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  1. Must have missed something, but Capture errors hang instead of displaying something: on advice on this Forum, I did make a small chage: $error = false; // if (extension_loaded('mcrypt') && function_exists('mcrypt_module_open')) { // RS MOD if (extension_loaded('mcrypt') && function_exists('mcrypt_module_open') || extension_loaded('openssl')) { $this->_encryption = Encryption::getInstance(); $this->_encryption->setup(false, $order_summary['cart_order_id']); $record['offline_capture'] = $this->_encryption->encrypt(serialize($cardData)); $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_order_summary', $record, array('customer_id' => $order_summary['customer_id'], 'cart_order_id' => $order_summary['cart_order_id'])); if($this->_module['go_processing']) { $order->orderStatus(Order::ORDER_PROCESS, $this->_basket['cart_order_id']); } } else { // $error = 'Card Capture Error: mcrypt library missing from server required to encrypt credit card data.'; // RS MOD $error = 'Card Capture Error: Mcrypt or OpenSSL required to encrypt credit card data is not available.'; trigger_error($error); }
  2. Testing new store; 1) c.c. number is not verified 2) no field for security code Sorry, did not read the documentation correctly; verification and security code are now enabled. However, card number is not accepted if dashes are included between number blocks, i.e., 5111-2222-3333-4444
  3. I have been trying to install CubeCart to see if it's the solution, but cannot get past the database setup. In conversations with the host help desk, they see a period, even though I'm entering underscores on the database name and user: typeclub_NewStore, typeclub_bcc. Did this umpteen times with the same result. Just looked at the error_log and found this: /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/setup/setup.install.php on line 97 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: config in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/classes/debug.class.php on line 392 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Warning: mysqli_options() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.mysqli-options.php'>function.mysqli-options.php</a>]: Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/setup/setup.install.php on line 99 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: config in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/classes/debug.class.php on line 392 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: dbhost in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/cache/skin/d8adaf125878213661fb9e11abee12b13d8e030b_0.file.skin.install.php.php on line 198 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: config in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/classes/debug.class.php on line 392 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: dbusername in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/cache/skin/d8adaf125878213661fb9e11abee12b13d8e030b_0.file.skin.install.php.php on line 206 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: config in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/classes/debug.class.php on line 392 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: dbpassword in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/cache/skin/d8adaf125878213661fb9e11abee12b13d8e030b_0.file.skin.install.php.php on line 210 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: config in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/classes/debug.class.php on line 392 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: dbport in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/cache/skin/d8adaf125878213661fb9e11abee12b13d8e030b_0.file.skin.install.php.php on line 223 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: config in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/classes/debug.class.php on line 392 [03-Feb-2018 20:00:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: dbsocket in /home/typeclub/NewStore.typeclubs.org/cache/skin/d8adaf125878213661fb9e11abee12b13d8e030b_0.file.skin.install.php.php on line 228 Seems like it's getting confused by the subdomain??
  4. cubecart.com has 404 error showing. this using URL or link from Forum header. Soemtimes I get a dabase error. What's up?
  5. Dear Brivtech: I have to respectfully question the choice of E-Mals; as far as I can see, the security difference between E-Mals and a well-designed manual payment form is whose server the details land on. From my perspective, I think I have better control over my (hosted) server than E-Mals' and probably make a much smaller target as well by the ne'er-do-wells. Another downside is that E-Mals transaction takes you off my domain and may be confusing to the buyer. My business plan relies on manually adjusted final pricing, so the manual method is a pre-requisite. I know I have bought this up before, so please bear with me as I try to understand all the options. I have been holding off CC implementation because of this issue even though I know there is a mod. I am hopeful 3.1 will include this option and obviate the need for modifications.
