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  1. I have a fresh 6.2.2 that I am testing, which is creating errors: [Deprecated] /home/CC/classes/encryption.class.php:213 - Function mcrypt_module_open() is deprecated. Searching the files, mcrypt is only found in mode-php.js. Your suggestion is to get the latest version; I already have it. Furthermore, entering the dashes in the credit card number causes the page to hang at index.php?_a=gateway. Please advise.
  2. Installed All Shipping. Found a new one: if the delivery address is changed at the Basket, the shipping does not change.This is an issue because the wrong zone will be used.
  3. Is there no Admin control over shipping? I would like to set up a simple plan: 1-3 Items $6; 4-6 items $9, etc.
  4. Done that. Also turned off caching. Seems as thought the middle of the Home page is missing, in addition to the logo and products/categories.
  5. Found Error; dbuser pasword was re-used and incorrect. CC up and running but with frustrating problems. See later post.
  6. CC 6.2.2 new install; testing stage. Logo, Categories, etc, not showing up. All enabled, correct size. These were working in a previous release. Thanks
  7. Having problem getting past the database info on Setup. This is what I'm trying to do: https://screenshots.firefox.com/1MJ605s6c9sCAk04/typeclubs.org Thanks,
  8. Is it possible to prevent image scaling; i.e., I would like my two images per product to display in full size.
  9. I was hoping for a way to upload products, including the pricing group (second) price for each item; because of the relationships you mentioned, I think it's unwise to upload it to the database directly. Any other thoughts as to how this can be done?
  10. After some more research, I find that the "group pricing" is a different table CubeCart_pricing _group. I took 3 products and assigned them "Club Members' prices that are different than the "Retail Pricing". This is what the CubeCart_pricing _group looks like: price_id group_id product_id price sale_price tax_type tax_inclusive 5 1 1 14.95 0.00 1 0 10 1 10 14.95 0.00 1 0 11 1 4 14.95 0.00 1 0 Product-id correctly refers to the numeric id of the product price is shown correctly as the "Club Members"" price but price_id keeps changing even though they are all the same price group. I am trying to see if I could upload these "Club Members" prices for each product, which I thought were price_id 5, but apparently not. Crickets
  11. "Export Catalogue" only exports the first product (???) into a csv file; the pricing group is not exported at all. I am hoping to export all products, then add the group price to all products in anticipation of a mod as described above. Is there a trick to get the export working?
  12. I was able to set group price that I call "Member Price", but it does not show up in the export csv; where is this tored? Also was not able to export more than one product.
  13. This is the current setup; html pages and perl script to process. You can test it using cc #4111 1111 1111 1111. Works great, but too many items now and would be great to have the CubeCart functionality. Oops! Here is the link. http://www.aeronca.org/Store.html
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