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  1. I am totally puzzled by this and don't have the skills to take it any further. Do you know of anyone who can make this work as a paid consultant?
  2. On the Admin pages, I can see: Customers, Orders, Transaction Log, Mailing List, Product Options, Promotional Codes, Email Log, Documents, Images, Logos, Extensions Not there are: Categories, Products, Store Settings/General, Very peculiar... not sure wherre to go with this.
  3. Is this what you mean by History (from the Admin site) I did not do these upgrades; just new-installed 6.4. What does this mean? Upgrade History CubeCart Version Date 6.4.4 Wednesday, 1 December 2021 6.4.3 Tuesday, 30 November 2021 6.4.2 Sunday, 24 January 2021 6.4.1 Friday, 20 November 2020 6.4.0 Friday, 20 November 2020 6.2.9 Monday, 14 September 2020 6.2.8 Thursday, 6 February 2020 6.2.7 Thursday, 6 February 2020 6.2.6 Thursday, 6 February 2020 6.2.3 Thursday, 6 February 2020 6.2.2 Sunday, 24 February 2019
  4. I guess I misunderstood "inventory". We don't use the stocking options. Still the categories and products do not show up. As to the database update scripts, does that mean I have to download each of the intervening versions, run the SQL script each time? Is there a shortcut to this?
  5. I copied the 6.2.2 database and attempting to use that for 6.4.4. Is there an update program to add in the two columns you mentioned? We don't use Inventory. Not sharing. Standalone installation.
  6. New issue: did a "new install" of 6.4.4 into a new sub-domain and finally everything worked using the original 6.2.2 database. Except my categories, products and logo do not show up. Checked the database and they are there. Is there a database update that needs to run? Or how do I connect the new store with the contents of the database?
  7. Verified that database user has all privileges to the database. Don't see where .... BUT some dumb fool entered the username with a dash rather than an underscore! Problem solved - sorry for the false issue. Thanks for the assistance,
  8. Doing a new install of 6.4.4 into a sub-domain and I get this message with daatabase host blanked out: Double and triple-checked databse, user etc. What now?
  9. i see three downloads for 6.5; b1, b2, b3. What is the difference? How to install in a sub-directory? Is 6.2.2 database compatible or needs conversion? Thanks.
  10. Please note that another sub-domain exists and works fine: https://aac-bb3.aeronca.org/index.php. This is also the case on another domain of ours: https://bcc-bb3.bellanca-championclub.com/ Really don't want to move this store... Also, since the admin works, it seems that it's finding the sub-domain; something is wrong with something.
  11. Yes, that's the rub. All admin functions work, I can see the categories and products (including images). When I go to the store, as soon as I click on the 'Aeronca Aviator Magazine' the error page shows up. See it at: https://ccstore.aeronca.org/index.php
  12. Subdomains ▴ Document Root Redirection Actions ccstore.aeronca.org /CCstore.aeronca.org not redirected aac-bb3.aeronca.org /AAC-bb3.aeronca.org not redirected
  13. Store is in a subdirectory CCstore.aeronca.org Errors: [Sun Nov 28 16:37:25.310860 2021] [core:crit] [pid 38229] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00529: /home/aac/public_html/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable and that '/home/aac/public_html/' is executable [Sun Nov 28 16:24:59.015768 2021] [core:crit] [pid 4462] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00529: /home/aac/public_html/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable and that '/home/aac/public_html/' is executable
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