  6. Toloko: Checked out "qdpie" and found this notation: Cube Cart Modifications These mods are for Cube Cart 2.0.X only! Not compatible with Cube Cart 3.0! Regards,
  7. Dear Tenyu: Used to be able to apply for annual filing on initial certificate request. Now, they want you to file quarterly for the first year, then THEY will let you know about annual filing thereafter. For those of you outside the People's Republik (sp.) of New York, last year there were rate changes in several counties, increasing the form to eight (8) pages; a separate line was included for each tax rate for each locality! Then, they wanted you to calculate the allowance the same way - told them to keep their damned allowance, as I figured about another 2 hours of work to keep ~75 cents. Enough ranting. I also don't know how I'm going to implement Sales Tax. My current system is Perl-based order form, where I ask customers to state their County if in NY, with a note that the proper tax will be added. This may turn out to be the best choice, since I enter Credit Card transactions manually and use accounting software to calculate taxes. Of course, this won't work with a gateway...
  8. Casey: NY State sends you a multi-page form that includes all the various local tax locations (mostly Counties), then you are expected to fill in the gross sales and calculated tax for each, then sum up each page, then sum up all pages at the end, then fill in more stupid lines of useless information for the Bureaucrat... This state is losing huge numbers of businesses due to this and many other friendly gestures to those who collect, pay and put up with these absurdities at virtually their own expense (there is a very small allowance based on the State portion of the tax only, which amounts to pennies.) Due to the fact that my customers are 99% out of state, I only have to file annually. If it had to be done monthly, I would move to a less-fascist state.
  9. I have already voted "pro"; in fact, the only reason my first CC shop isn't online yet is because of the lack of this functionality. Also aware that a mod exists, but since this is a critical part of my requirements, I need to know that I will be able to continue its use in future versions even if the "modder" decides not to maintain it. (No offense meant qwizard - just a business decision.) My shops are currently Perl-driven order pages, where the info is emailed under SSL; this has worked for many years without a problem, but it's time for a true shopping cart and CC appears to be the best. I have looked at osCommerce, X-Cart, Java-something or other (they no longer sell the software) and none of them offer the bright, "light" - but compehensive package and ease of use of CubeCart. I especially like the fact that the ordered items appear in a box, not just a total. Phew! I sure get long-winded. I am trying to express the reasons for my vote, but also my appreciation to the developers of this excellent software.
  10. As a "newbie" still working on his first installation, I wholeheartedly agree. My thanks to the author(s) and all his little elves. :)
  11. Thank you all for your responses. gwizard, I have looked at your website and the manual payment mod. Does it keep the name of the shipping address county (not country); New York State is the only one we have to collect sales tax, but we have almost 100 counties, all with different rates. We also have to collect sales tax on shipping charges and I noticed CubeCart does not do that. Is this outside of your mod? BTW, X-Cart comes in several languages including English. Still testing and may have more questions later, but I wanted to acknowledge your help at this point. Regards, RS
  12. Gentlemen, I need a little help: I have been looking at Shopping Carts for a while, even set up a few for testing, but none have a feature I need: "Member / Non-Member" pricing; i.e. although both prices are shown for each product, an initial question (does not need validating for now) as to status will use one price or the other for the session. I also use manual credit card processing. In testing CubeCart, I found a possible method using the Sale Price. I liked X-Cart and have gotten a quick pre-sales response, they have many mods in-house and it seems they will accommodate. That is until I ran across CC and began testing. The presentation is excellent, there is a "lightness" to it, seems to run well! My congratulations to the Author. The question is whether to go with X-Cart, a commercial venture that seems to have excellent support, or CC and have some modifications done for manual processing, multiple prices, etc. My fear is that the mod authors will not be available for support when the need arises or CC is updated (is this a valid fear?) Also have no idea what these mods cost - would like some order-of-magnitude figures. I currently use a cgi script as an order form, email the order to me, retrieving it via SSL. One of my current sites is http://www.bellanca-championclub.com/GiftShop.html. As you can see, the increasing number of items makes this very clumsy now. Please chime in, as any opinions are gratefully accepted.
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