to files, but not in the diff file, this is a problem and I do hope that this is picked up by Al.
  19. Hi CWalter, totally understand, and sorry if I made the assumption that it was a minor problem for you. I've seen many people complain about PayPal fees when they are selling items for £20! (so typically £0.88!) Brians (BSmither) method will work. If you're unable to code this yourself, I suggest asking in the "hire a developer" area of CubeCartforums.org I'm interested in your comments about Visa/Mastercard not charging - does this mean you have no transaction fees? Most merchants in the UK pay about 2% (but does vary with transaction levels) Jason
  20. Bad programming? Not at all. They'll be using subversion/other source control system, and these headers (that are comments, not code) must change if they move offices or any of the information in the header becomes outdated. Not sure what comparison tool you use, but most allow you to ignore comments, and so reading the documentation of the tools you're using should allow this problem to disappear for you. Otherwise.. use the DIFF file...
  21. Does this break AMEX's Terms and Conditions? 2.7% isn't so bad. If you had to receive a check, the cost of banking (your time) and processing costs (UK business accounts normally charge a small amount for cheques) wouldn't be too far away from this anyway. If you add a few % to the order, customers will notice and will either abandon their cart, or complain. People ask the same for PayPal (which is also a breach of their terms), they need to increase their profit margin, (reduce their costs or increase prices).
  22. I think this was asked a few months ago. Answer: No - not with out changing the template. You will need to edit/comment out the "buy" buttons from viewCat.tpl and viewProd.tpl If you are unable to do this, contact a developer over at cubecartforums.org Jason
  23. Eilliot, what about your backups? I would expect any business owner to have some kind of backup of their store? Ask over at cubecartforums.org for assistance with getting a new store online quickly. Also, the rules prohibit posting links to sites that are not cubecart stores. Please do not link to your other sites (unless they are cubecart)
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